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  1. B

    Regular survival server

    Does anyone on know of a really good vanilla survival server? I'm getting tired of playing single player and cant seem to find any good servers :L
  2. Croatoan

    Become a Content Creator for ARK: Survival Evolved!

    Hello! If you're reading this then you might be interested in becoming a Content Creator for ARK: Survival Evolved! Here's what you need to know about being a Content Creator. Your job would entail posting in this part of the forums on a regular basis, to keep conversations going and keeping up...
  3. Houyami

    Trade: Coins for Ark: Survival Evolved

    Trading 3k coins for ark survival evolved. I'll cover the transfer fee, just post here if you are wanting to do the trade or PM me. You can get a giftedable code from here which can be claimed by the person who is receiving it.
  4. niko

    In need of something OP?

    Just wanted to offer a bit of information I've learned from playing with my fellow clanmates on Terraria. When starting out don't discard cobweb! I always threw it away because aside from making silk/web rope I didn't see a use for it. I was SO WRONG -____- Turns out that if you can manage to...
  5. Bizbone3

    ARK: Survival Evolved Primitive PvP Server

    Hey I don't know who is playing this game still but, since after having a fun on Primitive server. I decide oh hell why the hell not. Raiding is Allow on the weekends (if you manage to break stone I think you should get credit for that lol) So what primitive you ask? Well it simple you can...
  6. L

    Empyrion - Galactic Survival

    About to test out this space survival game. My friend was talking about it and it looks really good. Anyone else played this game or are interested in it?
  7. Kaz Von Zhuul

    ark survival evolved

    anyone playing it?
  8. Zecr

    News: Amazing new Space Free Roam Survival Game AMAZING COME CHECK IT OUT!

    Hey guys so I was watching bluedrake42 on youtube and saw him live stream this amazing game in alpha (its funny because the devs names it pre-beta which we all know is really called This games name is Pulsar: Lost Colony and is $25 you might be thinking oh I looked at that...
  9. F

    ARK: Survival Evolved

    Add me on steam if you play this. ID: arny6902. This is probably the best survival game I have ever played even in its alpha state. Hit me up if you want to join my tribe. Right now I am playing on the new primitive PvP server.
  10. shawnseveras

    Looking to buy GTAV and Ark Survival Evolved with coins!

    i have 30k fever coins so im looking to get these 2 games for 15000 coins which is a 150 dollar value if anyone is interested in doing this or bartering with the request im open to suggestions .... but i really want these 2 games and i could really use them . long story short im going thru a...
  11. Ocean

    I Need a 2nd Admin

    Looking for a 2nd Admin to help me run things in Rust. Admin will be helping with Server Mods and Updates and coming Events. Admin will need to know how to use an FTP Client and the Rusty Tool or be willing to learn. Admins can play the game whilst being an admin. Admin Abuse will not be...
  12. MrCruz

    WTB arc survival evolved

    As title says im looking for arc survival evolved Im offering all my coins (4,4k of em ^^)
  13. Remmy

    WTB ark survival evolved

    name you price (fever coins)
  14. Ocean

    Engram Calculator (To Settle Skills) Enjoy guys. Hopes this helps you figure out which way you'd like to craft. I've already made my skill plan. Raiiken Aug Afflikted wal1ace Bizbon3 ShortySwe Buccolta Lucas_J._Maaloe Blackstone...
  15. Nooonan

    ARK: Survival Evolved

    Overall it looks to be a solid game, wondering if anyone as bought the game or plans to, and wants to play? Im waiting for them to release a patch for better optimization (which should be very soon) and wanted to see if I could get a group going on a PvE server to learn the game more, and...
  16. PrincessZeda

    Tree of Life: A Survival Sandbox MMO

    Today I was browsing Steam and came across this Korean MMO. What do you guys think? I may buy it, but the game recommends playing with a number of people mastered in different professions. You have a limited amount of skill points per person, so you can't master every profession. It kind of...
  17. NightWolf

    ARK: survival Evolved

    o.o i just wanted to know whos down to play this crazy survival game. I watched a interview with one of the creative diretor for the game sounds awesome. heres the link for the trailer. its for PS4, XBOX ONE, and PC ^.^ early access on steam...
  18. Vortorn

    Event: Survival Rollercoaster Ride

    Came across this on the subreddit. It is a pretty long ride, but gets better the farther it gets.
  19. Kyndjiall

    H1Z1 Vs. Miscreated. New indie survival game. What do you think?

    Runs on Cry Engine. In game physics. Beautiful and realistic overgrowth. Might be worth it?
  20. M

    What can we expect on tomorrows update? DayZ Standalone

    Expectations on tomorrows update! Nothing in the following thread is guaranteed, just highly possible as it comes from a reliable source: Dayz 0.51 Update: What Can We Expect? - Dayz TV All DayZ Standalone players, or lovers get thrilled when they hear about vehicles. Don't get your hopes...
  21. AndrewOhl


    Hey i couldn't find a room for the new game Evolve so I'm posting it here if you think that Evolve looks like a good game if you download curse voice you can download the game for free and play the alpha when it come out tomorrow check it out! Evolve - Curse Voice
  22. Kyndjiall

    Upcoming survival guide

    I've decided to implement a new survival guide, for new and old members new to DayZ. I plan on making it comprehensive and will be updated periodically for new game updates. It will be moved to a sticky, so I would like some suggestions on important things to include, in case my plan layout has...
  23. Tamahawks

    Poll: What should drop on death?

    Belt Inventory Everything
  24. Tamahawks

    7 Days to Die server.

    The moment we have all been waiting for is here. Fever Clan has its own dedicated server for 7 days to die. SERVER INFO FeverGaming I.P Port 19248 Information about the server you may want to know before joining. 1.what drops on death : Belt. 2.zombies...
  25. Captain Poppin

    Massive Patch - New game mode to replace on-planet survival and much much more!

    I won't copy the whole patch notes here, but they can be found here as usual. Other than the new game mode, there are big changes to the visuals of mods, and some new weapons: NEW WEAPONS: KRONEN The Kronen bladed tonfas resurrect a lethal fighting style once thought lost to the ages...