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  1. XxLiveeviLxX

    Racist Jokes/ Dirty jokes

    Look I know that it is cringe worthy to even think about racist jokes however they are a real thing and everybody can pile on the usual suspects for these jokes but I find the ethnicity's that dont get picked on a lot the best to make fun of. So here is some Racist ass jokes. What do you...
  2. DrSmitherine

    Das Racist

    So almost got arrested cause i was blasting this song at the combonation pizza and taco bell. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQ8ViYIeH04 that dont seem to like this song XD
  3. Ravenfist

    This is why being a racist is dumb!

  4. Bogo

    Video: St. Patrick's Day Is Racist -- Gingers have no Souls

  5. yoda

    World News: Maybe not so racist after all

    Asians Taking a Test To Tell Asians Apart
  6. Bogo

    US News: Racist Man Claiming He's Jesus and Hits Woman

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgGjbwf2lYo Crazy people are everyone and they don't just own guns.
  7. Booyah

    True Story, Racist?

    Le Me Walking in a Grocery store talking to ze wife. Wife: I think i'm going to get my blood pressure test today Me: I thought you were going to get your hair did. 2 Black Women Walk up Black Woman #1: You can't use that, that's our words(they seemed around 16 years old) Black Woman...