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  1. Kerrdizzle

    Call Of Duty WWII team?

    Will there be a call of duty wwII team added to fever?
  2. VileKnight

    What do YOU want from your Content Creation team?

    Greetings HOTS players! With all of the new players coming to Fever, I think this is a great time to gauge the temperature in the room, and find out what our players want in regards to content. I would like ideas, suggests, and feedback from EVERYONE. I don't care if you play once a week, once a...
  3. Shadow_Demon

    New guy to the Overwatch Team?

    Hey All, Just a quick post to say hello as I have made Overwatch my 2nd Main game now :) Thanks to my brother I bought it last month and have already participated in a clan based tournament (to those who were in the same team as me I apologise! :P ) and the more I play the more I enjoy it...
  4. D

    New to Fever, who's the competitive team?

    Hey I just joined the clan, I'm looking to tryout for our competitive team. DIRESTRAIT#1618 who should I tryout with? ^^
  5. Recovery

    Ranked Team?

    Hi, I'm looking for a Team to play ranked with. I've been searching for teams on the forums and haven't found anything. I used to play competitive on a team Lavender coached but that team never worked out as only two of us played which turned into three when Lavender saw no one was dedicated...
  6. B

    Looking for a Team?

    Hello Everyone, I've been seeing a lot of people are interested in forming a team so I thought I'd help out a bit. If you are interested in making a sort of team make a post here. Things I'd think would be helpful are your battletag, rank, stuff you play, and how serious are you. Do you want to...
  7. S

    Favourite Team? Favourite Merch Clothing?

    What are your favourite teams? Favourite jersey designs? Favourite Merch? I've never followed a single team much, i play on OCE and don't know much about any of our teams. What is it about the teams that your favor that makes you follow them rather than just observing all matches for a...
  8. X

    Anyone want to make a competitive team? (EU)

    Anyone want to form a competitive team for HOTS? im EU so EU players and well start taking part in tournaments and stuff in the Summer / August when people normally go onto season break? Just give me a shout if interested. & Im not sure if there is a highier up we have to go to if we wanted...
  9. E

    Looking for silver team?

    Hey guys/gals I've started playing cs go and am silver 1. I get a good score in every game but sometimes the team just lets me down. If there are any silver teams who want another member then just hit me up! thanks, Euan
  10. suntzukhema

    eSports: 3v3 Ranked Team?

    Ok, guys this honestly the best shot that I think that some fever members like my self have of going competitive. I am going to be making a team. the day that I hit Plat in 3v3 joust. So for anybody who is serious about playing Smite 3v3 joust at a competive level pref on US servers not because...
  11. T

    Bring back Fever's Smite Team?

    Hello everyone, As some of you may know, Fever Clan used to have a Smite team in the past. After talking to the former leader of the team, he simply said that he disbanded it and gave no other reason. My question is this, would it be possible to reform this Smite team? I would be very...
  12. Brien

    Pug team?

    Anyone interested in making a pug team for cevo/faceit? Nothing really formal but something other than playing on the trash valve servers
  13. amoretpax199

    How the Hel do you suppose to win if there is a Hel on the enemy team?

    Seriously, she should be automatically banned from Conquest...

    Fever Lol Pro Team?

    Is there a Fever League of Legends Pro team? If so where is it i cant seem to find it.. If there isn't one i want to start one! Lets Take Fever to LCS and win some pro esport games!!
  15. XOJingaOX

    maybe a Fever Team?

    has there been any thoughts about maybe assembling a squad (whether through seniority or a clan round robin) to practice together and try to make an impact into the competitive scene? i know hearthstone isn't one of Fevers major games and our stone section doesn't seem hyperactive as the other...
  16. W

    Anyone wanna join a casual team?

    Im thinking about making a team. what you guys think?
  17. ThaTank

    Forming a team? Need a team?

    Anyone who would like to form a team or even join a team please post here and I'll do my best to get you started ASAP. Also leave your player info in the sticky teams thread thanks!
  18. TurtleStrong

    2v3, leaver on my team? No prob!

    Call 1-800-GET-REKT! boo ya! First match in that venue and already off to a rockin' start!
  19. R

    What is your favorite NBA team?

    please post your favorite NBA team
  20. R

    Wgat is your favorite NBA team?

    please post your favorite NBA team
  21. Ayden Pride

    Member Activities Section Purpose and Goals

    Purpose: -Fever recruits many members on a daily basis, yet many more become inactive and end up being removed from the clan. This can be due to lots of reasons including lack of interest, lack of activity, not finding a niche in our huge clan. To alleviate this issue, the Fever Retention Team...
  22. Silv3r

    League of Legends Ranked Team?

    I Was wondering if there is an official Ranked team for Fever?
  23. E

    Fever team?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there wants to make a League 5's team. I am Silver 5 but was silver 3 till I decayed awhile back when my son was born. My IGN is Sprix so message me if your interested =D! Would love to play, meet new people, and have fun in the process!
  24. R

    Form a team? and play together regularly?

    Well I wanted to play with people who are good and play constantly. i play everyday. im always on in the movie channel if you need to speak to me. If you want to play serious and make platinum or higher, PM me and have the skills please... I can make a team and if you want to play a role PM...
  25. X


    is there a fever team?