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  1. Cybernetcrash

    Closed: Don't Starve - STEAM

    Dont Starve is an uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic. You play as Wilson, an intrepid Gentleman Scientist who has been trapped by a demon and transported to a mysterious wilderness world. Wilson must learn to exploit his environment and its inhabitants if he ever...
  2. Kesem

    Unturned [Free To Play] Zombie Survival Game

    Unturned is a post apocalyptic survival game. The reason it stands out for me is cause even tho the art style might sway many of you, The difficulty of the game is supposed to be extremely hard. As far as i can tell this game is truly Free To...
  3. Hypercide

    Post your DayZ survival gear

    Post pics of you DayZ survival gear! feel free to repost if you reset.
  4. S

    Killing Floor

    After watching the Killing Floor 2 trailer, I have a sudden urge to play Killing Floor. Anyone have it?
  5. W

    New Survival Games

    Hey guys, not sure how many of you browse the Steam store, but there's a couple new survival games out that look interesting. Wanted to gauge interest/see if they're worth buying. Nether, a game that reminds me of DayZ/Infestation except for zombies, there's super-mutants that teleport and...
  6. W

    Warframe survival weekend :)

    Survival Weekend Special Survival Alerts Start: Friday, Aug. 30 @ 12pm EDT End: Tuesday, Sept. 3 @ 12PM EDT The Lotus is calling for all available Tenno! The Lotus is leading a group of Tenno called Alpha Team, to raid hidden valuable supply caches elsewhere in the sector...
  7. Zoda

    Survival Game: 7 Days 2 Die

    A combination of minecraft and Day Z , look really interesting! Think ill buy the early alpha for 35$ check it out - first look video on YT The Trading Post | 7 Days to Die interesting to see all these indie games with minecraft like...
  8. Manyface

    Flatcore Desert Survival

    If anyone is interested I would like to do a game of minecraft like the title says. We can give ourselves a goal like going to the nether or reaching the end and I think it could be alot of fun. We can find out a day that works well for everyone so I'd update the post with a date and time...
  9. Zoinks

    My insane survival attempt [Double-kill] - Solo Ranked Vulcan

    [RAGE] Zoinks - Vulcan - Conquest Ranked - Insane Survival Double Kill - YouTube Note; I'm playing under two clans (Fever/RAGE) which exlains the name / clan in the title. What do you guys think? Lucky? :teapot:
  10. Lil_Nora

    Creative versus Survival versus Adventure

    So guys, that's the question. What mode do you like most? Creative where you can build your own stuff without worrying that your resurces run out. or Survival where you start with nothing and end up, fighting against hordes of mobs, with the diamond tools you worked so hard for. or...
  11. Corse

    Corse's basic survival guide for DayZ players

    I have to say that after playing with a few groups of friends, I sometimes find myself bewildered at some of the things they do and that they are in essence surprised they end up getting killed. To help you avoid some seriously noobie mistakes, here is my basic guide for the beginner and some...
  12. RootCookie

    Fever Survival Server - Hosted by RootCookie With Minecraft 1.4.7 You might have to join a few times. Sever Currently Down. If anyone is interested in learning the ins and outs of managing a server feel free to get in touch and I'll set you up with a world.
  13. S

    How do i connect to the fever survival server?

    can sombody help me with connecting to the minecraft server? im kinda new to this game.
  14. F

    Fliesnow's Lava Survival

    Hello all, I have just gotten my lava survival up and running. It is a classic minecraft server accessable via Search for Fliesnows explosive lava survival. Any feverclan member that joins I will promote. See yah around! ~Fliesnow~
  15. M

    Looking for a vanilla survival server...

    Does anyone have such a thing anymore?