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  1. heyjen


    I think we should do some kind of fever "game/fun night" where people sign up to do impressions, and other people vote for who they think did it the best. KAIN_ABEL was doing amazingly funny impressions/voices in teamspeak and had me laughing for a good 20 or 30, minutes. I thinhk it would be a...
  2. NakedZebra

    2 week post

    just want to hit my two week post
  3. Requ1em


    There will be some upcoming tournaments for King Of The Kill - Please post your Steam so we can make teams. Thanks! Tilairgan Mikey89 Boba ziggie naxious Spookz CaucasionGuy krybox lostryu Yue Cash KevQSweet osocoolguy25 Xiantyl ProfessorPancake DrinkingWhiskey Atakapa Grimsilencer
  4. Karlo

    Finish your placement matches? Post the results here!

    Went 8-2 today in my ranked matches. Ended up only making it to Silver 4 (Halfway through 4). Pretty disappointed overall. I don't understand how winning 8 games out of 10 leaves you only 5 levels above someone who would have the worst rank in the game. Maybe they're just being stingy, I...
  5. DestructoBenji

    Just post here when you are bored.

    When you get bored just post here and i assure you people will reply.
  6. K

    Post dumb shit here to keep status...

    I love this clan. I hate posting. So...just type a number or a letter here so you don't loose membership. UGH... I'm not gonna follow this and I love you all...just saying. Automated systems. UGH.
  7. xSupah

    This post suits me well.

    Those who play Overwatch on TS with me will know what I mean. Tell me guys, is this me? I didn't make the post but you could see my comment on it :P.
  8. Revidica

    "I'm just here so I don't get [booted]..."

    Going away for a week and hadn't posted in close to two I think, so here's my activity. I realize this is the lazy way to do this, but there may be other lurkers out there like me who don't get very active in forums like ours but who like the community and playing in it. To that end...
  9. heybob

    Updates: First few days post

    So just as i knew overwatch is very VERY popular. I'm calling all hands on deck within the overwatch community!!!!!! EVERYONE AND I MEAN EVERYONE, AND THERE CATS AND DOGS LETS START RECRUITING MASSIVELY!!!! nothing better than being able to hop on teamspeak and get right into action...
  10. W

    Post a Picture of your Reptile

    Title explains it all lets see pictures of reptiles. I dont even care if its a reptile just no cats or dogs. About my collection I have a total of about 30 snakes, combination of Ball Pythons, Corns, and Hognose's. We have 4 lizards a Tegu, Bearded Dragon and several leopard geckos. But I wont...
  11. neondevil

    Weird/ funny music post it here!

    I got the idea to start this thread because of a certain song and i wanted to hear more things like it. The German opening for Naruto Naruto german opening - YouTube And a little extra funny for it
  12. Baum

    Post 420

    My 420th post! Nice...
  13. K

    My post

    This is my post to stay in the clan
  14. GrizzlyAdams

    Overwatch Fever Playerbase - Post here to be added!

    WELCOME !! This list will contain the Overwatch playerbase within Fever. Post to this thread your in game tag and region to be added to the lists If you do not specify platform, we will assume you mean PC INDEX MAIN ROSTER OVERWATCH COMPANY OFFICERS EUROPEAN SERVER PLAYER BASE MAIN...
  15. Kraken

    post your stat sessions!

    I kicked ass Recursion Tracker Server - Saved Session for [SAWS] Kraken160 on the Road to the tempest
  16. K

    My post

    Hello this is my post so i wont get kicked from clan for inactivity.
  17. Synfull

    Test Post

  18. Hazyninja

    Another Placement Post

    I was in S3 promos at the end of preseason. I just got placed in B4. After playing a few games I feel like this is really good for me. Before, I would sit back and play passive only looking to make plays when it was absolutely necessary. Now, I take charge and control the flow of the game...
  19. T

    Post so hard that shit crazy - Double post, Crazy.

    Sorry this is my only contribution to the community but i heard this song come on and i felt we needed comic relief over the tremendous amount of double posting. Not a complaint thread I just love that we flooded the team with so many double post emails that they changed the front page to...
  20. F

    It's so funny I just have to post it Warning this content will be taken inappropriately and contains homofobia, racial slurs and suggestive content Yeah Its just something someone miss heard and should not be taken seriously
  21. Thaumius

    the Salt thread POST HERE

    post here if you are very salty about something
  22. F

    News from my somewhat afk week

    Hmm where should I start Well Leblanc's name now begins with two **'s and is now spelled "**Leblanc" And were making short work of all the bugs on the new draft mode so you guys don't get kicked in the banning phase I also found out there is infact a browser called waterfox and...
  23. F

    I'm starting a post series called off - meta

    This week we have AD teemo with some AP for tanks xD I'm only going to do one match per meta since I need to see its situational value This week: Did it work? To find out we have to analise the match details: To start off we have a really squishy team and one afk at level 7 We also...
  24. Wow Such Doge

    Post a screenshot of your desktop!

    You can tell a lot about a person by their desktop. Remember, we're all judging it. :disturbed: And no cleaning it up first if you're one of those shortcut hoarders. (Be mindful to not accidentally post something you didn't want to share, though!) Here's mine...
  25. V

    Base Design for post server wipe

    Ok, you'll need Fortify to be able to see this which you can download for free from here. The following is a .txt file you drag and drop into your Fortify1_51/Fortify_Data/Saves folder. Base Design Now, this design is a little overzealous, but I figure if you can dream it. It would require a...