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  1. Pudge Nubbins

    What are Seasons?

    Seasons are run on the basis of: Creativity. What I mean by this is, the rules will change with each season, but there will be one rule to "rule" them all. No meta decks. We want to promote people making their own decks in these seasons, for several reasons. One reason, and probably the most...
  2. DurandaL

    Will you play between Seasons?

    With approximately 2 weeks between seasons, I was wondering how many people were going to invest time playing there non-seasonal toons ? and just in case, here is video for that non seasonal play and how to prepare for the new patch
  3. W

    What to do between seasons?

    So from the end of season 4 and the beginning of season 5 what are we suppose to do within the world of diablo? I've already chosen my main to be a wizard and an alternative monk most likely as I've always ended up playing one.