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  1. Madzer

    Got a Rank Up? Post Here.

    Just bringing back the old stickes. Post if you got a rank up.
  2. Aragos

    The Swiftsure-Bastion merging post here please.

    Reposting for Shenloki Hi Everyone, It has been a bit confusing the past few days. Bioware kinda sprung this whole server merging on us with little to no info. I am posting this so we are all in the same spot. I have been on and off being sick and trying D3 for the first time so bear with me...
  3. Madzer

    Photo: Post pics of your pet(s)

    ill start have more but need to find them.
  4. Kreps

    Received a rank up? Post it here!

    Show off your rank be posting here! Congratulations in advance!
  5. Bogo

    Post Here to see Rank or Awards

    Post in this thread if you want to see you rank, awards, titles, or nicknames.
  6. WASP

    Photo: Stream of Memes

    Ill restart this thread k Do not post here without having a image to add to the thread. Inside Jokes are fun and all but not if you're not on the inside of the conversation.
  7. Shamus

    First Post