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  1. Linessah

    Guides: Stardew Valley Bundles & Buildings Spreadsheet

    Here's a simple spreadsheet I threw together on the Stardew Valley Bundles, it helps in multiplayer games as people gather/turn things in, so you are all on the same page as to what is needed. Currently the inventory view of the community center only properly works for the host. Stardew...
  2. Stann

    Greater Rift Progression Spreadsheet

    Not sure if this has been found yet however, seeing as a lot of people in the clan are beginning the GR pushes I feel this will be extremely helpful right now. Here is a spreadsheet of exactly how much % greater rift progression each monster gives. This can be used to prioritize mobs and will...
  3. Teeze

    PvE: Legion Spreadsheet - CHEAT SHEET

    Legion Spreadsheet - CHEAT SHEET and Legion Bible I thought that y'all might appreciate this spreadsheet (located at the bottom of the thread), if you haven't already been passing it around. It will give you an idea as to what ilvl and AP you should be aiming for in order to start doing heroic...
  4. Muldred

    Spreadsheet Guide by: Drahque

    Here is a guide to the classes and what they are capable of this season. Some of this might have changed but this is the opinion of the creater of the spreadsheet and a good start for those needing help in deciding. Patch 2.4.1: START GUIDE for Season 6! (New Builds & Quick Level 1-7+)
  5. T

    Group Finder! - Spreadsheet warriors!

    S6 Planning! If everyone could fill this out it would make managing groups way easier. <3 We can get similar people with similar time scales playing the same classes without the mess of having to organize it yourself. I will Post the responses in a Excel Spreadsheet (Google docs.)...
  6. Artega

    Spreadsheet for Cosmetic Items

    Diablo 2.4.1 Items
  7. H

    2.3 blood shard and deaths breaths cost spreadsheet

    Diablo 3 Legendary Drop Rates & Prices 2.3 A fella from reddit posted this and thought maybe some people from here hadn't seen it. It's quite useful to give you a rough idea on how rare an item can be. I imagine there will be a 2.4 version shortly after that releases.
  8. Vaerosi

    Kanai's Cube Spreadsheet

    So I've been working on a Kanai's Cube spreadsheet on Google Drive that lists out all of the legendaries that can be broken down and have their powers stored, both overall and by class. (Since every class can use the Nemesis Bracers but only Witch Doctors can use the Carnevil, etc.) It has...
  9. Fox

    Greeting Team Spreadsheet Log

    Date: 4/19/2015 Current Activity: Recorded the greeting activity for all of the new Fever members who joined through 4/15/2015 Observations: Activity picked up a bit from last week. Efgodlike is still the MVP of the department. Removed a couple of inactive members, and sent PMs to the other...
  10. Fox

    Special Event Recognition Team Spreadsheet Log

    Current Date: Dates Updated: Activity Summary: Notes:
  11. Mizu

    Spreadsheet Log

    Current Date: Dates Updated: Activity Summary: Notes:
  12. 0yme0

    Introduction Team Spreadsheet Log

    Current Date: Dates Updated: Activity Summary: Notes:
  13. Ralpin

    Spreadsheet Log

    This is just so i can keep track of when i work on the spread sheet for you guys Fox TheBossGuy
  14. Hunter88

    Archeage Dungeon Drop Spreadsheet

    Hey guys! Stumbled upon another gold nugget on the intranets today! Check out the new Archeage Dungeon Drop Spreadsheet here to see what you have a chance in getting from each dungeon! Post your comments what you think!
  15. 0yme0

    Helpful Spreadsheet

    This was posted on Reddit a few days ago https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1L4L1uShErgMYvsPHCVnGTkKR3oLfca0ueQFq6kZC7PY/htmlview?pli=1&sle=true#gid=0
  16. billy_da_bob

    SC2 Spreadsheet

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtFSjIb2ibJTdGNfZElwaW5lTVZoTEp0Q2U2ZG9TQ2c&usp=sharing#gid=1 such numbers much maths wow