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  1. AngelofNoMercy

    Archive: Forum Suggestions

    So I've been the content creator for this forum for over a month now. I feel like I've spent a lot of time running around saying "this is not a debate." I've tried making guides, posting examples, and responding to individual posts with suggestions. I'm concerned this may have been...
  2. Rin_Hikari


    Does anyone have any suggestions of shows on tv to record or series' on Netflix to watch. I wanna try getting into breaking bad again, but I need more stuff to watch <3 Rin_Hikari
  3. stacie

    Suggestions for a noob re: doing more than LFR

    Hey guys and gals, Do any of you have any suggestions for someone (like me) who has only ever done LFR and is ilvl 532 to learn what needs to be done in a raid (Flex or Norm)? I watch Youtube videos but I have a hard time picking out where I would be... is there anything even more dumbed down...
  4. Boba

    Any suggestions for our LoL section?

    Hey League of Legends players! Is there anything you'd like to find on our LoL sections? Bring them suggestions!
  5. Lil_Nora

    Game Suggestions pls

    Hey Fever family, It's Rushmoon and I'm in dire need for new games. I'd love to have some new games that I can play. My favorite types/Genre are: - RPG/Adventure: I love to explore worlds especially Fantasy worlds aka MMORPGs like EdenEternal/Aurakingdom. - Indie/Random Generation...
  6. Trixie Lulamoon

    Looking for suggestions

    So, I've decided I'd like to have an Iphone or another sort of device (not a computer or laptop) that would allow me to browse on the internet (mainly this site), use skype and receive text msgs or calls from anybody around the world (aside from allowign me to call/send msgs myself). Those are...
  7. Trixie Lulamoon

    Looking for some suggestions

    So, I plan on buying a phone that allows me to browse the forums and stay in touch with this clan, for the times when I got time, but not a computer. Now, I don't live in America, and my wallet is no big deal tbh. Regardless, I'd like to hear some suggestions with reasonable price/quality, just...
  8. Snailey

    Suggestions for this team

    Hello all, First of keep up the great work you guys are doing. I am feel it is time to throw a suggestion for this team and wanted some input how you guys feel about it. The suggestion that we expand to people that get promoted in the clan and write a simple congratulations on their wall...
  9. A

    Suggestions on what to play in the new season?

    So I'm wanting to play a ranged character as I'm just completely tired of melee and summoners for the time being. Any suggestions for builds that I can use to prepare for?
  10. E

    New Game Suggestions

    I know that Fever has players in hundreds of games but Fever doesn't have a player in every game so I propose this to be are suggestions for games the clan should play as a group or as a single person! Template: Game Name: (Space Marine, Day Z, etc.) Who in the group will play: (Me and my...
  11. F

    PC game suggestions for Wife and I

    I am looking for some suggestions of games my wife and I can play together. I enjoy competitive style games such as CS, Dota 2, LoL but the only one of those games she has ever tried and enjoyed was CS. She would not be interested in any MMO such as WoW, they just take too much time. So I...
  12. P


    Help me replace The last of US haha there is a huge void in my life currently haha.
  13. Chrome

    Suggestions for BF4

    I made a (rather lengthy) thread on the official BF4 forum, wondering whether i can get you guys to give more input on it: Suggestion: Changing - Forums - Battlelog / Battlefield 3 Positive or negative, doesn't matter to me. Not looking for support, just for input :) It's about how...
  14. Booyah

    DotA Academy Thoughts, Concerns and suggestions

    How did it go in your opinion? Any idea,s concerns, or sporadic thoughts. As this was our first time, input is more valued now then it may be for future Academy Evenings. I'll post the video of the evening once I have it completed.
  15. AznFaiL

    Suggestions for a advanced gameplay guide

    Hey guys, I will be doing a series of guides explaining advanced gameplay and mechanics that help propel a serious gamer to the very high bracket and Above a 52% winrate. Some examples of things I will cover. How to win mid Positions 1-5 roles General gameplay Things to do during a...
  16. Ryuzaaki

    Looking for game suggestions

    As the title says I'm looking for some game suggestions to buy off of steam. Indie, mainstream, whatever. Have a favorite game or anything, throw it at me and make me buy it. I'm open to just about everything. I've found some games that I fell in love that I never would have heard of if it...
  17. Xiantyl

    Car Suggestions

    Should i stick with my Honda Prelude? or roll with the rx8? my cousin can get me a deal on the rx8 :p he owns a dealership, anyone know about mazda?
  18. B

    Looking for build suggestions

    Hey guys, I wanna give a shot in HC but I don't know what I should play (I still haven't beaten cruel in default, I cant seem to find a solo friendly build so far). Any suggestion?
  19. Lil_Nora

    TF2 Award suggestions

    So since I feel like TF2 needs awards I start this thread. Every1 playing TF2 can send in some ideas for awards I look them through and give them to a mod or something to implement them on our forum. I think we should start of with something like 15 KDA? means: 15/0, 15/1, 30/2, 45/3 etc. And...
  20. olevam

    Shaco jungle suggestions

    So, I started to play shaco as jungle with a group of friends. I am a noob level (was placed in bronze this season for ranked), but I like jungle and probably is the role I do the best at. So I was wondering what important things do you guys thing I should focus when playing as shaco and...
  21. Phrais

    Suggestions for a team name?

    Hi, we're currently trying to figure out a team name and was wondering if anyone out there had some cool ideas.. If so drop a comment Appreciate it :)
  22. solomon

    Dota 2 event suggestions

    So lately it seems people have been worried about lack of attendance for dota nights and lack of presence on teamspeak. Also I've heard people suggest we incorporate events and such for our section. This is what I'm making this thread about. If you have an idea for an event we should try, or a...
  23. BloodFuryZombie

    Any suggestions on getting more views?

    I'm trying to get a bunch of YouTube views on my videos. Obviously, I'm doing a very bad job with my boring videos. Does anyone have suggestions to improve my videos or a different category I can try? People seem to watch funny stuff, but what would I do them on? Example of my boring game...
  24. chucknorris

    Other: Long board help

    Hey guys, so I am thinking of picking up long boarding, so im not sure what board to get. I will be pretty much cruising no tricks or anything like that. I have done some boarding with my friends so I do know the basic terms. My budget is roughly $200. please help and thanks for your suggestions
  25. Soultice

    Any Suggestions Please

    So I was wondering what people do to help them feel better about their self image/even worth. Lately I've been feeling like physically I'm not remotely attractive. I've even gotten to the point that I don't feel like their is anything remotely special about me that would make it worth being...