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  1. Shiny

    Thought I'd share my personal talent builds for almost every hero

    Updated as of 04/22/2018 Note: these are the builds I use, they work for me but they may not work for you. I will add any build variances under each link if applicable If you have a build I haven't listed then feel free to post it with your explanations for it and I'll edit it into the main...
  2. tiltedslim

    A level 20 talent discussion

    Sometimes it takes me a while, but every now and then I open my eyes and notice trends in my play style. Ever since the patch (Kael Patch maybe??) that implemented level 20 talents such as Nexus Frenzy and Nexus Blades I find myself more and more taking those types of things instead of the level...
  3. Ncola

    Updated: 7/20/15 Butcher Patch Team Liquid Quick Talent builds (All Heroes)

    Here's a link a team liquid page where you can see the common builds for all the heroes, very good stuff, most of them are really good or the meta. Quick Talent Builds
  4. M

    UPDATED Fever's Got Talent

    Mission Statement Fever's Got Talent portion of the retention team aims to take an active role in attempting to keep members interested in staying apart of our community through the activity and continued community effort to include members in activities that they find interests in. Through...
  5. Ayden Pride

    DEVELOPMENT: Fever's Got Talent

    After hearing the pitch from kesem and izzo about the talent show I decided since the attempt to plan it fell apart, lets tweak it! Here is the run down during march madness (we do this for the whole month) we plan a new show each week and bring in new contestants each week (number depends on...
  6. Cybernetcrash

    Video: Amazing song on UK's Got Talent

    I think this is one of the most cool things I've ever heard. Never judge by the looks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsNlcr4frs4 Opera duo Charlotte & Jonathan - Britain's Got Talent 2012 audition - UK version - YouTube
  7. R

    New "talent tree" opinions

    What do you guys think about how they have changed the talent trees since the newest patch? Much simpler but also lacking in my opinion. Just like im not too big a fan of the new changes to the skills you get as you level. Im level 19 on my pally and only have 3 offensive abilities....if i...