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  1. D

    Crafting Guides & Speed Leveling Crafting

    Updating 6/29/20: There are quite a few great links to help new/current/elite players in the game. If you have any more that you think could be of use to players please send me a message and I'll include it here! GW2 Ultimate Map Guide This map guide shows all locations to get you that...
  2. Bogo

    Cloudflare has been added to the site!

    FeverClan would like to share with you the addition of cloudflare to our website. So far everything seems to be successfully working on the website with the cloudflare in place. This will add to our resilience to being DDOS-ed on the web server, CDN (content delivery networks), slightly better...
  3. Cookie

    1-50 Speed Leveling Methods

    In this "guide" we will be covering the various ways to level quickly depending on play styles, over all no matter which method you start and finish with you will need to do all of these things eventually (we will explain why as well). I do want to point out before you keep reading that this...
  4. G

    Speed farming challenge for GR90+ without it being Rat run

    3 basic guidelines for GR speeds Enough toughness to survive (or incapacitation of monsters) Enough damage to kill most mobs before those become big threat After the above 2, stack as much mobility as possible. In general one should always try to run at least GR 70 if possible unless...

    Best Speed Farm and Gem UP Necro Build

    So, I'm using a variation of the Rathma's, and was curious if anyone is using a different set for speeds? Trying for ancient Ingeom or Scythe and the time off-hand for the new one by BigDaddyDen
  6. S

    Blue Circle Speed too fast?

    Yeah after almost 100 hours myself so far I still 100% feel like a small decrease in the speed would be good as I have felt this way since Launch. Either a little more time between circle changes, or make the blue line move a little slower instead. One of those would be perfect. I don't know...
  7. Jaysdawg

    WD Zunimassa Starter Speed Farming Build 2.5.0

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6OtD6oYVCU&feature=youtu.be Published on Mar 22, 2017 Witch doctor Starting speed farming build for season 10 using zunimassa set with gargantuans and fetishes! Build guide = Not found - Diablo Fans... Sage DB Guide =...
  8. E

    Speed Leveling Guide

    So I had a pretty good guide for every class for speed leveling at the start of a season. It was made for S6, so I was curious if anyone had anything that might be better, or actually suited for the new season??? I used the S6 guide last season, and it still worked pretty well. I will try to...
  9. popsicleftw

    Speed levling

    anyone willing to help me speed run up to 70 on the new season as DH?
  10. Dratera

    osu! | Rafis gets 99.77% acc on speed of link

    the most underrated play ever https://youtu.be/qAUNRQ15jlI

    T13 Speed Farm Builds-Best in Class

    So, who will be getting the best speed farm this season? Is the wizard still king with WoW? I'm running a WD, and the helltooth looks aight.
  12. S

    WTB Need for Speed for Fever coins!

    Hi im looking to buy the newest Need for Speed game from some one for Fever coins. If you would like to help me out here let me know Thanks!!
  13. dicext


    WE are FINALLY WERE I KNEW WE COULD BE WE HAVE A HUGE roster for sc2 and we r improving so much so proud of this team ty all.
  14. E

    LF3 Demon Hunters for speed 60+ for gem leveling / paragon farming / loot sharing tonight

    So yesterday I finally got an ancient Yangs, not the greatest but it increased my damage by about 25 percent getting me over 1 million so I will take it. Now that I finally got my damage to a decent output, I am looking for a group of all relatively geared player to do speed runs of at least...
  15. E

    How fast should it be when someone is looking for a GR speed run?

    So in all season pasts and this season too, a good chunk of LFG group posts in clan / community reference speed runs of GRs and I have 2 questions about those: 1. When someone says speed run, how fast are they generally talking about? 2. Is there any real way to determine how fast you can...
  16. Zyion

    Monk SWK TX Speed 2.4.1

    Hi all, here is a SWK speed TX build. What's it all about? Well it's the same as the LoN build from last season except yes you don't have to farm for all ancient gear which I was not a fan of. This involes SWK with it's newly buffed 6pc. This build is really fun to play and as you build up your...
  17. Zyion

    Season 6 Monk TX Speed Build

    Hi all Zyion here I have been testing ptr and working on a speed build as well as a solo grift build and the group meta. It does appear that monk will be an option as a support build once again for the meta. Right now the highest 4 man at 103 on season is Monk, Dh(support) Wiz and WD. However...
  18. G473R

    Wizard T10 Speed Farming

    I've played mostly a DH all season but I decided to make a Wizard to see what all the fuss was about. I have to say I was less than impressed with clear times utilizing builds I was referenced to by other players. I took and changed a few things with what I was initially given to help increase...
  19. G473R

    DH T10 Speed Farming (w/Videos)

    I had several people asking what I use to farm T10s/how I do it so fast. I'd like to share some builds and info, maybe it will help those looking to farm T10s a little bit quicker. I currently have two setups I like to use and another that works but I dont use often (shadow). I haven't augmented...
  20. Kraken


    on origin for the moment need for speed most wanted is free on the house for anyone interested
  21. K

    Speed Farming with Leapquake build

    Can anyone offer some direction here or critique my ideas since I can't find a great build up there for this? RNGessu seems to want me to play the leap build 'cause finding the gear has been a cinch compared to Rae/IK this go around. My only beef is how slow it is compared to a lot of builds...
  22. myce

    Norvald's Ferver+??? Speed Build

    Hello Everyone, My main class the season is Crusader and I'm trying to come up with a speed T10 key farming build combining Norvald's Ferver and the Invoker set. The idea is to just run through the zones trampling everything with thorns damage. My damage output just isn't quite there yet. I...
  23. duzeyyy

    speed farming demon hunter gearing

    anyone willing to help me out? my dps is garbage and its driving me insane, barely able to kill on t1 but dont get hurt lol. anyone, someone, please help me.
  24. BizarreBLT

    Looking for speed group tonight!

    I am BizarreBLT, been in the clan for about 2 weeks. Love diablo and also love paragon levels. I am currently 671 and craving more. Looking for more people that want to speed farm some grifts tonight before new years. Since it is new years, I will be taking a shot for every level I gain (until I...
  25. Havok

    T10 Speed Run Assistance

    I'm down to two last items to knock out for my season journey; the solo 60 GR, and the 3 minute T10 speed run. I'm pretty sure I'll get the solo GR before the season end, but I'm over a minute away from the mark on the speed run. Is there anyone that could lend a hand? I have a few free daytime...