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  1. Vortorn

    Possible New Champion Hints, URF News, and More!

    If any of you keep up with the League of Legends Sub-reddit, then you may know of the mysterious person "WhyRenektonWhy" (other names include: RenektonWhyRenekton, and YhwRenektonYhw). This mysterious person has insider information about things being worked on by Riot Games, and leaks out...
  2. Elendil

    Shaco harder then I thought

    Well, yesterday I bought shaco because I love the way you can play with him but..... He's really hard to master... I lost the first 2 matches, with a kda of 11 11 11 lol I think it will take some time to get used to him
  3. 0yme0

    Possible Shaco Ultimate Skin?

    New leaked information about ultimate skin + proof - League of Legends Community
  4. AvoidingSven

    Shaco is good at being hard

    I've been watching a couple of jungle streams lately and shaco is popping up a fair bit more now. So i thought i would give it a go.... SHIT SON those streamers make him look like a walk in the park. bottomset do you stream or have a guide or can i just watch you play non stop for ever so i...
  5. Taybe

    I've decided my Silver smurf is going to be a Shaco only account. bottomset Senpai
  6. Hot

    League of Legends: Shaco & Jungling in General

    I'd like to request (my first one ever) Coaching request. In rank, i been getting people who want all roles but Support or Jungle. While i am a fantastic support, i feel like my jungling capability is lacking. What do i think i am lacking? Knowing when to gank Knowing when to farm...
  7. bottomset

    Best ARAM Shaco NA!

    Thanks toki for best support NA and XCON for pro alistar combos. First-time Shaco (hint: you need not ban Shaco in Fever tourney). ;]
  8. Kirbz

    dat shaco box is dis u bottomset
  9. bottomset

    Guide Published: Best Shaco Guide NA

    Best Shaco Guide NA - Shaco Guide for League of Legends on LolKing Please upvote if you have a lolking account so the guide can make the top 5! The guide is still in progress though and needs some work :p.
  10. Mikehtc

    League of Legends: Shaco or Jungle coaching please :)

    so ive been maining jungle and shaco has always interested me but looks a little confusing and whatnot. and i can ALWAYS get better at jungling, knowing when to gank, ward , when to invade , when to go into thier jungle and whatnot. so these are some thing i would love to get coached on :) thank...
  11. Meridiuz

    Shaco Build

    So here is my doubt, I have acquired Shaco a few days ago and im testing several different item builds for him, not having too much experience with this champ i come here asking, Which is the best build for him and why? Tips and a few advices on him are welcome too. Thanks in advance :D
  12. 5

    League of Legends: Shaco coaching needed

    Well pretty self explenatory, I want to tune up my shaco gaming, I belive I know the basics of shaco, but I feel that Icoud learn ALOT from guys Like bottomset or Jester by watchng you play. One of you is up for that challenge? Help me spread the madness of shaco worldwide while you guys are...
  13. Adreus

    Guide Published: Beautiful Korean's Ultimate Shaco

    SHACO BUILD GUIDE: Beautiful Korean's Ultimate Shaco Stratagem by Beautiful Korean - SoloMid.NET - League of Legends Competitive Gaming Community Reading this really made me wanted to get back on my Jukco! Gameplay of BK and...
  14. olevam

    Shaco jungle suggestions

    So, I started to play shaco as jungle with a group of friends. I am a noob level (was placed in bronze this season for ranked), but I like jungle and probably is the role I do the best at. So I was wondering what important things do you guys thing I should focus when playing as shaco and...
  15. Calinorth

    Tank Shaco Is so great!

    Ive been playing shaco everyday now for the past 5 days... non stop. And I'm becoming more adept with him. He is a an amazing End game Tank/assassin. I think S3 he is more useful late game. I Wub HIME!! :lmao: Summonors: Ignite/Smite Start build: Hunters Machete + 5pots First Back...
  16. bottomset

    Support Shaco Op :D

    And yes, I fight for my cs >:]