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  1. Pastee

    The Last of Us 2

    Okay so i just beat it tonight, i was just wondering if anyone else has played it and their thoughts on the game. Without giving any spoilers of course. I loved most of the game even with all of its "problems" that people tend to have with the game , I understand them but I tend to disagree. No...
  2. Ivory Flame

    Rayark Inc., and their Rhythm Game Trio

    Hello everyone! Today I'd like to pay lip service to three games I've played from a little known game company based in Taiwan: Rayark Inc. They've been around since the early 2010's and have released some very interesting, fun games since then. What I find the most notable is the level of...
  3. camW00dS

    2019 recommendations

    I see this subforum is almost dead, but anyway What should I buy? After playing Horizon and GOW4 it's pretty hard for me to find a game I'd like this much. Any suggestions? What 2019 releases are you really waiting for?
  4. FuriosoTheSnake

    Monster Hunter World - PS4

    Anyone here want to get together to play? PSN is INOMNOMCRAYONS. I play almost daily, and will be glad to help anyone with farming for parts or just in general helping with the game.
  5. Belos

    Happy Dungeons Beta Access ( PS4 )

    Access Denied Join the Happy Dungeons open beta on your PS4 for FREE!
  6. Belos

    Dreadnough Closed Beta for PS4

    Dreadnought Beta Key Giveaway PS4 (North America) To unlock your code key you just need to complete 2 easy steps. Get your key now while supplies last! PS: European Beta keys coming soon! Instructions: Just create a PSN account, or sign in. Then select “Redeem Prepaid Card” to enter your...
  7. A


    Play Overwatch(R) Free May 26–29 on PC, PlayStation(R) 4, and Xbox One - News - Overwatch
  8. SunKenRock

    News: PS4 Firmware Update 4.50 Live

  9. SunKenRock

    NieR:Automata (Ps4)

    Review Recent video
  10. SunKenRock

    Ys Origin (PS4)

    Psn Us store link
  11. Turt


    Hey guys, I've been actively playing ESO on PS4 NA servers. DrTurt is my gamertag. currently a NB at Champion lvl 54. himmeup!!
  12. FloriLucem

    Upgrading PS4 HDD capacities

    So I know how to do it. What I am curious about, is there a good brand of HDD or SSD that won't burn out fast? Obviously the goal is to stay away from any 7200 RPM drives and don't go over 2TB or I risk having it burn out way too fast. I have the standard PS4 console. Has anyone done this...
  13. FloriLucem

    Ark Now available on PS4 and XBONE

    For any of you that are interested in Ark but lack the decent pc to run it, like myself, Ark has been released on PS4 and XBONE for a hefty price of $75. Now it does include all expansions currently released on PC but unknown if or when it may receive mod content. I may get it once I feel the...
  14. Atakapa

    PS4 or Xbox?

    So, I'm buying one or the other for Black Friday so that I can play FFXV and Kingdom Hearts when they release. I have friends who play on both consoles. Which do you suggest and why? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. aeroboymcweezy

    Looking for PS4 BO3,GTAV,DOOM players for youtube/livestreams

    anybody OVER the age of 18 is welcome to send me a message with your gamertag for PS4 just a small time youtuber looking to go big or go home. MIC IS REQUIRED. You are welcome to send a link to your youtube channel(if applicable) I do not support random Sub4Sub but if we end up making videos...
  16. A

    NA ESO PS4

    Anyone still play ESO on ps4? I'm only around lvl 20-22. Would be fun to play with a solid guild! Let me know! PSN: Giladon Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. lokela

    SMITE (PS4)

    I am now added to the clan on PS4 so... Play with me I'm awesome!
  18. Hellguin

    Active PS4 Players?

    Just wondering how many people still have PS4 Destiny or plan on getting it, especially with RoI coming out.
  19. Hellguin

    Year 2 Moment of Triumph Information (And My PSN if you need help)

    It is that time of year again, time to see how much Destiny you have played and what you have done during TTK, Bungie released the MoT for Y2 on 7/7 (Bungie Day). This time you get 2 emblems, 2 Shaders and a coupon for a shit with the MoT on it (24.99, 30.00 if you want your PSN/GT on the...
  20. M

    Tolbjorn Nerf (PS4)

    Looks like Toljorn was nerfed so his turret does 30% less damage on PS4 and Xbox 1. It now does 9.8 damage per bullet. A level 1 turret shoots 2 bullets per second so we now have 19.6 damage per second. A level 2 turret shoots 4 bullets per second so that is 39.2 damage per second. It gives...
  21. Kanenp

    EU Looking for some casual BF4 PS4 Players

    Hey all I'm looking to play with some members on PS4 BF4 I have Final Stand, Dragons Teeth Map Packs. Hit me up PROkooner
  22. A


    patch just hit!!! and i will if one says any thing
  23. M

    Doom (PS4)

    Does anyone know if this game supports legacy style controller mapping on the PS4?
  24. J

    News: SMITE: PS4 Launch Party

    SMITE: PS4 Launch Party The Gods of SMITE have taken over the PlayStation 4! As the Open Beta draws to a close, they are preparing for the games official launch on May 31st, 2016. In honor of this momentous occasion, PS4 players can enjoy access to all gods from Tuesday, May 31st until June...
  25. xXGuardianXx

    Doom PS4

    anyone else getting Doom for PS4? add me: ender_52