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  1. G

    Fever Horde Guild Roster

    I have created a google spreadsheet to list our roster at this point. Feel free to update me on your class, professions and other information listed in here. Roster link Regarding our primary weeknight raiding roster, our current class spread is following: We could use 1 more Hunter All the...
  2. Bradly

    Horde Raid Roster Signups - RE-ASSESSING AVAILABILITY.

    We are re-assessing member availability. If you wish to raid, please fill the form out below. Raid sign up form HERE! Please only fill this out if you are willing to put forth consistent attendance. If you sign up and are put in the core group and do not show up or are unreliable, there's a...
  3. Medic739

    We are Reworking the Roster : Please Read

    We are currently reworking the roster as there seems to be a new found interest in the game with all the new content so I'll cover a few points 1. We've moved a lot of people over to inactive and we also have lots of people, that thanks to no in game clan chat or MOTD, is hard to communicate...
  4. Zahbo

    Destiny 2 Roster

    #Member nameLast activityDays InactiveRankPost Count1aaa2018-07-301SGM120 2Aervenor2018-07-310COL1034 3Afromosia2018-06-0655PFC1 4Archimedies2018-05-3062GYSGT116 5Ardosa2018-07-247PVT1 6Aug2018-07-265GOA8700 7BlackRain2018-07-256PVT2 8Blade92018-05-2864PVT1 9broodbaron88022018-07-1318PVT1...
  5. D

    Paladins Roster

    Roster If you were not given our Google form to declare your main and alt games (if applicable), please fill it out here so we can add you to our roster! If you have filled out the Google form at your interview, please contact Linessah if you would like to change your main game to Paladins...
  6. Hoyy

    ESO Player Roster

    ESO Roster Main Game: #Member nameLast activityDays InactiveRankPost Count7Cookie2018-04-194SMA104 4Dark_Praetor2018-04-230MJR72 5Hoyy2018-04-221VM614 2Kotaro2018-04-176PFC1 3Linessah2018-04-230LTG1701 6Picasio2018-04-1013PVT2 1ScarletTheRed2018-03-0549PFC5 8Shadronium2018-04-194PVT1 Alt...
  7. AsheS

    Counter Strike: GO Staff

    Position Member Company Commander AsheS Deputy Company Commander McKrankyStank Assistant Company Commander Game Night Host Recruiter Coaches Game Representative
  8. MrCruz

    Game night Team Roster

    Current Roster of the Game night Team Leader's - @Thundernut @Kimenu Department coordinator - @MrCruz If the following roster is outdate or incorrect contact department coordinator Game Member LoL Dota 2 SMITE HoTS Diablo 3 PoE WoW Hearthstone...
  9. Loyalbdog

    Smite Battleground Of The Gods Information

    Welcome to Fever Clan's Smite Section! Here you can find all things Smite related. If you have any questions that are not covered in this post. Please feel free to contact any of the Smite Officers VIA PM or on The Forums. We are always willing to take the time to help you out as needed and...
  10. Grant

    SMITE: Member Roster

    Main Game[Click to get added] #Member nameLast activityDays InactiveRankPost Count1adrianbrodynose2018-08-010PFC27 2aipsylon2018-06-1052PFC4 3Cronofan2018-07-311VO1575 4Grant2018-05-2766VM516 5gtr8112018-06-2834PVT1 6HardcoRGS2018-07-311PVT2 7Loyalbdog2018-07-3111LT72...
  11. A

    Important: WoW Available Jobs

    XO: BadFishSC Deputy Company Commander: Assistant Company Commander: Company Administrator: Coaching Staff (enlisted+): ***Responsible for knowing their class(es), and can coach and give advice when solicited.*** Tank VACANT Dps VACANT Healer VACANT Horde GAME NIGHTS -...
  12. LordsShield

    add me to the roster :D

    hey guys, im going to be joining you all shortly maybe tonmight but if not then tomorrow for sure! my in game name is LordsShield feel free to shoot me a clan invite! i am looking forward to playing with you all soon!
  13. Kerrdizzle

    Thanks for the roster add.

    Thanks for the roster add PUBG squad. Anytime you see me on and want to get down on duos or squad hit me up...
  14. C

    eSports: 100 Thieves enters CS:GO, picks up former Immortals roster

    100 Thieves, the multi-esport organization that recently signed a League of Legends roster, has made a dramatic entrance into Counter-Strike by picking up a Brazilian lineup.Former Immortals players Vito "kNg" Giuseppe, Henrique "HEN1" Teles, and Lucas "LUCAS1" Teles are set to compete under...
  15. Grant

    SMITE IN-Game Roster (NEW!)

    Name IGN Region Platform adrianbrodynose adrianbrodynose NA PC Blckhwke442 blckhwke442 NA PC BruC0Ndr EarthOne EU PC bobcooljet120 bobcooljet587 NA PC Cronofan Cronofan NA PC Dalmor Dalmor EU PC Grant Princ3iples EU PC Jaydentaylor1...
  16. S

    I guess an introduction is in order!?

    Just wanted to make a quick post saying hello, and introduce myself for those of you who don't meet up with me on discord, or who are on holiday right now. I'm sharat, and as of now, the plan is i'll be healing on my mistweaver during progression of Antorus. Started playing back in Wrath...
  17. R

    Fortnite Roster

    Alright boys i'm the new XO for fortnite. Could you please leave your in game fortnite names below so I can create a roster showcasing everyones website names along with your Epicgames usernames. If you play battle royal only let me know as well as if you play just horde only let me know so this...
  18. Thundernut

    CS:GO Staff and Roster

    **DISCLAIMER** This is the updated and newest edition roster of all the members in Fever who play CS:GO! Mention @Zerox to be added, including your rank and preferred region as well as whether you'd prefer to be placed on the core roster (active members) or alternative! Last Update: 01/27/2018...
  19. osocoolguy25

    Officially back and looking for a competitive 5 man roster to make a team

    now that i have the time, i'm looking to form a new overwatch competitive team. preferably diamond or higher in this seasons placement.
  20. Ian

    BDO roster

    #Member nameLast activityDays InactiveRankPost Count1arksun2017-09-1727CPT33 2Aussietye2017-08-0669SMA188 3Ayakuuu2017-09-2321SSG8 4Baum2017-10-140LTG1203 5Bizbone32017-09-1628VM41 6Bob_o2017-10-140COA3424 7DrDuck2017-07-2284SGT18 9Focus2017-10-068MGYSGT40 10Hedd2017-10-122SGM1035...
  21. TirusR

    Heroes of the Storm Company Roster

    #Member nameLast activityDays InactiveRankPost Count1Adorak2018-07-3025PFC1 2Baum2018-08-213VO1423 4bdog3512018-08-213PVT1 3BeepBeep#18802018-08-1014PVT1 5CaressCarro2018-08-0717SGT15 6DarkMantra2018-08-1951LT34 7Darkseven2018-07-1540PFC2 8Dessius2018-08-231PVT1 9Fyuree2018-07-2431PVT3...
  22. Thundernut

    Main Roster

    #Member nameLast activityDays InactiveRankPost Count1Alofia2018-05-1017SGM28 2Amelee2018-05-216SGM73 3Artz2018-04-2136PFC1 4Badger2018-05-1215VO1209 5Bloodlotus2018-05-1116SGM94 6Brynnhildr2018-04-2433VO530 7BullaHorns2018-05-234SGM10 8Chaves2018-05-243COL4618 9Cybernetcrash2018-05-0819GOA10401...
  23. -Nameless

    Elder Scrolls Online - Roster

    WELCOME!! This list contains the Elder Scrolls Online playerbase within Fever. Send me [@-Nameless] a message on discord or here on the forums and I'll add you to the list Please send your message with a filled in copy of this form: Please Separate Characters with " -- " Thanks...
  24. Thundernut

    Destiny 2 Roster

    Hi everyone, below you will find the player roster for Destiny 2. If you do not see yourself on the list, please click HERE to complete the form. If you are already on the roster; however would like information edited, deleted, or added such as Steam info and play time, please send me a PM...
  25. Sixxed17

    New to section: League of Legends Staff Roster/Jobs

    League of Legends Company Commander, XO Aisper Deputy Company Commander Shenanoska Administrator Sixxed17 Content Creator Available Coach Truth Game Night Host Ballbuster Shenanoska Sixxed17 SilverDuke310 Recruiter Ballbuster In hopes of...