1. B

    Looking for a Team

    Hey everyone, I am looking to join a team but I'll need some training for a few weeks before I would be of any use. I haven't actually done competitive in heroes yet so if anyone is willing to give me a shot just let me know!
  2. Gizmo256

    Season 14 Leveling Tournament & Competition - Team List

    This thread will be updated to show the teams for the event. 1 hour before the event begins we will display members who have been paired up. This will give you time to talk to your teammate and develop a strategy. 30 minutes prior to the event start this thread will display the teams of 4...
  3. News Bot

    BBC Studios & Twitch Team Up For Special Doctor Who Digital Broadcast Event

    Today, Twitch announced that it is teaming up with BBC Studios for the first-ever digital broadcasting event for Doctor Who, which will be airing on six-to-seven-hour blocks daily. Also, new Whovian emotes will be available to viewers. Over 500 episodes from 26 season will be shown and will...
  4. News Bot

    Special Olympics & Xbox Team Up For First Gaming Tournament At The USA Games

    The 2018 USA Games takes place July 1-6 in Seattle this year, bringing together more than 4,000 athletes and coaches for 14 Olympic team and individual sports. Today, Special Olympics USA Games announced that it is hosting its first ever gaming tournament with Microsoft as the premier partner...
  5. News Bot

    Tencent Takes Majority Stake In Path of Exile Development Team Grinding Gear Games

    Tencent has investments all over the gaming industry and the Chinese holding conglomerate seems to be getting stronger every week. This week, the company has revealed a majority acquisition of Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games for an undisclosed amount. Gamasutra reported the news...
  6. News Bot

    Team Liquid Wins Rainbow Six Siege Season 7 Finals

    The Rainbow Six Pro League traveled out to Atlantic City, NJ this weekend for its Season 7 Finals. The best teams in the game battled it out, with the Grand Finals coming down to just two, but it was the Latin America quintet of Team Liquid that stood triumphant, beating Penta Sports 2-1 to...
  7. News Bot

    Google & NBC Team Up For 10 Multi-Episode VR Productions, SNL, SYFY, More Coming Soon

    Right on the heels of Oculus GO being shipped out, a couple media giants are teaming up for VR content. Google and NBC Universal have teamed up to create at least 1o multi-episode VR shows, including content from Saturday Night Live, SYFY, and Bravo Media. Other networks, including E!, NBC News...
  8. News Bot

    Google and CyArk Team Up To Preserve Endangered Historical Landmarks in VR

    Google is doing its due diligence to help preserve important historical sites around the world, so that future generations can still feast their eyes upon them later on in life. To do this, the company has joined with the nonprofit 3D laser scanning operation CyArk in a joint effort called the...
  9. News Bot

    EA Shuffles Executive Team

    EA CEO Andrew Wilson announced changes to the executive team at the video game publishing juggernaut in a memo sent out to employees today. Wilson stated that the moves were made in an effort to “sharpen focus on the creative core of EA, drive precision in our operations, and define clear...
  10. News Bot

    Modojo Rewind: Shack Team On The Scene

    Ahoy Shackers! As many of you know, a solid chunk of the Shacknews crew is currently holding down the fort over at PAX East 2018. Our boys in the field are doing their best to highlight some of the biggest names and boldest breaking news in the industry right now, fueled by their inherent valor...
  11. News Bot

    Overwatch League Adding Fourth Team to Stage Finals

    The last time a stage concluded in the Overwatch League, Blizzard took swift action to help make the next stage better than before. Shortly after this, Overwatch League Commissioner Nate Nanzer indicated that the League was open to further changes. On Monday, further changes were announced...
  12. Loyalbdog

    Smite Pro Team Thoughts

    Heyyooo, Loyalbdog here, with the recent dip this past week with the smite section i thought of the idea of making a fever pro team, his is the only the 1 stage i have for this section and i want to know who's down. i dont want to get into the details in this post but i just want to know if you...
  13. Hastyb

    NA Looking for team to join with on ESEA+MM

    Ive got 1,400 hours on CSGO and been SMFC a few times and global once but im far out of practice and i rejoined as an MG1 ESEA im a C+ player on the rise but only with 14 games. I Play support or lurker.
  14. Hastyb

    NA Silver 3 support/top

    IGN: Hastyb Mains: Top- Darius, maoki, heimer Supp- Blitz, Thresh, naut Region: North America Been playing since Beta and never got much into tryharding as i never had a good team to work with. I ranked last season and got silver just to prove someone wrong but i didnt dedicate more than that.
  15. News Bot

    Dual Universe Team Adds Original EVE Online Dev To Roster

    Not too long ago, Novaquark opened up their massive sci-fi sandbox Dual Universe to more players via the Supporter Packs. There’s a lot available in the alpha, but the team has added a face that will be familiar to many. As an effort to boost the visibility and tap the potential of Dual...
  16. News Bot

    Threading the Needle: The Making of Quake Team Fortress

    Last December, Shacknews published Rocket Jump: Quake and the Golden Age of First-Person Shooters, David L. Craddock's book-sized account of the making of id Software's Quake franchise and other influential FPS games from the 1990s. Presented unabridged, the following chapter is an oral history...
  17. News Bot

    Ubisoft and Google Cloud Team Up To Make Open Source Game Server Agones

    Online multiplayer can be one of the toughest hurdles to overcome when developing a game. There's more to getting things functioning than just purchasing some server space and letting people go at. For instance, players first get ranked by skill levels, then the game has to create a server...
  18. MrCruz

    Game night Team Roster

    Current Roster of the Game night Team Leader's - @Thundernut @Kimenu Department coordinator - @MrCruz If the following roster is outdate or incorrect contact department coordinator Game Member LoL Dota 2 SMITE HoTS Diablo 3 PoE WoW Hearthstone...
  19. S

    Searching for a team

    I am a old hots player coming back. used to be around high diamond elo 4 seasons ago and im coming back. i am going to do placements soon to see where i place. I am looking to get into a team as i am looking to find a team to move into some esports action with. I am a fill. I can play almost...
  20. News Bot

    Team Dignitas Wins the 2018 HGC Western Clash

    Heroes of the Storm has wrapped this year's HGC Western Clash from Intel Extreme Masters Katowice. It was an exciting seven-game series, but Team Dignitas cemented themselves as one of the best teams in the world. They defeated Zealots in a series of inches to win the Western Clash 4-3. Game 7...
  21. thunderhorse007

    Paladins Comp

    Im looking for some people to increase our rank together in paladins comp. -NA Servers -Mic is preferable but not a must -non-toxic -Goal is to play games an actually communicate and try to win as a team, this doesnt mean bite eachother bc in the end its still a game and everyone...
  22. S

    Notice: Interest in league team

    I was making this thread to see what the interest would be in starting a ranked league team. I would like to see how many people are interested in doing this. Please below post the following Summoner Name: Level: Rank: Primary Role: Secondary Role: Top 3 champs: After this please get ahold of me...
  23. News Bot

    Seoul Dynasty Signs Heo 'Gambler' Jin-woo, Assembles 'Perfect' Overwatch League Team

    Seoul Dynasty, the Overwatch League team that will be beneficiaries of the recent deal between Razer and KSV eSports, is making a crucial roster change. Before the Stage 2 split, the club has signed Heo “Gambler” Jin-woo and he brings extensive healer main knowledge along with him...
  24. A

    Horde Raid team

    Raid Lead Ataerus Tanks Whitexlegs Decimous Backup tanks Doomshield(Vilenas) Saltfactory Heals Aisper MrxWiz007 Bradly DPS Ataerus Doomshield(Chongobongo) Dantehallow Mizu Pussnboots EvilusMaximus Rag Braddux (Brynley) Will be trialing for the last few dps spots as we go on.
  25. Pa1n

    Team night

    Hey guys! So I know we've all talked about forming the team and there is some interest. I was wondering if everyone would wanna get together and play some soon and start to talk about the team and what not. When would everyone be free to play?