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  1. Damien

    PUBG hackers - submit a report!

    Hi folks, Anyone who plays PUBG knows that there has been a serious problem with hackers/cheaters. Between BattlEye and general moderators/administrators, over 320 000 accounts have been banned as of last month. Even with all of these bans, there is still a problem with them in-game. We all...
  2. Kyndjiall

    DayZ Q1 Report!

    Quarterly Status Report - Quarter 1 2015 | DayZ | Official website
  3. doc holiday

    Console Wars FULL honest report!

    Okay I've played both PS4 and Xbone at the office for an article on the website. I'll give you guys the real scoop. And this is 100% unbiased I am no fanboy of either console. PS4 marketing campaign seems to be shifty cause the price for a PS4 is all over the place. Amazon - $799 Best Buy -...
  4. Gsworld

    Heart of the Swarm: Terran VS Protoss Battle Report!

    The world premiere of the third Heart of the Swarm Battle Report is just over an hour away. Tune into at 7:00 pm PDT to see whats in store for protoss and terran in the upcoming expansion. Heart of the Swarm: Terran vs Protoss Battle Report! :: Day[9]TV woot =D