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  1. Gizmo256

    Guides: A helpful guide to farming Rainbow Goblins/Cosmic Wings

    Guide provided by Choobie#21896 After reading several great posts about rainbow goblins all around the forums, diablofans and reddit, I decided to put them all together into the same document. Some of the data used are acquired by me, and some of it are reported by the community. Let me know...
  2. SkipperSW

    Rainbow Six Siege

    Anyone interested?
  3. Axle

    Guides: Rainbow Goblin Guide

    Goblin farming guide ACT 1 ~Festering woods~ ~Leorics Passage~ ~leorics Hunting Grounds~ ~The Festering Woods~ ~ Southern Highlands ~ Cave of the moon clan Floor 1 and floor 2 ~ Northern Highlands ~ ~ The Royal Crypts ~ ____________________________________ ACT 2 ~...
  4. Bloodlotus

    Farming the Rainbow Portrait!

    Would anyone be interested in spending a few hours farming this sometime this week? Am looking for three others that have Staff of Herding for the most efficient use of time. reply here for what days and times you can farm so we can work out the best day and time to get it, if more then three...
  5. Axle

    Rainbow Six Siege Jobs

    Rainbow Six Siege Jobs Company Commander: Axle Deputy Company Commander: Assistant Company Commander Company Administrator (enlisted): Coaching Staff (enlisted+): Responsible for knowing their class(es), and can coach and give advice when solicited. 1 GaMeOveR 2 SlayWalker710 GAME NIGHTS...
  6. U

    Rainbow portrait

    Hey guys. If any1 is playing on EU servers let me know if you wnat to farm the rainbow portrait frame. I have the staff and the portrait. But ill be happy to help you guys get it aswell. pm me ingame or add me to friend to let me know #unseek2141
  7. Hummus

    are you an ex-comp tf2, cs:go, rainbow 6, quake, any other shooter? competitive by nature? ApplyHere

    Hey! I am looking to form a competitive team for OW once it's released. I am looking for other players here, that have played in a competitive league before for any other shooter. I am not looking for players that play dota and lol and "over watch looks fun, ill try it out when im not playing...
  8. Dratera

    osu! | Rainbow dash HR pass

  9. masterleaf

    Rainbow Six Siege, anyone?

    I can't believe not a single soul here is talking about it. I see a couple of RET members on my steam friends list playing, but otherwise no mention of this game at all here. I qualified for the ranked queue awhile, but wanted to wait and see if we could get a FEVER presence going, try to set up...
  10. DrinkingWhiskey

    Rainbow Six Siege free weekend codes...

    There's plenty of them on the Steam forums for this game Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege General Discussions :: Steam Community
  11. xSagaRx

    No one for Rainbow Six siege?

    Release is right around the week, and ubisoft has made so many good decisions for game already yet i see no hype in fever for Rainbow six siege? i have a feel for a fact there would be some interested people but no posts anywhere dafaq :D prove me wrong and get in the hype train.. Open...
  12. V

    Giveaway: Rainbow Six Siege Beta Keys

    Hey All. I have 2 extra keys to get into the closed beta for Rainbow Six Siege. The Beta is open until October 4th, so Hurry and let me know. Preferably people that plan on playing it heavily the next two days. Please Reply here and Quote this post.
  13. caLmdown

    Rainbow Six: Siege

    Hello people :) I don't know how many people are planning to play the Rainbow Six: Siege beta, which is starting this thursday. I'll be trying it for sure, since I pre-ordered the game. Anyone who wants to join me?
  14. Deltascourge

    WTS Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Beta Key

    Recently aquired a second beta key (won one before from Co2Noss) and figured someone here might want it. I'd like around 3k fever coins for it. However, if you'd like to trade for a game on my steam wishlist, that would be acceptable too Wishlist
  15. Kunezite

    #LoveWins - Log in before June 28th 2015 for Rainbow Skin selector!

    #LoveWins Today the United States Government Supreme Court’s historic ruling guaranteeing a right to same-sex marriage. Reloaded has always supported the diversity of our players and employees. #lovewins To celebrate this historic ruling, any player that logs in today through Sunday, June...
  16. R

    Rainbow Tiger's Application

    Games you play: LoL, WoW, CSS Main Game: league fo legends Age: 19 Gender: Male Country: United States MW3/Battlefield Username: League of Legends/DOTA 2 Username: rainbow tiger/ Maro Starcraft 2 Username: SWTOR/Diablo 3 Username: Steam Username: xFire Username: Other Usernames...
  17. E

    The New CS:GO? Rainbow Six: Seige

    Could it be the new CS:GO? What do you guys think? Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege | Ubisoft (US)
  18. R

    Rainbow Tiger's Application

    Games you play: LoL WoW Main Game: WOW Age: 19 Gender: Male Country: United States MW3/Battlefield Username: none League of Legends/DOTA 2 Username: rainbow tiger Starcraft 2 Username: none SWTOR/Diablo 3 Username: none Steam Username: NONE xFire Username: NONE Other Usernames...
  19. A

    Calling for rainbow help!

    I don't know what sexuality I am, but I'm currently dating a girl (I'm a girl). I can't stand straight or lesbian porn. I can only watch gay guy porn. Everything else just seems kind of gross and not at all attractive.What is this nonsense. Seriously. Does this mean something?
  20. Trubiano

    Raiding Rainbow

    Parody of reading rainbow. Bloodlust is nigh, the dps just went twice as high take a look, the boss is cooked, it's the raiding rainbow! We can raid anything! epics to loot, noobs to boot raiding rainbow We can down anything! Take a look, the boss is cooked, its the raiding rainbow!