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  1. McGrover

    Summer Games start Thursday

    Here's a friendly reminder not to do your Arcade games for loot boxes until the Summer Games event starts on Thursday, so that the lootboxes you earn will have more goodies available. Maximize your chances for the Lifeguard McCree, BBQ Soldier, or any of the new skins they've been teasing out...
  2. tiltedslim

    Steam Summer Sale

    How's your summer sale going? What games are my fellow Feverians getting that could use another player? I haven't gotten a whole lot of anything yet and I'm looking to pick up a few games that I can play with some of you.
  3. SkipperSW

    Let's Discuss | Killing Floor: Summer Sideshow

    This is for all of us who love a good orgasmic body-splosion from our loving game Killing Floor. Summer Sideshow is the first event that was made for Killing Floor 2. We still have Halloween and Christmas... and April Fool's Day. (Yes the Portal map was from the April Fool's) Any thoughts on...
  4. Winterrose

    Late Summer League of Legends Tournament!!!!!!!!!!!! (Rescheduled)

    Announcing the next LoL Tournament! Late Summer League of Legends Tournament When? August 12th, 2017 (Saturday) What time? 8pm EST to conclusion of the event Where? League of Legends Client For the NA LoL Only. (If you're from Europe and have an NA account, you can still play.) There will...
  5. Zerox

    Steam Summer Sale!

    Its that time of year again, the steam summer sale started, and I am just curious on what everyone is going to be picking up game wise? May persuade me to get the game for myself. Currently I am only looking into getting Ghost Recon Wildlands and could use some idea.
  6. Kunezite

    Summer Survival Event Community Feedback

    GamersFirst is certainly taking the call for more involvement for the APB Community to heart and have created a Community Feedback Thread for the New Summer Survival Event. It is definitely a step in the right direction on G1's behalf, we'd like nothing more than more player input into Events...
  7. Kunezite

    Summer Survival Event - Name and Logo suggestions

    Summer Survival Event - Name and Logo Suggestions Once again, as told in the Blog Post, G1 is hosting another event to gather Name and Logo Suggestions for the Summer Survival Event. This one is definitely for the creative types who want to input more than just a few titles and a great chance...
  8. Kunezite

    News: Blog Post: New Summer Survival Event & PC Engine Update.

    New Summer Survival Event & PC Engine Update. NEW Summer Survival Event! It’s blog post time and in this blog we’re asking for feedback from our players on a few different events that we are working on. We will have different forum threads ready for your suggestions and we’re excited to...
  9. VileKnight

    News: CSGO's Next Operation & Source 2 Engine Released This Summer

    We have a new operation coming this summer, which was revealed during the presentation for China's release. They also mentioned moving to the Source2 engine, which seems could alter the physics slightly. I'll link the article that I found below, and also post the video from that they provided...
  10. PapaRussia

    Humble Bundle End Of Summer - Free Tropico 4 Copy

    If you're looking for something new to try out and since I'm also quite a huge fan of Tropico myself. Head over to Humble Bundle's store and be quick about it, because at the time of this thread going up, you have about 1 day and 22 hours left to claim a free copy of Tropico 4 for yours to have...
  11. Requ1em

    Summer Squash - Part II

    Another update, another batch of bugs being squashed! The second part of our Summer Squash season also includes key balance tweaks to even the score a little more. We've got one more Summer Squash update to come, which will be heavily focused on optimization. Keep your eyes out for it in the...
  12. Chaves

    SPOILER SK Telecom T1 vs. KT Rolster/ LCK 2016 Summer Playoffs - Semifinal

  13. Flux

    Summer loot boxes

    Just sort of a small PSA as a few people I play with didn't know. Whenever you get a loot box there is a next button to chose between summer and regular boxes. You don't need to play the brawl to get them. Might seem simple if you knew before but some might not.
  14. TekNyne

    What did you get for Steam Summer Sale?

    As the title says, I would like to know what other members may have bought for the Steam Sale. I have been looking and looking into games and just cant seem to decide on many more than the ones I already bought. -Rocket League w/ DLC -Helldivers w/ DLC What about you?!
  15. Arilyssa

    Presenting the FFXIV and Summer DLC Campaign!

    FINAL FANTASY XIV and are partnering to offer a unique opportunity for North American FINAL FANTASY XIV players! Any qualifying purchase of $19.99 or more from the videogames department on will qualify you to receive an promotional code that will grant you six...
  16. Gyorn

    Event: Multi-MOBA: ESBL Summer Series

    Credit to FealtyGaming Howdy gamers! This summer you have the chance to test your skills live on TwitchTV, win prizes, and potentially become the next best E-Sports team! Get your friends together and tell everyone "A home for amature competitive gaming is starting now!" $1500 & Many More...
  17. FealtyGaming

    Event: $1500 Up For Grabs Starting July 9th in ESBL Summer Tourny Series

    Howdy gamers! This summer you have the chance to test your skills live on TwitchTV, win prizes, and potentially become the next best E-Sports team! Get your friends together and tell everyone "A home for amature competitive gaming is starting now!" $1500 & Many More Prizes Up For Grabs Starting...
  18. Stickz

    Discussion: Summer Season 2016

    This season starts really soon, with the first episode airing for most series this Friday. That being said, what is everyone watching? I'm picking up quite a lot. ReLIFE SHOKUGEKI NO SOUMA: Ni no Sara Love Live! Sunshine!! Arslan Senki: Fuujin Ranbu Tales of Zestiria orange Saiki Kusuo, no...
  19. Kunezite

    Summer Fun!

    _ Summer Fun In APB! The month of June is almost over but we still have something in store for you! Starting Friday, June 24th at 4:00 PM UTC until ending on Monday, June 27th at 4 PM UTC we'll have a store wide sale with up to 50% off (excludes JMBs see store for discounts)...
  20. R

    summer is here and in florida where i live that means

    shrimping season.. wont be as active as i normally am (at night atleast) i gotta pack my freezer this year since i didn't go out last year lol
  21. Sithis

    TSM vs CLG Summer Split 2016 Series 1 Very happy to see TSM won the first series, Biofrost did a nice job especially considering it is his first time on stage :) Anyone else get to watch this?
  22. Morgraine

    Summer 2016 Battle Pass has Arrived

    Link: Dota 2 - The International Battle Pass 216 Battle pass for both Manilla and TI, get it while its hot.
  23. F

    Summer here in South Africa

    fans for everyone Black people rob black and white people (especially the govenment) you never have money because even games cost an arm and a leg everyone is always grumpy in the summer Happy winter to you guys on the northern hemisphere!
  24. Sycon1

    Discussion: Summer Season end/ Fall Season beginning

    So as our Spring season closes in on its last few weeks let us hear your favourite anime up until this point and what anime you are looking forward to from fall 2015. My presonal favourites from this season have to be: Charlotte, Overlord,Monster Musume, GATE and Okusame ga Seitokaichou. I...
  25. noctemdracone

    News: Summer update is here!

    Lights Out! Battlefield 4 Night Operations is Here - News - Battlelog / Battlefield 4