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  1. Nageth

    Guides: Two Versions of malyrogue i use atm to climb ladder (standard)

    I've been hitting legend for quite some times now with different decks but malyrogues are the best one around that provide lots of fun if you understand how to play them. Here are the basics for the deck: First of all.There are some cards that u don't want to mulligan: Sinister Strike...
  2. Thaumius

    Anyone up for a standard tourney?

    I would love for us to have one
  3. M

    The new standard Meta Snapshot

    TempoStorm So we have the first snapshot of the Meta from tempostorm here. Keep in mind that this meta is for an overall snapshot and may not reflect your personal meta at any given time. For the new players who are unfamiliar, the meta refers to the popular decks that you will be facing...
  4. Zapsta

    The Standard meta

    Am i the only one who thinks that ZooLock is just INSANE in standard? I've been playing it the last couple of days, and the only "bad" MU i've had was against control warrior.. What are you guys playing, and which MU's is good/bad for you guys? :D I've tried out C'thun druid and Dragon...
  5. Synfull

    First Standard Hearthstone Tournament Today

    Hosted by Team Archon, the Curse Trials is a 30k prize pool and the very first standard tournament we will be seeing in the Hearthstone community. You can catch it on Amaz's twitch channel (link below) at 11am PST today.
  6. Baum

    Standard vs. Wild, what do you think?

    So with all the changes to the format of HS out in the open for a couple weeks, I was curious about a couple things. Which format are Fever players planning on 'main'ing on HS and why. I am especially interested to hear from the Wild Players (I'm def interested in some Wild shenanigans...
  7. Fox

    Spellstone Standard Card List

    Standard Card List Common All of them Rare Aether: Archive Keeper, Armored Eagle, Cherub, Cloud Slyph, Judgment, Lightning Elemental, Oracle, Windfrog Chaos: Fire Imp, Lavafrog, Molten Skeleton, Nix Elemental, Scythe Demon, Skeletal Hound, Smelted Lava Slug, Wraith Wyld: Acidic...
  8. Spectre

    Standard 5v5 LoL Tourney

    Standard 5v5 Single Elimination Update: Until Finals Best 2 of 3 Rewards: TBD Welcome back from a long break from League of Legends tournaments. Mossyoak and myself (Spectre) are proud to bring back with high anticipation, LEAGUE OF LEGENDS FEVER TOURNAMENT! Let's make this a good comeback for...
  9. Chemistry

    News: Standard and Premium Editions of H1Z1

  10. M

    Interrupting your standard navigation by saying...

    FHRITP *I think this is OK to post since the "Bar of Fuck All" thingy says "no rules apply"
  11. Sychorux

    My current PoE standard build (2H Marauder Heavy Strike & Ground Slam)

    To get this forum more active, I figured sharing character builds would be a good way for fever members to interact and theory-craft. To start it off here is my current PoE main character and build, I recently got a new weapon which increased my dps immensely. ^(Current items as of 11th...
  12. RumpledForeSkin

    Fever Standard

    Just a reminder to everyone. I do not know if there is something said or we just forgot. We are a in-game guild for FEVER CLAN and as an officer in Fever I expect EVERYONE to abide by the rules. We read the Fever Standard when we joined this clan and agreed to follow it. I'm going to be...
  13. Tachkilius

    Your standard composition/plan?

    roach hydra max was literally the only thing I did last season as Zerg in all my matchups until I got plat then. I had to be away a for a little while and I started playing again just few days ago and I've been wondering what you guys do in your own matchups? I do prefer to know Zerg...
  14. S

    DotA 2: Standard picking but mostly support

    Feels like i keep doing stupid decisions with most heroes and cant really get the right way to play with the team line up. I guess i play to many pubs but still :P Going mostly support/gank but think better game sense is what i need. Soon 300 games so not completly noob but kinda :/ Think next...
  15. Jester

    Can you force ingame mouse cursor to be the standard hardwar cursor?

    I'd like to just use the regular old windows cursor.
  16. B

    Standard 3 bunker rush on neo planet

    1v1 pandora vs Blazemost TvZ - If you are not doing this BO on this map you are wrong. Normally involves walling off the crevice outside of the nat.
  17. Agent Of Zion

    Standard Rules For Mafia Games

    BASIC GAME EXPLANATION For those of you not familiar with forum mafia, here's a quick rundown. There are X (however many people want to play) number of people in a village and a certain percentage of them are considered to be "Mafia" (one mafia member for every three and a half players)...
  18. Bogo

    The FeverClan Standard (The Rules)

    The Fever Standard The community here at Fever Clan is one of a higher standard. We aren't just some ordinary run of the mill online forum community and as such we expect just a little more from our members. We do this because we want your time at Fever to be above the rest and we can only...