1. A

    Fever DayZ SA Squad

    Looking to get a fever group together to play on one server and get some sort of trading/raiding base going. Hmu on Steam (ahighfiveguy) if you are interested or if we already have a group that plays together regularly. :D
  2. kil0biter

    Some Squad Madness

    Hi everyone. I haven't been too active around here as of late, but I still play with Doc on the regular. Lately, we have been going hard into PUBG. Here is a sample of some of the madness. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocvDfTINSD8
  3. Synizta

    News: Re-introducing Dropbears Squad

    Edit: So unfortunately yet again, the squad has come to a situation where it has been closed. Between my having to leave the squad for my own reasons and a shortage of members, unfortunately the squad has fallen below member required numbers and no one to continue guiding the squad. Thanks to...
  4. Wroctaw

    Squad Coordinator

    Hello Fever members and guests, I am wroctaw, and I will be overwatch's new squad coordinator. It is my job to help squads get started here in fever, and also help connect squads and players. If you have any questions feel free to PM me or tag me. I will try to respond as promptly as I can...
  5. Zahbo

    Forming Squad Season 10

    So all, I wanted to post a separate thread to gauge the interest in forming another squad for S10. I saw Linessah's post, but wanted to get a complete roster before adding to her thread. Wanted to gauge the interest. My goal for the squad during the season will be for at least 2 nights a week to...
  6. T

    NA Squad for clan vs clans, Ranked games, Chilling with a full team

    Hey guys, i am making a full squad for a league of Legends team, we need some psotions filled, please remember that this is primarily for those who love teamwork in ranked over solo Q, We have everything but support and Jungle filled, We would be practicing in normals, and doing ranked matches...
  7. B

    EU BF1 squad, voicechat coop

    Hello everyone. I have started bf1 a few months ago and find it really boring and unchallenging to just play in random squads that are strangers to the word of "cooperative". I am interested in playing in a squad with voice chat and follow orders together, capture flags, not just random running...
  8. KittyMae

    Movie: Suicide Squad - Official Extended Cut Trailer

  9. Fizzy

    New Squad Forming!

    Hey Guys! I feel like creating a squad! So I am! Haha! Time would be Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday 4:00pm-10:00pm PST. Players must be available to practice 2 hours within this time frame. (Official will be decided later!) I will be hand picking the players I want on the team, and honestly will...
  10. sparkis

    Squad Meeting Saturday - Cancelled

    Blakey Stormy U_Mage H-GAMER Nageth PapaRussia xaretnapx Hi folks :) Due to Lightbayne stepping down from his clan duties for the foreseeable future for personal reasons, I've received word from him that the meeting that was schedule for today/tomorrow (depending on where you live) at...
  11. Bloodmorphed

    Squad Meeting - Saturday

    I would like to have a squad meeting on Saturday the 15th, to go over some things regarding Tournaments and other issues so we can get this thing rolling. Blakey sparkis Stormy U_Mage H-GAMER Nageth PapaRussia xaretnapx The meeting will take place 8 PM Central time, if you can't make it...
  12. Bloodmorphed

    Squad Roster+Information

    Rules and Information: -You must participate at least once every other week. -Be professional when you are at tournaments - we are representing Fever. -Have fun, this is cliche but true, this is what this all about. I'm not going to be a hard ass and say you have to be successful, you don't...
  13. Bloodmorphed

    Casually-Competitve "Squad"

    Basically what the idea here is, I want at least 3-5 people to be a part of this, of course the more the merrier. What we would be doing: -We would look for tournaments to join and just play in them. This isn't a try-hard attempt to beat everything around, it is just for fun, and perhaps...
  14. Flux

    Victorious Secret Squad Recruiting

    Hey all, So currently our squad Victorious Secret has found ourselves a member short and are looking for anyone interested in joining us. We are still fairly new to Team League and are just starting to really get used to playing as a proper team. Our practices are currently set for Monday...
  15. Towellee

    Forming new squad

    Hi guys, I'm currently looking into forming a new quad to take park in team league and the occasional tournaments. Since i've joined this clan i've had the opportunity to meet and play with some amazing up and coming players, so I see a lot of potential. We will be looking to play...
  16. R


    Welcome to Blitzkrieg's Home Base. We are a more laid back easy going squad compare to most standards. We all have just recently met and started playing together and almost found an instant synergy during game play. As we are a new squad among |Fever| some things will probably change over the...
  17. The Rev

    Event: Battlefield 1 Launch Squad Up!

    Launch Squad Up! ___________________________________ Battlefield 1 will officially release worldwide on October 21st 2016 for Xbox One, Origin on PC, and PlayStation 4. People who bought the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition however, will be able to play already on October 19th 2016 (Pre-load Date...
  18. Flux

    New Team League Squad - Filled

    So currently myself and Super_Suko are considering making a Team League group similar to the current one that is run in HotS. Would anyone be interested in joining us? I am personally free most weekday evenings till 12 pm est at the latest and on weekends. Times would be talked about, what...
  19. Pamela

    Suicide Squad is OUT

    I just watched it today and I FELL IN LOVE. The storyline wasn't the best but I fell in love with the characters specially Harley.
  20. KittyMae

    Movie: Suicide Squad - Extended Looks: Joker & Harley Quinn

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLBWeWSjECQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qcvgRLbII0
  21. KittyMae

    Movie: Suicide Squad - Official Trailers 1 &2

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0myB9YZIzeI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKMgB01MU-w
  22. krzybzerker

    Lf people to join Noot Noot squad on the NA server Faerie!

    Final fantasy a realm reborn, Noot Noot Squad LF people. We are looking for people to raid and do dungeons with regularly. This will not be a hardcore raiding team that practices 24/7. But instead a group of people who want to improve their teamwork and have fun running groups together. Our...
  23. krzybzerker

    Overwatch Noot Noot Squad LF people.

    We are looking for 4-6 people to practice with regularly, who are interested in working on teamwork instead of getting the best solo KDA(Kill Death Assist). This will not be a hardcore team that practices 24/7. But instead a group of people who want to improve their teamwork and synergy. Our...
  24. X

    Who would your HOTS god squad be? Pro players and heroes? and Why?

    What will your god squad look like? Heroes and who would play those heroes and Why would this be your god squad. Thanks, xDeeZx Content Creator In Game Recruiting Manager
  25. Daddy

    Squad recruitment

    Hello guys. Next Saturday ( 28th of May) we are going to have a friendly match between our community and Konvict Gaming. Time and Date: 27th of May at 20:00 GMT Server: Luxembourg Game Format: Best of 3 Now, we need to create the squad that is going to represent us. Everyone who meets...