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  1. efgodlike

    Research: Stand up comedy night

    Project description: An event to bring together the Fever community in a fun, comedic night allowing members to express their talents. Project type: Comedy event / Competition Start date-End date: TBA Duration: N/A Start time: 7pm EST, 5PM PST Time per entry: 5 minutes Goal: Prizes...
  2. Snailey

    Research: Free to Play Game of the Month

    This idea has been around for a least a couple years withing some of the people in Fever. We feel that this needs to get implemented. Idea: Each member downloads and Free to Play Game designated by the Games administrator. This game will be played for a month with members. We will...
  3. Snailey

    Officer Wars

    This will be a project a tournament style event that where officers play games that is not their main game. Example: if an officer main game is League of Legends, they cannot play that portion of the tournament. This is will be our primary focus in research and development. This event is to...
  4. M

    UPDATED Fever's Got Talent

    Mission Statement Fever's Got Talent portion of the retention team aims to take an active role in attempting to keep members interested in staying apart of our community through the activity and continued community effort to include members in activities that they find interests in. Through...
  5. Snailey

    UPDATED Fever Mentorship Program Development

    Mission Statement: The Fever Mentorship program assists new members (the Mentee) with the information they need from the Mentors, for quality positive experience to promote retention within Fever. Job Description: There will be three job titles each Mentor class; Jr. Mentor: These are...
  6. I

    Weekly: Forum Games log

    Organize a team/clan job to do Forums Games on a regular basis to keep forums activity up and make it fun
  7. Jerks

    Fever Retention Focus Groups

    Focus groups with a selected percentage of enlisted members, officers, generals, and leaders. Get them together to have a discussion. Lead and facilitate discussion. Take notes of responses or record the meeting. Give summary and solutions. Need to gather a set amount of each tier of...
  8. Jerks

    Quality Assurance Survey

    Done a year and a half ago. We were sposed to do this every 6 months to help provide feedback about what's good about fever. what's bad. etc. Having members express their feelings without being exposed. Gonna keep it simple still but edit some of the possible responses...