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  1. KittyMae

    Movie: A Dog's Purpose - Official Trailer

  2. Ayden Pride

    Member Activities Section Purpose and Goals

    Purpose: -Fever recruits many members on a daily basis, yet many more become inactive and end up being removed from the clan. This can be due to lots of reasons including lack of interest, lack of activity, not finding a niche in our huge clan. To alleviate this issue, the Fever Retention Team...
  3. Araceli

    Purpose of a Second/Third+_ Acct?

    I see a lot of people with 2 or 3 accounts and was curious as to the purpose? Just wondering! :-)
  4. solomon

    Purpose of life?

    Yep... That about sums it up. Especially the first line which made me giggle like a little school girl a bit. And just because I found your stance on swearing a bit off yoda I would say that the word "Fuck" is indeed by nature, obscene. Not trying to pick a fight or anything but the...