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  1. L

    New to section: Want to get back into Smite and learn

    Hey all, I'm new to Fever Clan but not new to Smite. I've played a couple of years ago and have yet to get back into it, but I would like to! I was wondering if I would find anyone who's willing to play with a old player who forgot most of everything and teach while having some serious...
  2. Loyalbdog

    Basic Guide : RA

    Ra is a ranged mage from the Egyptian pantheon that is known as the sun god within his respective lore. Mages in smite relatively stays within the back of the group dishing out high bursts of damage and in this case, dishing out damage and being able to heal the team. so within the game your...
  3. Loyalbdog

    News: Dear Smite New-comers and Veterans

    Hi, if you don't know me by now I'm Loyalbdog, I am the current leading XO for the smite section. with the influxuation of new players and old ones coming to smite for the new season (5) i'd like to show you what hirez has offered us so far into this amazing Split we have had already A...
  4. Loyalbdog

    Smite Pro Team Thoughts

    Heyyooo, Loyalbdog here, with the recent dip this past week with the smite section i thought of the idea of making a fever pro team, his is the only the 1 stage i have for this section and i want to know who's down. i dont want to get into the details in this post but i just want to know if you...
  5. Loyalbdog

    Smite Battleground Of The Gods Information

    Welcome to Fever Clan's Smite Section! Here you can find all things Smite related. If you have any questions that are not covered in this post. Please feel free to contact any of the Smite Officers VIA PM or on The Forums. We are always willing to take the time to help you out as needed and...
  6. Loyalbdog

    Updates: Achilles - Hero of the Trojan War - New God!

    Hello Smite Party People this is the new god for Smite Achilles - Hero of the Trojan War Lore He was the son of Peleus, king of the Myrmidons, and Thetis, a nymph. Both Zeus and Poseidon were in love with Thetis, however Prometheus warned them of a prophecy that said the son of Thetis...
  7. Loyalbdog

    eSports: NRG IRaffer No-More?

    Yep IRaffer no longer on NRG, yep their captain is gone so thoughts? Yes this post is a real quickie!
  8. Grant

    Updates: SMITE Conquest Starter Items!

    Hey Feverians! So for Season 5 ALL THE STARTER ITEMS HAVE BEEN TERMINATED. There are new starter items to pick up, called 'blessings'. I thought i'd list all the blessings and hear your thoughts! Assassin's Blessing "Assassin’s Blessing is for players who want to Jungle in Conquest...
  9. Grant

    SMITE IN-Game Roster (NEW!)

    Name IGN Region Platform adrianbrodynose adrianbrodynose NA PC Blckhwke442 blckhwke442 NA PC BruC0Ndr EarthOne EU PC bobcooljet120 bobcooljet587 NA PC Cronofan Cronofan NA PC Dalmor Dalmor EU PC Grant Princ3iples EU PC Jaydentaylor1...
  10. Loyalbdog

    EU SMITE Season 5 and the Impending Doom to come!

    Hi its Me |Fever| Loyalbdog and I am currently fresh off the block new to fever and I feel like I should throw my 2 pence in how the current situation of smite going forth into the long-awaited season 5 but the issue here is that for the last 2 patches (currently patch 4.22) there have been many...
  11. TrueAnarchY

    New to section: Intro and Planned Content

    Hey everybody I'm TrueAnarchY, you can call me AnarchY. I'm a bit of a SMITE fanatic and have played the game at all levels and cannot wait to help grow our scene here in Fever. I have a history of writing articles and guides for SMITE, specifically for eSports and focused at Conquest but...
  12. Grant

    New SMITE XO and plans for the SMITE Section!

    Hey Feverians! My name is Grant and i'm the new SMITE XO. If you don't know me, i'm a 16 y/o SMITE addict, turning 17 in 3 months. I do have finals this year so i'm also studying alot. Anyways, i have been with Fever since December '16. I was away sometime due to personal issues which are...
  13. Bob_o

    News: Looking for a SMITE XO

    Greetings everyone! Right now we are looking for a SMITE XO to help rebuild the section. If this is something that may interest you please take a moment to read the post here...
  14. T

    Closed: Application for Smite

    Hi, I would like to apply for smite clan IGN:HalflingHR Age:19 Skill:Noob Main:Loki I do not know what else to add so yeah TheHonjoMasamune
  15. Turt

    SMITE recruitment page

    So the old feverclan SMITE thread was closed so i decided to start a new one if anyone has any interest, i will be working on it some more to add a bit more content but this is what i threw together with the time i had and using old template from old thread. Clan Fever Clan Recruiting for...
  16. Bob_o

    Smite XO!

    Hey Everyone! I am on the look out for someone interested in become the Smite XO and help build the section back up. For more info please feel free to contact me What does an XO do? Basically an one that is SGT or higher can become XO, executive officer. The job of the XO is to build...
  17. Baum

    Smite Recruiters Needed!

    The Recruiting Team needs you! Hey everyone I am looking for members to help spread the word about Fever Clan. For those that don't know the Recruiting Team has recruitment threads on various websites. What members of the Recruiting Team do is make sure those threads stay at the top so...
  18. BlackRosae

    Smite Dead?

    So what exactly happened to everyone?
  19. C

    I would like to donate a key for Smite Tactics: Hand of the Gods Steam closed beta to clan

    I would like to donate a key for Smite Tactics: Hand of the Gods Steam closed beta to the clan. (just a note: I know smite tactics is open beta w/o steam I wonder why they are just doing a closed beta on steam) I got two keys in the invite and I was able to activate my key on steam. I would like...
  20. Hoyy

    HiRez finally comes to terms with Smite Esports

    So I know I am rare in that I am a huge Esports fan, but this is very big news for the game as a whole. I, along with many others, felt the game was changing it's direction way to much. It began to focus on purely pumping out skins to make a shit ton of money and then everything else seemed to...
  21. BlackRosae

    Updates: Smite Patch 4.14 Ursa Major

    Dr. MadLove Cupid Critical.DMG Ne Zha MidNight Dove Awilix Freaky Tiki Au Puch SPF 666 The Morrigan Crystalline Terra Bruiser Cu Chulainn Cupid Mastery Skins Den Mother Artio Fall Split Ranked Updates “Our second round of Project Olympus changes are here! Ranked is an...
  22. Belos

    Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics Greek/Egypt Starter Pack Giveaway's

    Grab a Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics Egyptian starter pack from Hi-Rez and MOP! – Massively Overpowered Massively OP is giving away free Egyptian Starter Pack keys for the game, Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics. Each starter Pack contains a trio of cards: Cataclysm, Magma Slam, and Geb...
  23. Belos

    Updates: 4.12 Patch Notes | SMITE Console: Divine Light

    Console Updates New Features! Auto Run is being added with 4.12. To initiate, hold left on the D-pad. We added a notification pop up if you attempt to go to the play menu without selecting a quest to start. This will only display if there is a quest selection available. Players can opt out...
  24. Kai

    Smite Ingame Clan Leader

    Hey! So apparently, whoever the previous leader was (@Kimenu I think) hasn't logged in for a long time and now the game has made me Leader of the ingame clan. So if someone can instruct me on who to give it back to please let me know asap. Thank you.
  25. Rimeraz

    Smite Patch 4.8 Patch Notes: "Happy Trees"

    I would like to dub this patch the, "Bob Ross Patch." Why? Well take a gander and see for yourself! 3 April 2017 - 4.8 Patch Notes - "Happy Trees" : Smite