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  1. B

    Looking for a Team

    Hey everyone, I am looking to join a team but I'll need some training for a few weeks before I would be of any use. I haven't actually done competitive in heroes yet so if anyone is willing to give me a shot just let me know!
  2. Gizmo256

    Season 14 Leveling Tournament & Competition - Team List

    This thread will be updated to show the teams for the event. 1 hour before the event begins we will display members who have been paired up. This will give you time to talk to your teammate and develop a strategy. 30 minutes prior to the event start this thread will display the teams of 4...
  3. Loyalbdog

    Smite Pro Team Thoughts

    Heyyooo, Loyalbdog here, with the recent dip this past week with the smite section i thought of the idea of making a fever pro team, his is the only the 1 stage i have for this section and i want to know who's down. i dont want to get into the details in this post but i just want to know if you...
  4. Hastyb

    NA Looking for team to join with on ESEA+MM

    Ive got 1,400 hours on CSGO and been SMFC a few times and global once but im far out of practice and i rejoined as an MG1 ESEA im a C+ player on the rise but only with 14 games. I Play support or lurker.
  5. Hastyb

    NA Silver 3 support/top

    IGN: Hastyb Mains: Top- Darius, maoki, heimer Supp- Blitz, Thresh, naut Region: North America Been playing since Beta and never got much into tryharding as i never had a good team to work with. I ranked last season and got silver just to prove someone wrong but i didnt dedicate more than that.
  6. MrCruz

    Game night Team Roster

    Current Roster of the Game night Team Leader's - @Thundernut @Kimenu Department coordinator - @MrCruz If the following roster is outdate or incorrect contact department coordinator Game Member LoL Dota 2 SMITE HoTS Diablo 3 PoE WoW Hearthstone...
  7. S

    Searching for a team

    I am a old hots player coming back. used to be around high diamond elo 4 seasons ago and im coming back. i am going to do placements soon to see where i place. I am looking to get into a team as i am looking to find a team to move into some esports action with. I am a fill. I can play almost...
  8. thunderhorse007

    Paladins Comp

    Im looking for some people to increase our rank together in paladins comp. -NA Servers -Mic is preferable but not a must -non-toxic -Goal is to play games an actually communicate and try to win as a team, this doesnt mean bite eachother bc in the end its still a game and everyone...
  9. S

    Notice: Interest in league team

    I was making this thread to see what the interest would be in starting a ranked league team. I would like to see how many people are interested in doing this. Please below post the following Summoner Name: Level: Rank: Primary Role: Secondary Role: Top 3 champs: After this please get ahold of me...
  10. A

    Horde Raid team

    Raid Lead Ataerus Tanks Whitexlegs Decimous Backup tanks Doomshield(Vilenas) Saltfactory Heals Aisper MrxWiz007 Bradly DPS Ataerus Doomshield(Chongobongo) Dantehallow Mizu Pussnboots EvilusMaximus Rag Braddux (Brynley) Will be trialing for the last few dps spots as we go on.
  11. Pa1n

    Team night

    Hey guys! So I know we've all talked about forming the team and there is some interest. I was wondering if everyone would wanna get together and play some soon and start to talk about the team and what not. When would everyone be free to play?
  12. Pa1n

    Looking for team to play with

    Hey guys!! I'm currently looking for a team. Is there an official Fever Paladins team? If not, would anyone want to join up? I'm looking to play at least every other day, que as a team and look for scrims. And eventually start playing tournaments. I mainly play support and damage, but can...
  13. C

    Paladins team making!

    Hello There you fevers ! First of all t hanx for accepting me in the clan. Are there more paladin lovers like me here ? I would like to form a team To grow toghetter in this game. Im currently level 124 and rank silver 3... I dropped a massive amount in ranking, so i want to climb...
  14. Tef42

    clan team

    Hello All, I'd like to create a team for us here: PUBG Clan Stats Please tell me if you would be ok with me adding you to this clan (or add yourself). This page is no 1 on google when you search PUBG clan so it would be good to have our activity on there to drive more applications for...
  15. macho0001

    flex team

    Everyone. I would really like to put together a fun flex team. A group of people that maybe get together 1 night a week and play flex. As long as people don't go to crazy and feed on purpose it should be fun. I have smurfs and a main so I would be willing to do both a higher level team and...
  16. D

    M+ Team on Mal' Ganis

    Hey guys, I would definitely like to see about putting together a team for m+ key pushes. I personally have a Blood Dk on Mal'Ganis I would like to use. Let me know if anyone else is interested in putting a team together.
  17. KingCatNip

    Team League

    Anyone interested in getting a group together for some Team league if so send me your info. I would like to arrange a team where ewe play at least one night a week.
  18. BruC0Ndr

    Event: Overwatch Scrim finder is here, let's make a Fever team for fun scrims against other teams! Here's our team, join and we'll set scrims and what not Overwatch CC/ XO's I'll give you admin. This is how it works: 1 Assemble your squad and choose a time to play. 2 We analyze your team's stats, look for a challenging opponent, and let you know once we've found a...
  19. R

    New Member looking for Team League Hots

    Hello everyone. New Member RageM0nster. I just wanted to say hi and let people know I am looking for other players for Team League. I usually try to get on in the evenings (east coast NA). I play around high plat - Low Diamond skill level. Please feel free to message me or add me on...
  20. C

    News: CS:GO team shaken up after player sends death threat

    Two months ago, Immortals was one of the most talented and exciting professional teams in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene. Now, the team has fired one player and benched two more amidst two weeks filled with controversy. Whether it was minor squabbles between opponents or quiet...
  21. Paranoia Origins

    NA NA Support Main Looking for Perm. Rank Flex Team and Duo Partner

    Silver V Support Looking for a "TEAM" that will Take me in and "WORK" with me so we can ALL! rank up TOGETHER!!! Its been a good while since I have played league cause I've been playing smite for a while on my ps4. I'll put below people i know how to play. Oh I'm pretty much in my...
  22. Shiny

    Updates: Developer's Insight: Double support team comps (or why we nerfed every single support)

    Developer Insights: Double Support Team Compositions A hilarious read about the lack of logic displayed by Blizzard in their latest nerf fiesta, the disconnect between the devs and their own game becomes more apparent every time they "balance".
  23. R

    Fortnite Leauge Scrim Team

    Would anyone be interested in a Fever Fortnite Scrim/League Team? I have found a Discord that host Leagues for Fortnite teams you play a game take a screenshot when you die and post it as proof [2 players per team must provided screenshots]. I am looking for 2 more players to represent Fever...
  24. KingCatNip

    New Player looking for some Team Mates

    Hello Hots Section, I usually play Starcraft 2 but have found myself playing more Hero's as of late. I could certainly use some people to play with and I don't see many people ever in the discord Hots Channel. If anyone needs one more for the team please look me up. KingCatNip#1823 Cheers
  25. ironWisp

    EU Looking For TEAM For TL Or Qm

    I'm serious and skilled player , Plat 5 Playing Support , Tank Or Some Assasin ironWisp#2242