1. Suurebud

    Reason for my recent absence

    Hey guys sorry i havent been around much lately, my gfx card on my laptop crashed and i have nothing to game with at the moment, and it may be a decent while before i can afford to replace it. I will be as active as possible on the forums, and as soon as i make my triumphant return to PC gaming...
  2. Kirbz

    Transparency Decision Making behind denying recent membership

    Recently there's a lot of "drama" behind a reinstatement denial and our decision making process seems to be considered faltered. I want to clear it up a bit more so its more in the open. I try my best to be transparent as possible. Winterrose
  3. Gizmo256

    Congratulations on recent promotions

    Wanted to recognize everyone in our D3 section who’s received promotions over the past few days and say congratulations and well deserved! These are due to outstanding game night attendance, excellent guide listing, and recruiting! We’ve had two members rank up three times due to this! Again...
  4. VileKnight

    Blizzard scaling back the recent enemy health boost.

    As I am sure most of you are aware, Blizzard recently put in a change to the way that enemy health scaled per your equipped gear. Apparently the feedback was a resounding thumbs down, so Blizzard has lowered the amount of health that increases, so the health will still bump up, but not nearly as...
  5. Mikvatarius

    Thoughts on the recent change to 7.2

    Hey all, wondered what you guys thought about the recent change to needing shards from 50000 to 2500... My initial thought is it'll be too easy now and although I'm happy with Alt friendly mechanics I also like the sense of achievement you get when you've completed something difficult or time...
  6. Paranoia Origins

    Updates: Sid Meier's Civilization® V ( Last 3 Recent Updates)

    Sid Meier's Civilization® V (Every Update since launch) Keeping you updated! Civilization V Update Released Mar 13, 2013 Product Update - Valve A Civilization V SDK update has been released. Change list: [UPDATE] - World Builder would hang indefinitely for some users rather than...
  7. Dratera

    osu! | About Rohulk, his secret to play osu and his recent insane scores

    Rohulk is an osu! player from Romania. He is currently first place on his country's ranking and #19 global. Rohulk mainly focuses "being the best" and he is one of the fastest improving players. Recently, he made a 9 minute video about the "god focus" he found, how he found it and how it...
  8. Chaka

    In regards to recent forum activity...

    I would like to formally apologize to each and every member of this clan. More specifically, those of which i've attacked, either verbally, emotionally, or even mentally. I would like to extend my deepest apology to Wroctaw as i have been way out of line. I understand we all have difference in...
  9. Kunezite

    News: Blog Post: Recent Happenings and More

    Recent Happenings and More Howdy! Im not much of a blogging gal, but Im trying my best. Hereis what has happened since our last blog post. Weve accomplished many smalltasks while the team focuses on PS4, and Ill play catch up for those thathavent been hanging out on the forums...
  10. slyxsoy

    Our Recent Activity

    I thought you guys might appreciate seeing this. Awesome work in the last few months everyone! We're still working on growing the guild but we've definitely had some impressive activity. Make sure to take a look in this month's Stat's report. We're no longer in the "other" category. :)
  11. Karrkat

    Homestuck Recent Update ~Spoilers~

    For any of the fans out there (And if you aren't, and just want to see something pretty awesome), the latest update is here! [S] Collide. - YouTube Enjoy!
  12. GhostRogue

    No Fever Coins for Recent Activity

    I haven't been getting any Fever Coins for my recent post activity over the last couple weeks. Last time I received any was Dec. 30. Don't we automatically get +10 for new posts/threads? Just curious if it's maybe some weird glitch, or I'm thinking wrong of how the the earning system works. Not...
  13. yunk

    Closed: Recent Threads Section

    Hey, guys. Sometime in the last few months, the forum section that a post was in stopped showing up on the "Recent Threads" part of the home page. Is this intended, or is there some way to turn it back on. It was nice to see at a glance what each post was in reference to. Thanks, yunk
  14. H

    Apologies for recent disappearance

    Hey, Clan bros. Sorry for the fact that I just kind of dropped off the face of the earth. Although, most of you probably don't even know me/ Was dealing with a death in the [computer] family and was left devoid of a PC :( Just finished my build today and will be back! Can't wait to...
  15. Tipherion

    My recent absence/inactivity

    I will be more active now that I am out of the hospital. I was involved in a serious car accident and was in and out of hospital caring for my wife. I am hoping to find active members still around as I would like to get some gearing in that I have missed in recent weeks. See you guys in game soon.
  16. News Bot

    Path of Exile addresses recent connectivity troubles and outlines fixes

    Path of Exile has been having some trouble since making the jump to The Awakening a few weeks ago. Players jumping into servers at peak hours may have found themselves booted. Developer Grinding Gear Games says that this and other disconnectoin issues are being stamped out. "Database server...
  17. Co2Noss

    Recent Poweroutages / AFK

    Recently I've been hit with some random power outages that has resulted in the loss of my backlight on my Blackwidow Ultimate, and has put me into the leaver status. This requires you to play at least 1 Quick match and do not disconnect throughout the match. It also blocks your ability to enter...
  18. K

    What Are Your Top 5 Recent Games

    I was looking at my steam library and decided to see what others thought their top picks for recent games. I was thinking in terms of games that you never played until recently. My picks are: Cities: Skylines Pillars of Eternity Rogue Legacy Skyrim (I just got it for PC recently...
  19. aceofspikes

    Recent Meta notes

    I ran into this really awesome and in depth analysis on last patches metagame, an insight on professional drafting. Take a look as its quite a good read. Metagame Fortnight 4
  20. billy_da_bob

    Music: Most Recent Transcription - Wings - Birdy

    I don't normally listen to this kind of music but I was willing to make an exception. Sheet music will be free. About 95% correct. Missing one or two things. Some guitar parts will have impossible fretting; I was too lazy to correct it. Screenshot:
  21. Robnoxious

    Opinions on Vanguard and other recent updates?

    Personally, I really don't like this operation. The skins are shit, the "missions" that force you to wait 3 days to complete are bull, and I just think they could've done a lot better job with the maps. Season is awesome, but Back Alley? That map gives me anxiety just by looking at it. Also...
  22. X

    As a recent subscriber.....

    I did the 90 boost, and boosted a Prot Warrior. I will be tanking and so forth. I need to do the grind to get the cloak pieces, and will be running LFR if anyone would like to join me for fast queues. Just wanted to toss that out there. Not sure if anyone is working on an alt or anything...
  23. MustangPunk

    ATTN all Ghost players. Update on recent Patch.

    Hey Ghost fans :ghost:. On May 13th/14th there was a 2.5GB patch sent out by activision. Check out this video by Drift0r to see what all it did. :popcorn: :AR15firing: :guns: ~MP :shooting:
  24. LordsShield

    Closed: Windows 8.1 recent update

    Hey guys just wanted to ask... Has anyone had a issue with the newest update for windows 8.1 because i can download it and all but it is not installing properly. Any suggestions ? Sent from my HTC One
  25. Malchias

    Resolved: Rank Error in Recent Post

    This is probably just a glitch in the forum and it's not that big of a deal but I thought it was worth pointing out. My current rank in the Clan is LCPL. I went back just now to check on a thread that I posted about Wildstar and the thread has me listed as COA. That's a hell of a rank jump...