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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Introduces Hero-Shooter-Style Specialists For PvP

    Treyarch is next up on deck for Activision's Call of Duty franchise, this time bringing the fourth in the Black Ops series of games. Today, the devs hosted a reveal event for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and we've got the highlights broken down for you here. The first gameplay footage for Call of...
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    EVE Online's Siege of 9-4 Recognized By Guinness As Biggest Single PvP Battle Ever

    While Guinness World Records has had to amend its historic achievements in a negative way due to Billy Mitchell’s transgressions, but the reference book is adding a new entry recognizing EVE Online, a game that has a knack for incredible feats. The Siege of 9-4, an enormous battle that's...
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    Sea of Thieves PvP Tips

    Fighting skeletons and fending off a kraken all pale in comparison to fighting other players in Sea of Thieves. Another player will use tactics you haven’t thought of, they’ll fight dirty, and they’ll do whatever it takes to come out on top. If you want to become the best...
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    Plants vs. Zombies 2 Introduces PvP 'Battlez'

    The neverending struggle between the undead and the plant kingdom continues, with EA and PopCap continuing to support mobile mainstay Plants vs. Zombies 2. A new update has arrived for the almost five-year-old game, this one focused on PvP. The new Battlez mode introduces asynchronous PvP...
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    Destiny 2 - Best Crucible PVP Class

    In Destiny 2, picking the right weapon is only half the battle, the other half is making sure you’re using the best subclass, especially in PVP. Though each Class in Destiny 2 has three subclasses, there is typically only one, maybe two, which are considered the best PVP subclasses. Best...
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    VR Action Title Raw Data Gets New PvP Map In Free Intercept Update

    Raw Data is a built-from-the-ground-up-for-VR action game that casts players as various heroic archetypes in a futuristic technothriller. The Hostile Takeover update to the game introduced PvP and gives you an opportunity to take on other players in intense 5v5 matches. The free update for today...
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    Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Gets Free PvP Update

    No one is having a better 2017 than Nintendo. They successfully launched the hottest console of the year, have multiple first party titles in contention for game of the year and are selling high-margin plastic figurines faster than the factory can make them. If this wasn’t enough, they...
  8. R

    Fortnite Roster

    Alright boys i'm the new XO for fortnite. Could you please leave your in game fortnite names below so I can create a roster showcasing everyones website names along with your Epicgames usernames. If you play battle royal only let me know as well as if you play just horde only let me know so this...
  9. R

    Fortnite Battle Royal

    First group match played first win ayeee, metal umbrella here we go.
  10. R

    Looking for new Fortnite friends [PvP]

    New member to Fever, looking for some people to play fortnite with I am from the UK [GMT 0]Active all day apart from the few days a week I work around 4pm. Feel free to pm me your Fortnite usernames and we'll go play.
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    Ghost Recon: Wildlands Free Weekend Will Introduce Ghost War PVP

    Ubisoft is hoping their open-world shooter Ghost Recon: Wildlands will find new life or even a new audience with the upcoming Ghost War PVP free update and they're opening up the door with a free weekend that runs October 12 to October 15. The upcoming free weekend will give full access to...
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    Ghost Recon Wildlands PVP Mode Ghost War Is Available For Pre-Load

    Ghost Recon Wildlands' previously announced PVP mode, called Ghost War, will be going live this weekend for an open beta and every platform has the option to pre-load as of today. The developers are putting their full efforts behind this experience with a premier event on Twitch and a series of...
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    Ghost Recon Wildlands Gets Ghost War PVP Open Beta Next Week

    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands is adding a new PVP mode in the next week. Publisher Ubisoft would first like to open up this new Ghost War game mode to the public, so an open beta is set to run starting on Thursday, September 21. Players were given an indication of what to expect with the...
  14. A

    PVP Events

    WE are starting to grow in the wow community and some people are asking about pvp event and such. If you are willing to lead or run these please let us know and we will help you get it going. Thanks in advance and I'm looking forward to talking to you. :)
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    Ghost Recon: Wildlands To Add Ghost War 4v4 PvP Mode

    The Santa Blanca Cartel in Bolivia has fallen, and now players will be tasked with keeping Special Ops forces from getting a new foothold in the country in a new PvP mode for Ghost Recon: Wildlands called Ghost War. The 4v4 action will be available as a free update sometime this fall...
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    Destiny 2 Countdown PvP Guide

    In Destiny 2, the Countdown PvP game mode is a lot like Search and Destroy in another game that we can’t quite put our finger on. There are two bomb sites, with teams made up of attackers and defenders. The attackers need to plant a bomb at one of two sites, and the defenders need to...
  17. Hoyy

    Updates: Release information for PvP and PvE

    Hello everyone. Over the course of the past couple days Blizzard has release some information on the upcoming raid as well as the end of the current PvP season. Here is the schedule as it lays out. June 13th: End of current PvP season. We most likely will see 7.2.5 this day. June 20th...
  18. Paranoia Origins

    Guides: Raganok Online 2 [F2P, Anime Style, MMO Game] Game Information, News & Download Link

    Warp Portal News Mimic Treasure Hunt Patch Notes: March 20, 2017 4th Anniversary Load Screen Art Contest! Lost Leprechaun: NPC Hunt Patch Notes March 13, 2017 Patch Notes March 8, 2017 Game Info History Keyboard...
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    Battleborn rolls out new PvP mode and story operation DLC today

    Gearbox Software continues to roll out content for Battleborn, with the latest update today bringing the new PvP Face-Off mde and a new story operation called Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion. The patch drop at 2 p.m. PT / 5 p.m. ET. The new PvP mode, players will go 5v5 in 15-minute matches...
  20. Bloodmorphed

    PvP: Interested in a PvP event?

    I'm wondering how many people would be interested in PvP events of varying natures. How varying will differ from each event of course
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    Niantic's eyeing PVP combat in Pokemon Go

    Niantic's cranking out features to keep Pokemon Go players coming back to catch more pocket monsters. Recent features included the Buddy system, and you may soon be able to battle other players in PVP action. CEO John Hanke teased the feature in an interview with Tech Crunch (via GameSpot). "I...
  22. distortedvoice

    Ark Server (PVP)

    Hey all ARK players. I have been running a 5X rates ark server on my server in chicago for a couple of months now. I totally forgot to post about it on Fever. You can connect through ether3al.com gameservertracker link. Alternatively find servers with the address karma.ether3al.com on...
  23. W

    PVP Rust Server

    Server: Banana Milk Type: RPG PvP Total Fever Members: 8 of us on this server. Ocean let me know if and when you switch and this post will be updated
  24. August

    Looking For Players! (ARK: SOTF)

    Hey, I'm looking for some people interested in playing ARK: Survival of the Fittest. For those of you who don't play or haven't heard of it, the game is a free stand-alone version of ARK: Survival Evolved. It's an extremely PVP arena game, similar to the Hunger Games. Teams of 1-4 people are...
  25. Bridgett

    Looking for pvp coach

    So the more I play Smite the more I realize I suck at PVP more than AI players. I really wanna get better, specially when playing Thor and a few others. I there anyone out there that can coach me?