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  1. H

    Post your Desktop

    Everyone has their own personal desktop well its time to share em.
  2. D

    Need Cho'gall? post here!

    Not sure if this is a thread somewhere but I didn't see it. I have cho if anyone needs to get him, just add me/message me and we can play 2 games. Anyone else willing to help spread the cho virus feel free to post here as well! Fred#1540
  3. Ignis

    Post Your in game name So we can be Friends

    Im going to try to keep up with this list of IGNs vs Forum names and servers you play on so we can start adding our clan members as friends... maybe ill even try to do alphabetical or something, just post with your name and ill add it to this one eventually. Forum Name = IGN - Server Ignis...
  4. amoretpax199

    FeverClan Star Wars: The Old Republic Roster - Post your in-game name here!

    Please fill out the blank template below and reply to this thread... In-game Name: Main Server: Alignment (Galactic Republic/Sith Empire): An example of a filled out template... In-game Name: amoretpax Main Server: The Harbinger Alignment (Galactic Republic/Sith Empire): Sith Empire...
  5. M

    Lets see your best games post one up for others to see

    Here is my game from last night that made me want to brag! ARAM: Lux 11/0/23 !!! Match History Sorry for the bad build! but I never got to shop lol. Oh and that Lucian said I was shit and that he did better... I think he got those three extra kills only because he was able to buy...
  6. Brommando


    Post em! except if its blackface. in that case go die.
  7. Dratera

    Post your top rank (PP) plays here!

    So people, you can post your top PP plays here! These scores don't have to be perfect :smile: This is my top PP score with 283 PP : I somehow managed to FC a 13 min song, I thought my heart was going to explode at the end.
  8. ThomMerlin

    New Member Welcome Post

    Your leaders of Platoon 4-1-2 want to take the time to welcome our newest additions to the clan and to our platoon! We have some great new blood in this platoon, and their names are Malory, Fearlord, ihaveskin, Paula Dean, DeVousMind! Please take some time to go and welcome them...
  9. tiltedslim

    Blue post on death timers and snowballing.

    Test Map: Fine Tuning Heroes Death timer change could be huge on maps like Battlefield of Eternity or Dragon Shire where the first objective pops early game. I'd count Cursed Hollow, but a lot of people give up the first tribute on purpose in the current meta. As for the snowball thing I'm...
  10. W

    Post of the week.

    Hey fellow fever clan members im just putting this post out there so i have my post for the week. I got my second job today as a sales day driver up here in washington state.
  11. W

    post for the week

    just doing my post for the week what is everyone up to?
  12. S

    silly introduction post

    Hello everyone I joined your wonderful community yesterday and figured I should introduce myself. I'm not sure whether I should be posting this in general discussion or in hearthstone but since I currently only play hearthstone I figured I'll post here and one of the kind moderators can move...
  13. NobleLion

    News: Get paid for a social post for something you like? Gaption

    Well, there's a new app called Gaption - it's supposedly something of a cross between Facebook (which I am not really a fan of) and Amazon (a shopping site that I use regularly). Supposedly it's being presented as yet another social media app, but with a twist: You post on something that you...
  14. kawaiipr1ncesss

    my post count

  15. M

    A Mello Post

    Hey guys, I'm back from my Honeymoon and not dead. That is all.
  16. Kunezite


    APB Reloaded: AS WE HEAD INTO AUGUST WITH APB AS WE HEAD INTO AUGUST WITH APB Hello citizens, With the month of July coming to an end, it is time for a quick update on what is going on and what you will see going into August. We hope you enjoyed participating and earning the awards from...
  17. Sura

    Double post - ignore

    Double post - ignore
  18. tiltedslim

    Blue Post Game Breakdown

    to all players who blamed me for my losing streaks - Forums - Heroes of the Storm So now when you complain about matchmaking or try to blame things on your team mates, Trikslyr will now breakdown your game.
  19. Brommando

    Post Your Favorite Bad Movie Clip!

    Inspired by Brian Z Worst Movie Challenge It's simple just post a movie clip you thought was terrible or funny as hell for how bad it was.
  20. Dirac

    Post your Minecraft Builds

    Airship: Dynamap Airship Scale:
  21. H-GAMER

    Post your fun Banana Brawl decks here!

    I'll start by showing my warrior: PS: no need for mage decklists, too tryhard...
  22. Booyah

    didn't see a post about it

  23. NobleLion

    Back from traveling and a quick post on when to stretch...

    Hi all! I'm finally settled after traveling 2 days to get half-way around the world... On my travels, I had an interesting conversation with someone who was stretching on the plane we were on. She was actually doing a quad stretch in the middle of the aisle I was next to. That's great if...
  24. PerfectEnigma

    Be sure to post on this guys introduction thread

    This guy posted an introduction thread but no one posted on it. Be sure to give this go a post on his introduction thread so no one feels left out. Mossyoak; Pyu; RedHill; gamerhellborn; Baum; ReqiuemM; achillesone; NobleLion; Shichika; Luzian; caLmdown; Ladykayden Fox TheBossGuy