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  1. Schlinky

    Don't Starve Together

    Is anybody interested in doing a server (I'm shenanoska's wife, we could always look into what it would take to set up a dedicated server) or just a playthrough? I haven't played DST in a long time, and I played Don't starve way back when it was in beta. I've been wanting to play it again in...
  2. Stam1na

    Dead By Daylight - Demise of the Faithful Chapter

    Hey guys, Behavior Interactive just announced the next chapter(DLC) to the Dead by Daylight game called : Demise of the Faithful. Killer: The Plague Her power: Vile Purge The Killer launches a stream of vomit a short distance in front of her, which can hit multiple Survivors and...
  3. Wooot

    Ark: Extinction

    With Ark Extinction coming out soon I was wondering, if anyone is already playing ark or about to start playing when this expansion comes. I have enjoyed Ark many times before. That was mostly when the game first came out as early access beta. Then I played it again when scorched earth...
  4. Kunezite

    Summer Survival Event Community Feedback

    GamersFirst is certainly taking the call for more involvement for the APB Community to heart and have created a Community Feedback Thread for the New Summer Survival Event. It is definitely a step in the right direction on G1's behalf, we'd like nothing more than more player input into Events...
  5. Kunezite

    Summer Survival Event - Name and Logo suggestions

    Summer Survival Event - Name and Logo Suggestions Once again, as told in the Blog Post, G1 is hosting another event to gather Name and Logo Suggestions for the Summer Survival Event. This one is definitely for the creative types who want to input more than just a few titles and a great chance...
  6. Kunezite

    News: Blog Post: New Summer Survival Event & PC Engine Update.

    New Summer Survival Event & PC Engine Update. NEW Summer Survival Event! It’s blog post time and in this blog we’re asking for feedback from our players on a few different events that we are working on. We will have different forum threads ready for your suggestions and we’re excited to...
  7. A

    Fever DayZ SA Squad

    Looking to get a fever group together to play on one server and get some sort of trading/raiding base going. Hmu on Steam (ahighfiveguy) if you are interested or if we already have a group that plays together regularly. :D
  8. Baum

    Survival FPS Recruiting team needs YOU!

    The Recruiting Team needs you! Hey everyone I am looking for members to help spread the word about Fever Clan, specifically in our Survival FPS area. For those that don't know the Recruiting Team has recruitment threads on various websites. What members of the Recruiting Team do is make sure...
  9. Bloodlotus

    Show your Survival base

    Since not many of us are ever on at the same time and we dont know who all is on the Survival server or whos base belongs to who, share a screen shot of the outside :) and share your cords if you like, so we can stop by for a visit and a closer look :D Mine is at -169, 574 and i have a...
  10. Neirn

    Fever Recruitment Board For Ark: Survival Evolved

    I made a recruitment thread for Ark. If you feel up to saying hello or posting your awesome stories about your time in Fever please do so! If we give off a good impression it will make recruitment a lot easier. Hopefully this board will help boost our Ark player base. :)
  11. August


    So a brand new ARK DLC just moved out called Scorched Earth. It's a desert setting with an all new round of creatures. Unfortunately, right now there is a $19.99 price tag, but if anyone is willing to get it with me I'd love to explore the new map with other Fever members. Please let me know if...
  12. H

    Index of Ark Survival

    Feverclan Ark Survival Files Creature Files Achatina [No File detected] Allosaurus [No File detected] Ammonite [No File detected] Angler [No File detected] Ankylosaurus[File 100% complete] Araneo [No File detected] Archaeopteryx [No File detected] Argentavis [No File detected]...
  13. W

    Survival Game Nights

    Over the next few weeks I'll be adding game nights to the entire section. So this is your last opportunity to make suggestions. This applies to any game under survival. We have one going for dead by daylight already and the others are following. Also any suggested game for the survival...
  14. W

    Suggest a survival game

    Is there a game you think belongs in the survival section? Make the suggestion, I'll look into the game if it looks promising I'll add a player base. If we get enough players ill see what we can do to get it added to its own forum section.
  15. Muldred

    Pre Expansion Patch Survival Guide (by Blizzard) Also, Here is a link to the Survival Guide Page!
  16. August

    Looking For Players! (ARK: SOTF)

    Hey, I'm looking for some people interested in playing ARK: Survival of the Fittest. For those of you who don't play or haven't heard of it, the game is a free stand-alone version of ARK: Survival Evolved. It's an extremely PVP arena game, similar to the Hunger Games. Teams of 1-4 people are...
  17. August

    ARK: Survival Of The Fittest

    Hey, I'm looking for some people interested in playing SOTF. For those of you who don't play or haven't heard of it, the game is a free stand-alone version of ARK: Survival Evolved. It's an extremely PVP arena game, similar to the Hunger Games. Teams of 1-4 people are dropped into an arena, and...
  18. B

    quick question just wondering if any one that plays any of the survival games

    Hey guys this is my fan boy coming out but idk if anyone has heard of shattered skies yet or not but is just like warz and im looking to find more players to play it with or anything like that so if anyone is playing this game let me know and i will be happy to play with you

    EU Rust team

    If anyone is up for playing a bit of rust and putting a team together you can probably find me in a rust channel or in miscellaneous games channel.
  20. M

    Looking to get a good survival team together

    Want to try get a good few people together to take over a high pop server, are you in?
  21. Tilairgan

    Anyone want to join me in a Vanilla Survival LP Series?

    Does anyone want to join me in a Let's Play series for Vanilla? Requirements are to have a Discord, Teamspeak, or Skype. If you have Skype, add Tilairgan.
  22. Lavitz

    Which Survival Game is Most Popular?

    As the title states, what is the most popular one? I've invested quite a bit of time into 7 Days to Die myself. I've played others like Day Z, Infestation/Aftermath, H1Z1, but 7DTD has always for whatever reason always had me coming back for more. I guess I'm just moreso curious which ones you...
  23. Noximus44

    New survival game GRAV

    Anyone played Grav yet? Its still in Early access but its alot of fun. GRAV on Steam
  24. Hitoshi

    Fallout 4 - Zero kills on Survival Speechless and impressed! Where there's a will, there's a way...
  25. Kimenu

    WTB - ARK: Survival Evolved

    I want to buy this game right here^^ Steam Community :: ARK: Survival EvolvedTell me how much you Fever coins you want for it and Ill come with my offer