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  1. D

    Paladins Pre Set Up

    For all you Paladins players I would like to get an idea on what time would be a good time for a game night and wanted to know how many people we can gather up! I would love to do a game night soon so if you can leave your paladins IGN/Region down below as-well a time frame that would work...
  2. Linessah

    Witch Doctor Set Dungeon

    Witch Doctor: Set Dungeons Index Jade Harvester Helltooth Harness Spirit of Arachyr Zunimassa's Haunt Introduction: This is a compendium of the Witch Doctor set dungeons, and some guides to get them done! If you have any tips or pointers, please leave them in a comment and I'll add...
  3. sparkis

    Wild Set and Pack Changes Are Live Now

    Good news everyone! Blizzard has announced earlier today a couple of bits of fantastic news. Firstly, the Expansion and Adventure sets only available in the Wild format can now be purchased from the Blizzard Shop online on their website. The Blizzard Shop is the only place at which you can...
  4. Gizmo256

    Immortal Kings Set Dungeon Mastery

    For you overachievers that want to work on your achievements, I wanted to share a really good site that shows mastering the Immortal Kings set dungeon. The build guide provided works well and there's a good layout of the dungeon provided so you know what you're getting into. The explanation of...
  5. Demonya

    First Look: Necromancer Set & Legendary Items One step closer to Necromancer update! :love-struck:
  6. Achilleus

    Can't set to surround sound in game

    The game tells me that I have to use the Windows control panel to configure it, but the option to configure is greyed out. Is there just no surround sound in HoTS? [update] I submitted a ticket to Razer about this issue, I'll post their response in case anybody else has a similar problem.
  7. hregiment

    Set Dungeon

    I am running a Multishot DH this season and cannot beat the Set Dungeon. The closest I have been able to come was two groups of 20. Is there a secret I am missing or information that could help me?
  8. RGN

    Wow two ultimate skins one legendary and a gem in a set of 11 boxes opening :D

    Wanted to share this with you as it just made my day
  9. ValarMorghul

    My Set Dungeon Experience, and Why I Think Everyone Should Try Them.

    Hello my fellow Diablo 3 pioneers! I have recently mastered all 24 Set Dungeons and would like to share my experience with you. Lets be honest, some of them are HARD. I admit that I spent over 3 hours on some of them. However, I really enjoyed playing all of the different classes and heroes...
  10. Nanbu

    New gear set talents released!

    Image: Source: Striker's Battlegear Set bonus (2): +20% enemy armor damage. Set bonus (3): +100% critical hit damage. Set bonus (4): Talent: Shooter (every consecutive hit deals 1%...
  11. F

    How to set up TS3 in interesting ways!

    So I just joined today and I asked the interviewer (Mr. Bob-o?) about how to auto join a server on ts3 startup! He didn't think you could, but I found a way. Simply go into your bookmarks, and click "more" (so hidden?) and you can join the server on startup, join specific channels (handy...
  12. Saitaer

    Set dungeons!

    Greetings all! I am glad to be here :-) And I am looking forward to meeting you all and Grifting till I drop with you! Ok so Set Dungeons .. Allot of people are scared of them. I have listened to the horror stories and I am here to ease your pain. You are not alone .. No I mean you don't...
  13. jbo96

    Set Dungeons

    Hey all, I am looking for some assistance with completing the set dungeons. I have all of Barb, Sader, and WD to finish up and just vyrs on wizard. Let me know i will be farming up gears for the sets i am missing this week and trying to do all i have the sets for this weekend. Thanks in...
  14. Muldred

    Set Dungeon Rewards

    Diablo III Set Dungeon rewards for Season 5: Non-mastery: Achievement: Basically Completely Completed Requires Completing Initial Kill Amount and 1 Primary Objective Green/Yellow Tyreal Wings Green Ascendant Class Pennants Mastery!!: Achievement: Jack of Some, Master of ALL...
  15. Muldred

    Set Dungeon Mastery Completed!!!!!!

    Thanks to jbo96, TMOE, LethalBacon, gandouf, XxReaperxX and any others that I cannot remember atm!!!
  16. X

    Uliana Set Dungeon

    I'm having issues with the Uliana set dungeon. I've done it many many times and only a couple I was able to get the main objectives done. It's so hard to round up 21 mobs just to EP explode them. Has anyone done this dungeon yet? Do you have any advice?
  17. HisMightyShield

    Which set of New cards was the best?

    So Hearthstone has seen a total of 5 new card sets since its release. These are Naxxaramas, Goblins vs Gnomes, Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament and League of Explorers. All of these sets have their standouts. Here is one from each that was used a lot when it was first released and is...
  18. Faunic

    Easiest Wizard Set Dungeon

    What is the easiest wizard set dungeon? I've tried a few, but no luck on mastery. I've gotten the closest with the Tal Rasha dungeon, but I can't kill all the monsters in time-- even with an Aetherwalker.
  19. Muldred

    Mastery of Set Dungeons (quick guide)

    This will be a short guide to getting the completed set dungeons mastered for the pennants. Get someone to join your party. Both of you go into the Set Dungeon. YOU Do All The Objectives! They clean up any mobs behind you that you missed. Tip: Once objectives are done, BOTH KILL...
  20. B

    T2 kulle and the 2 set pieces

    Question, I have read that the first kill of Kulle for the gift can be done in a group. I do not have the link or the site, and I would either like to test or know if someone else has done it. Anyone have any idea?
  21. Dratera

    Cookezi just set a new best pp score! 727 PP Xi - Blue Zenith [FOUR DIMENSIONS] + HR 1xmiss Video:Cookiezi - xi - Blue Zenith [FOUR DIMENSIONS] +HR (99.71%) 727pp - YouTube
  22. Tereith2050

    Diablo 3's most Rare Set - Monk -

    Ulliana. What more do i have to say, this has been the most painfull experience ever since i started D3. My newest Monk, which is right around 13 days old, is either really bad friends with Kadala or he's got a bad rep with RNG gods as he keeps saying "The gods strike through me" I have 2...
  23. kawaiipr1ncesss

    so i set up my witch doctor for season 4

    and already have full build essentially with a couple ancients #luckbox also wtf witch doctor is so op lmfao
  24. zeetos

    Movie: Star Wars Rogue One set photos

    I'm actually looking forward to this Star Wars spin off movie. If you haven't hear of it yet, its based on the stealing of the Death Star plans that are used in A New Hope. Basically an Oceans 11 heist movie. It has some actors I really like to including Donnie Yen (Ip Man), Alan Tudyk...
  25. NobleLion

    Resistance training: What is the perfect set and rep amount I should be following?

    Unfortunately, there really is no such magic formula that can be applied universally. What works great for one person may not work well for you based on a number of different factors like their physical fitness/strength compared to yours. It's much more involved than just that, but there's...