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  1. RiZe

    Fever Clan 2019!

    Hello dear Clan members, It's obvious that 2018 wasn't fever's Clan year through it members posts. It's sad seeing these results since Fever is one of the biggest gaming communities I know. I might be just a Private *rank* but I really do wish and want from this clan to go further and beyond...
  2. Medic739

    We are Reworking the Roster : Please Read

    We are currently reworking the roster as there seems to be a new found interest in the game with all the new content so I'll cover a few points 1. We've moved a lot of people over to inactive and we also have lots of people, that thanks to no in game clan chat or MOTD, is hard to communicate...
  3. A

    Horde Raiders read and reply to this

    I"m looking at making some dedicated raid teams now to push heroic progression in the horde faction. We probably have enough people for a couple raid teams. I know what some of you play and your rolls but theres quite a few new people that are coming now. I'd like to have you guys put your in...
  4. Salty


    Hello all! As you can tell the community of PUBG within the clan is a little spread out, and has a lot of barriers between players. Being so, I have taken the role as Event Coordinator for the game. The first thing I believe will remedy this would be to see/know how many people play the same...
  5. Obamacare

    [COMP PLAYERS READ ME] Looking for people to fill roles in a team [50+ Comp Score]

    Hey yall, As many of you probably already know, Overwatch is an incredibly teamwork, communication, and skill dependent game that requires people to be in sync and comfortable playing many roles. As many of us do, there are specific roles that we excel at. Personally, I am more of a marksman so...
  6. Wolf16791

    Here is a fun read that I think describes some of us well

    Overwatch Is Salvation For Washed-Up Gamers Like Me Overwatch is great potato chip gaming and I think a huge reason for its success. No level grind just get in and get out Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  7. OhNoYouFail

    Interesting article if you haven't read it, on nvidia's 970

    If you own one, you may just get a small check in a while. Nvidia slapped with class-action lawsuit over GTX 970 memory issues [UPDATED] | ExtremeTec
  8. heybob

    Read if you have been booted from in game clan.

    So it has come to my attention that some people are mad that they were kicked for inactivity.... Just so everyone knows i have a firm rule on activity and if your not active within the clan i will kick you. BUT no worries cuz there is a invite button waiting for you when you do decide to...
  9. bonolemon


    Am i the only one who found that decision (between the institute BoS and railroad) very surprising. Not only that, it got me really pissed that there is NO WAY to make peace.
  10. heybob

    Event 11/14/15 *Read*

    So the event yesterday was amazing!!! people got to play with new people and meet eachother, and on top of t hat people got TONS of paragon/gear. i want to say thank you to everyone who participated and helped run everyone! and thanks to the officers of D3 without you i'd be dead by...
  11. NobleLion

    Fitness versus fatness - a good read to review

    This is the fitness section, but as many of you know, there are often other topics that relate to fitness (like nutrition) that make it into the section. I came across this interesting read: which provides a viewpoint...
  12. Cronofan

    Just read the patch notes for next patch and...

    I'd like to say welcome back to the meta, Artemis. Transgressors Fate Reduced Mana cost from 60/65/70/75/80 → 45 at all ranks. Vengeful Assault Reduced Mana cost from 70/75/80/85/90 to...
  13. Chaves

    Discussion: Should I read the missing chapter or continue watching?

    so I've been watching Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai but at beginning of the third season they skipped a lot of chapters. I don't know if I should read the missing chapters (about 50+). What you guys think? I've read the manga endings after an anime aired before but not in between seasons.
  14. P

    New EXP/Gear guide in progress! Please, please read and help Fever be the best!

    Because everyone was so nice to help me with tricks to stay awake, my initial group was able to roll the first 21 hours of the season with only about a 5-10 minute break. Thank you team. The season is really young, but I'm trying to experiment with leveling and gearing strategies. I have...
  15. Demolisher

    Need key read

    Here is two free keys. If you use them please say used and only pass out to fever members SFUCKP4WHSNW8NSR SFUC545P1UPM9URT Yes those are legit lol
  16. Abom

    Interesting read about 3rd party MMR Calculat ions

    Ok, simple common sense tells you that no one else can calculate the mmr accurately, but this is still an interesting read.
  17. tiltedslim

    Read me before posting a guide.

    Intro Note: Basic rules must be followed in order to create an orderly library of guides for our members to enjoy. Rules: 1. This section is for members to create and share their guides that they created for heroes or game tips and hints. 2. Post only constructive feedback. Flaming will be...
  18. Collision


    I try and do a lot of trading and stuff on but this has got me wanting to ddos that website forever... That trade offer was sent to me after i posted up my knife for trade, It WAS sent instantly so there was no question that its someone...
  19. ShadyPingu

    Hey so yeah Guild Wars 2. Read this.

    I want to see more players on guild wars 2. SO GO BUY IT. Its on sale for 10 dollars (normal edition) 15 dollars (deluxe edition). Buy Guild Wars 2 Guys check it out. It is definitely worth the money and has no subscription.
  20. amoretpax199

    New to our Infinite Crisis division? Read First!

    *Underconstruction* Welcome to the Infinite Crisis section of Fever Clan! This is the official thread where a person may find all the relevant information they need in order to enjoy their stay here! All information found here is updated regularly, but if you have any questions or concerns...
  21. DrSmitherine

    EU players please read

    Chronic90 has created a Fever EU clan and is accepting anybody that Chronic#2915 (Blizzard) Chronic#993 (In-game) either message him in game or on the website and he will toss you an invite!
  22. amoretpax199

    Important! Smite players please read this post.

    If you aren't in the clan yet ask for an invite now! The next patch will make it hard for you to get in the clan so ask us for an invite before too late!
  23. amoretpax199

    Info New to our RuneScape division? Read First!

    Welcome to the RuneScape section of Fever Clan! This is the official thread where a person may find all the relevant information they need in order to enjoy their stay here! All information found here is updated regularly, but if you have any questions or concerns, please contact an officer...
  24. Rehstraint

    Good read for parents, players, etc...

    Basically it's just talking about how the parents should react/what the kid is doing and it's also telling you how to deal with your kid if he acts up click HERE to read more about it
  25. Kevin The Cat

    New Fever Member: Kevin The Cat ( Please Read )

    :welcoming: To the Entire Fever Community, I say Hello :welcoming: My Name is Kevin The Cat and I 've decide to post this thread to just say hello to the entire Fever Community (or to whoever decides this), I just want to say a couple things about myself and the type of games I play. I'm what...