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  1. C

    Kerbal Space Program

    Anyone here play? Is there an area for it?

    Firefall Credit program

    Figured I would post this here. For anyone who played prior to 2015 and if you were a Founder, Em-8er is offering a credit towards the new project they are working on(original creator from red 5 before leaving team, also was instrumental in the development of WOW, he basically saved wow from...

    Firefall Credit program

    Figured I would post this here. For anyone who played prior to 2015 and if you were a Founder, Em-8er is offering a credit towards the new project they are working on(original creator from red 5 before leaving team, also was instrumental in the development of WOW, he basically saved wow from...
  4. NobleLion

    First week of the new program in the books

    Hi all Fitness readers! I'm writing to share that I finished my first week of 4 weeks in Phase 1 of 3 (yes - 3 months where each phase lasts a month). This is an effort to really get back into shape beyond just looking okay in my clothes (people don't really think I'm that overweight but...
  5. K

    Kerbal Space Program

    I hope at least some of you have had a chance to play this game. For those who have no clue about this game: Kerbal Space Program (KSP) is a simulation sandbox style game that places you in the position of the builder of rockets. The base game has a full solar system similar to our actual...
  6. K

    MIA - thanks Kerbal Space Program

    Hey all, I've been away for a little while now. I am taking a break since I got fed up with the lack of upgrades for any class I'm playing. So, I've been playing Kerbal Space Program. Its an excellent game if anyone is interested.
  7. TheBossGuy

    Shadow Program

    This will no longer be a part of the team! Me and Fox talked about it and we decided this is no longer needed. Instead, we will use this opportunity for all you to get more acquainted with your admin. This also gives your leader and opportunity to be more personal and have one on ones with those...
  8. Snailey

    UPDATED Fever Mentorship Program Development

    Mission Statement: The Fever Mentorship program assists new members (the Mentee) with the information they need from the Mentors, for quality positive experience to promote retention within Fever. Job Description: There will be three job titles each Mentor class; Jr. Mentor: These are...
  9. Shiftry

    Voice Activated Command program (VAC) request

    I have been traying 2 set up vac program for arma3 2 command AI with voice command instead of the complex keyboard commands but cant find any good guides on how 2 import a working profile and get it 2 work. The program itself isent a problem just the profile for it. If any1 know how 2 do it...
  10. LateMoon

    What is the best way to get into computer coding, or program development?

    I've been looking to get into program development or programming for a while now but don't know anyone that does it first hand so couldn't get any input on it. So if anyone knows what language I should start off with and what the easiest way to learn that language would be, please let me know...
  11. Jerks

    Fever Mentorship Program

    Not my original idea. So whoever thought of this can add more details please. Similar to coaching program. This is to get new members to find people willing to play with and spend some time with each other. We provide matchmaking of mentors to mentees who play the same game. This is so they...
  12. Ralpin

    A new program

    So I am trying something new and I will keep everyone posted on how well this works out. I have started a shadow program for the greeting team. Basically what the program is there for is to have an old member pair up with a new member and show them the ropes. Its to make sure that they get help...
  13. Ralpin

    Shadow program

    I am starting up a Shadow program for new members. silverdaggerfan IndiasMafia since you guys have been doing such a wonderful job with posting welcome messeges for new members I want you 2 to be the trainers when i bring someone on board. I will also train as well so that way the...
  14. Remmy

    assassins creed unite program

    i'm not sure where to really put this but i have a team for assassins creed unity with no one so was wondering if any one would be interested in joining (FEVERWARRIORS)
  15. Pathogen

    Discussion: New Jersey Football Program Might Be in Jeopardy After Hazing Bombshell

    Wow, I am finally glad that some people are actually taking heed to some of this so called hazing stuff and actually making these kids accountable for their actions and giving harsh consequences for them. They are probably doing something now because of possible lawsuits. If you read further...
  16. 0yme0

    Cool little program

    So as I've turned into a windows 8.1 user very recently I've found it very difficult to navigate around my desktop, considering with Windows 7 it was very easy to access any program just by hitting the start button, which would immediately pop up a help bar that I could search for programs in...
  17. D

    Kerbal Space Program anyone?

    I'm relatively new to Fever, and exploring the forums. Can't seem to find a Kerbal subforum. This is one of my favorite games right now. I was hoping to find threads of people's crazy crafts and amazing missions. Maybe I overlooked it? Hope to hear back from some Kerbalnauts.
  18. Teepek

    Kerbal Space Program

    So I've playing Kerbal Space Program. For thos that don't know what it is....its a simulator where you have your own space program. You design your own space ship, stations, and landers then you send 'em out into the universe. After three hours of playing I finnaly got a satellite in orbit...
  19. M

    League of Legends Replay Program

    It isn't working and I can't get it to play back my recordings. Can anyone help me?
  20. J

    Uploading Images Program

    Hi guys! I would like to show you an easy program that will save you some time. Instead of print screening your screen, cropping out what you need, and uploading to a website I found a program called Puush. Using this program, all you need to do is press the set keys, and a screen capture will...
  21. olevam

    IB program

    I was wondering if anyone here is doing the IB diploma program (which is an high school diploma) Just wondering, as there are quite a bit of high schoolers here
  22. R

    Folder-problem with program Taiga 0.9

    Hey Guys, like my thread says i have a prob with the foldersettings in Taiga 0.9 and hope someone knows this program and can help me i try to set a folder for an anime after i have done it i cant open an episode with the program and i dont get an error after setting the folders, so i...
  23. Shock

    Challenge a Master Program

    Ok guys. I have seen this suggestion more than once, so here is what I propose. If you are in masters league (NA and EU), please reply to this thread stating your willingness to participate in this program, what race you play, and what server you play on. The last full week of every month...
  24. Nitshft

    Kerbal space program Well.. ive landed on the mun. Ive found the arch. I guess off to minmus i go
  25. D

    Mechanics Training Program

    Hey guys I was watching an Artosis video and it came to me that it would be really cool if I did a Mechanics Training program like once a week for lower league players, as most of you know I'm all about mechanics, in my view hands down the most important aspect of the game, anyway so I was...