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  1. Grimm


    Hey guys I was thinking about getting a quick small recruitment post going, something that can be added into chat before/after a match. Being that I've been seeing a decent amount activity/groups going that would be a good time to drop the message letting the random 2-3 people they could join...
  2. Hastyb

    NA Looking for team to join with on ESEA+MM

    Ive got 1,400 hours on CSGO and been SMFC a few times and global once but im far out of practice and i rejoined as an MG1 ESEA im a C+ player on the rise but only with 14 games. I Play support or lurker.
  3. Baum

    Recruiting Team needs LOL Recruiters!

    The Recruiting Team needs you! Hey everyone I am looking for members to help spread the word about Fever Clan. For those that don't know the Recruiting Team has recruitment threads on various websites. What members of the Recruiting Team do is make sure those threads stay at the top so Fever...
  4. Sithis

    Notice: In-Game Recruiting

    Greetings everyone, you might be reading this to find out more about how you can help grow this section of the great community we call Fever. If that is the case i'd like to personally thank you for your motivations and going out to find a way to do so. Now to the brass tax, why should we...
  5. Baum

    Survival FPS Recruiting team needs YOU!

    The Recruiting Team needs you! Hey everyone I am looking for members to help spread the word about Fever Clan, specifically in our Survival FPS area. For those that don't know the Recruiting Team has recruitment threads on various websites. What members of the Recruiting Team do is make sure...
  6. Baum

    30 Recruits in 30 Days - HotS Recruiting Giveaway!

    30 Recruits in 30 Days April HotS Recruiting Event and Giveaway! We have lots of activities planned, but the core of any section is members. Lets try hard to bring in 30 new recruits over the next 30 days and everyone in the section will benefit from the increase in TS and forum activity. This...
  7. TheZombieGam3r

    "The Dawn Test" custom Role Play Game! Recruiting

    Hi everyone, So I'm in the works of making a new role play game called "The Dawn Test". It's similar to the horror game known as "Until Dawn", but with my own twists to the game. In this role play, you will need to survive until dawn by fast thinking, clues, and other things. This role play I...
  8. TheZombieGam3r

    InstaDeath eSports- Recruiting Subs for if we need players!

    Hey guys so we have a practice tonight and we're looking for subs. We will be getting one of our subs in about an hour for practice. I'd prefer subs that are EST and CST since most of us are EST and CST. Hope you're willing to join as a sub. KEEP IN MIND *If you become a sub you will...
  9. TheZombieGam3r

    InstaDeath eSports- Recruiting New Players! *UPDATED*

    Owner: TheZombieGam3r Recruiter: TheZombieGam3r and Bootygoblin Coach: Bootygoblin Analyst: Bootygoblin Starting Line up--------- Top: ryantheco Jungle: blueshadowknight Mid: Tatkret ADC: Skippy360 Support: TheZombieGam3r Awaiting...
  10. TheZombieGam3r

    InstaDeath eSports- Recruiting New Players!

    Hey everyone it's your man ZombieGam3r here, So I'm thinking of making a ranked team/ competitive team for those players of Fever who like to add a bit of competition into their games. Well I came up with a name, I'm thinking "InstaDeath eSports". Seems like a cool thing to join! Personally...
  11. Paranoia Origins

    NA LoL Syndicate LF> Members to Join Our Team (Bronze through Sliver Please )

    LoLS I'm a support main and been having nothing but harssing teammates blaming me for them fucking up. I've been trying for months since S5 trying many different gaming communites on discord, online, gamurs, etc. No Luck Seems no one wants to play with people who are in bronze from what...
  12. Paranoia Origins

    Hydalyn Society is Recruting Members to join our Roleplaying Group on (Balmung Server)

    History of the Hydaelyn Society! The story of Hydaelyn Society is an original concept meant to be set within the lore of FFXIV's world, Hydaelyn. Eras ago, a powerful primal nine-tailed wolf "Kuji" came into the world and created a home to which his people can live their lives in...
  13. NormsAlterEgo

    Miscellaneous: Rock Band Rivals Crew Recruiting (Xbox One)

    So, rivals has been out for a month and there are around 9000 crews that have been created. My crew of three has managed to climb to the top 100, but we're in need of more crew members to help with the weekly EXP grind. If you own the game on Xbox One and are interested in joining, simply leave...
  14. Bang

    Overwatch Recruiting

    Hey Fever! I'm going to start recruiting for Overwatch and since I don't play the game often, I need someone to represent the game for me. Basically, I just need your battletag, rank and a description of your experience regarding the game. Please pm me the following information. Thank you!
  15. The Rev

    Join the Recruiting Team!

    I currently have a medium traffic thread availible for CS:GO, and i'm in need of a motivated individual to join the recruiting team! Recruiting keeps the clan alive and prosper. The job is pretty simple and it comes at quite the reward for each recruit. All the job entails is the bumping of...
  16. The Rev

    Join the Recruiting Team!

    In this thread we are looking for those who want to help keep the Overwatch community growing. Please contact me by PM if you are interested in either the Recruitment Team or In-Game Recruiting! Overwatch Recruiting Jobs Available Currently: In Game Recruiting This is a big job, for...
  17. Time201

    NA Ranked 5s team recruiting

    Hey everyone! stigmaoftherose created a ranked 5s team and it'd be great if some of you joined! This is purely for fun and if you are interested in joining, make sure to add stigmaoftherose Ig. *note* this is on NA Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Flux

    Victorious Secret Squad Recruiting

    Hey all, So currently our squad Victorious Secret has found ourselves a member short and are looking for anyone interested in joining us. We are still fairly new to Team League and are just starting to really get used to playing as a proper team. Our practices are currently set for Monday...
  19. Hellesvront

    Team AV Club Recruiting

    Do you have a competitive mindset? Do you like to spend long hours practicing strategies, running competitive matches, scrimmaging other teams and in general selling your soul to the Overwatch devil? Team AV Club is a newly forming part of Fever Clan with goals to play in competitive...
  20. slyxsoy

    Guild Wars 2 - Recruiting and Greeting

    Hey Guys! Is anyone interested in assisting with Guild Wars for Recruiting and Welcoming new members? Recruiting - Posting on various LFG threads to help spread the word about our GW2 group and Fever in general Welcoming - Paying attention to the Application threads to see if anyone lists GW2...
  21. S

    Recruiting for OCE?

    Are there any other OCE LoL players in this clan? I have just created the Fever club for OCE, how should i go about recruiting? Is there any issues with me being the creator of the club? I am still waiting on a reply from Shiva about what i need and should do following the creation of this...
  22. Bob_o

    Recruiting Competition!

    Everyone, I have one Overwatch BETA key to giveaway! All you need to do to get it is recruit people to Fever Clan. The competition starts now and on May 2nd the person with the most recruits will get the BETA key. ~Rules~ 1. The applicant must list you as their referral 2. You must...
  23. Baum

    April HotS Recruiting Blitz w/Giveaways & Prizes!!

    April HotS Recruiting Blitz w/Giveaways & Prizes!! Today I am pleased to announce a recruiting initiative to add another ‘surge’ of recruits into our already increasing numbers. During April, for each new HotS player you recruit into the clan, you earn one ticket. At the end of the month, we...
  24. zefirus

    LF Recruiting members for FPS

    The Recruiting Team needs you! Hey everyone I am looking for members to help spread the word about Fever Clan, specifically in our FPS area. For those that don't know the Recruiting Team has recruitment threads on various websites. What members of the Recruiting Team do is make sure those...
  25. W

    Need a recruiting team member for this game

    Hey folks, Just wanted everyone to know that we currently have recruiting team member spots open for this game. What does the job entail? not much...just bump your assigned threads. If interested please pm me. Below is the sticky link with more info...