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  1. D

    I'm Back (Please Read)

    Hello everyone in the paladins section My name is Lowkey I have returned from the darkness and I am going to be trying my very best to get paladins back up and running again! I am very excited to be back here in |Fever| And if you wish to join me on paladins I will be hosting Gamenights very...
  2. Extemporae

    Finding constructive solutions to frustrating problems (Please Read)

    Hey guys, Being relatively new to the clan I wanted to post because lately I have had some frustrating moments while playing Diablo III. I am all about teamwork and the betterment of my clan mates, this is why I am more often than not Powerleveling/running people through Grifts for loot...
  3. Cronofan

    A Pro Player`s Mindset - Ataraxia (GOOD READ)

    I was perusing the Smite subreddit and came across this article written by pro Smite player, Ataraxia. He touches on what a LOT of people really need to get over when it comes to becoming a better player, regardless of what game it is. That thing, is your ego. Read up here: A Pro Player`s...
  4. Brynnhildr

    League Talk: Toxicity (Please read)

    Greetings, summoners! I'm here today to talk to you about a recurring problem in the League of Legends community: toxicity. Attitudes that can make the game less enjoyable for other players are considered toxic. Raging, talking shit, name calling, harassing, quitting/going AFK and assisting...
  5. AznFaiL

    Fever Member Code of Conduct (PLEASE READ)

    Guys, Lately, i have been noticing multiple instances of negative attitude, bad conduct, and cussing/raging at teammates. This is not directed at any one individual, but please remember, Clan Fever Gaming is here to help promote our game and playing with each other. We are here to have...
  6. AznFaiL

    Official Fever Dota 2 League, FDL Season 2 Roster List!(ALL PARTICIPANTS PLEASE READ)

    Hey guys, so with the conclusion of the November Super Tournament ending on this saturday, it is time to resume the FDL Season 2! Below you will find the official team lists (the number represents the role that is officially signed up as): (NA) Team 1 (Defending Champions): NA-...
  7. Hyper

    More zombies but make them slower (Please read)

    Check this post out and please leave a comment and like it! More Zombies But Make Them Slower - DayZ Suggestions - Day Z Forums