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  1. Kesem

    Members activities | Meeting Announcement Thread

    This thread will be used to setup and schedule department meetings, I'm going to host preferably two meetings a week so that we can work out a time for those who couldn't attend the first meeting. Next Meeting: 17th Of April 1 PM PST 18th Of April 1 PM PST Check what time it is for you here...
  2. Jerks

    Fever Retention Focus Groups

    Focus groups with a selected percentage of enlisted members, officers, generals, and leaders. Get them together to have a discussion. Lead and facilitate discussion. Take notes of responses or record the meeting. Give summary and solutions. Need to gather a set amount of each tier of...
  3. h0llywood

    Incoming Member Analysis for Ongoing Retention Efforts

    Objective: Develop and implement a scoring system for incoming recruits to Feverclan to ascertain their fellowships needs during their probationary period and help the Retention Team hone their focus on specific individuals that may require greater than average fellowship. Scope...
  4. Ayden Pride

    Member Activities Section Purpose and Goals

    Purpose: -Fever recruits many members on a daily basis, yet many more become inactive and end up being removed from the clan. This can be due to lots of reasons including lack of interest, lack of activity, not finding a niche in our huge clan. To alleviate this issue, the Fever Retention Team...
  5. Kesem

    Members activities | Roadmap | Assignments | Roster

    Member Activites Team Roster Member Activities Head: Aug Member Activities Leads: efgodlike Kodexx member activities manager: Croatoan Members: Spowart Deltascourge NobleLion Caity Mailing List Kesem; Kodexx; Croatoan; efgodlike; Spowart; Deltascourge; NobleLion; Caity Mention List...