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  1. Sigem

    Babarians preparing for Season 10

    Barbarians preparing for Season 10 The starter set will be Raekor`s, here`s a starter video about what you can do with it during launch Diablo 3 Barbarian Raekor Speed & Starter Build Season 10 Patch 2.5 - YouTube The new build that looks very interesting for S10, the rumble slam...
  2. bouseherb

    Preparing for Legion

    Heyo, once the release date for Legion is announced I plan to resub and take that time to prepare for Legion. What will I be doing? Well, I will be leveling alts, gearing up mains, farm for mounts, and make plans for Legion. So, now that you know what I plan to do for Legion what will you do?
  3. Y

    Community event: preparing for 2.3

    I will be running regular t6 rifts and bounties this week, we just had a reset on ptr last week which means it should go live either mid august, or september. I used to run groups with friends back when I played actively in vanilla with t10, and was top 200 Demon hunters in the world.Bringing...
  4. M

    Preparing for The International

    Already getting some info about the next international. Set to take place August 3rd-8th. Any thoughts and ideas about it? Team invites? Compendium? Personally, I'm interested to see what teams are going to come, especially with the changes and performances past few months.
  5. E

    Killed off Toon for Achievement, Preparing for pvp

    So I got bored, killed off my toon for the level 60 soft core achievement. So with PvP around the corner, decided I will start think tanking my next toon. Any advice? Suggestions? Through my limited PvP I have noticed that it is hard to kill toons, with high move speed or people who...
  6. KillaWhale

    Preparing to compete on clan level

    I'm Playing Terran When hearing others speak about clan mates skill sets I heard someone say the other day that it was a good idea to have a cheese build and couple standard builds down really good. I kinda just wing things and play it by ear, I'm in Gold. I wanna be better. If anyone has the...
  7. Jester

    Preparing for Counter Sniping.

    I just spent a few hours pre ranging targets in locations all around Chernarus from various SHLs, in my preparation for counter sniping the marksmen in Day Z. All of these pre ranged distances are at distances of 700 to 2000 meters, with the majority landing around 1700m. I wrote them all...