1. madslane

    Update Privacy Options on PoE Forums!

    Clickbait title! No serious though. Go to your profile: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/<your account name here>. After logging in on the right hand side, underneath your avatar and any supporter titles, you'll send an option titled "Privacy settings". Click this to and be...
  2. Asperous

    PoE Sub Forum?

    Anyone know where this went, or if it is coming back? The only issue I foresee is people having a hard time signing up for the in game guild if it isn't stickied, but there might be more issues in a few weeks when the beta hits, and more when 3.0 officially releases.
  3. Requ1em

    The Complete Stories & Poems - By Edgar Allen Poe

    The Complete Stories and Poems by Edgar Allan Poe — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists
  4. News Bot

    LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens's new gameplay trailer is all about Poe Dameron

    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released the first video in a series of character vignettes for LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which is all about X-wing pilot Poe Dameron. The character spotlight for Poe Dameron shows him in action across a variety of levels, which includes...
  5. Violet

    Path of Exile - Awards

    View and request Path of Exile Awards HERE
  6. V

    October's Game of the month - Path of Exile (PoE)

    -October's Game of the Month organizers- @Deltascourge - Project head @Caity - Project assistant Path of Exile Genre: Action Role-Play Game (ARPG) Games Release Date: October 23rd, 2013 Photos/videos of the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DM5fgbHkio For more a more...
  7. N

    Closed: Ban lift/appeal (Cheating in poe, Creating new account in fever)

    Hey, I'm very sorry that i have bought currency in "Path Of Exile". When i got banned i realized that even if i trust people not to tell my bad deeds that i shouldn't even think buying the littlest amount of currency is okay. I have trashed the items i bought with the currency and will always...
  8. Bee

    Path of Exile - Path of Patch Notes

    I will try to keep this updated, any help is greatly appreciated :) 1.3.1h hotfix (2pm May 18, NZ Time) The following change was made without a server restart. -The Shade of Axiom, Bloodletter of the Vaal, Harbinger of Lunaris and Overlord of Highgate cosmetic effects have had their...
  9. Sychorux

    My current PoE standard build (2H Marauder Heavy Strike & Ground Slam)

    To get this forum more active, I figured sharing character builds would be a good way for fever members to interact and theory-craft. To start it off here is my current PoE main character and build, I recently got a new weapon which increased my dps immensely. ^(Current items as of 11th...
  10. Myzzeri

    Looking for PoE Guild Invite, Please

    Hey! Is there anyone out there that still plays PoE and has the ability to invite me to the Guild? I have been playing pretty consistently lately as I have found myself "in between games". I hadn't played since before the Vaal patch hit and I am hooked again with all the new features. It's...
  11. Siddharth353

    Still waiting for a PoE Guild invite

    Hey its been 3 days since i posted in the other thread for a guild invite ingame i guess no one saw it so i am making this new thread here my acc name is siddharth353 IGN is Western_Rani looking forward for the invite
  12. W

    Need guild invite for POE pls

    IGN Powerpuff_Warbeast
  13. Chaoticshmoo

    Streaming to become Twitch Partner POE live now!

    Hello all I hope all is well. I think I'll just leave this link here in hopes to promote my twitch stream as I am working very hard to become a partner with Twithc.tv. I appreciate all the help and support as this is not an easy thing to achieve. I am happy to say that I am now a part of the...
  14. JansoriHajima

    PoE Macros

    This macro will allow you to /oos, /itemlevel, and insta-log at the touch of a button First, you would need : AutoHotkey Create a new autohotkey script by right clicking on your desktop/wherever and create a new script The only thing that you need to change is the "mouseclick, left, 923...
  15. Boo

    PoE Beta Ending Soon!

    Path of Exile beta is ending soon, the Official release date is set, Oct 23. I see a new class, I might comeback and Try it out myself. https://www.pathofexile.com/
  16. C

    Really green PVT looking for PoE fun

    Hello boys n girls Just got in the clan a second ago, thank you Nitshft Now about that gaming stuff. I'm playing standard league, getting thru act 2 merciless with a 64 shadow. I would start from scratch with a marauder. Lets go play!
  17. BloodFuryZombie

    Looking For PoE Players

    Gre! It's been awhile since I've been here... about 6 months, but I've decided to return somewhat in search for any PoE players. I'm not very good, and I don't play hardcore that often. I currently have a level 28, so I am looking for players with similar levels that want to group. If you do...
  18. Y

    2 months of non stop poe PENTA KILL

    League Replays | gg new eve :]
  19. Y

    PoE Hardcore Map Progression

    Anyone here play PoE on Hardcore that is grinding maps? started about a week ago send me a message 77+
  20. Ajido

    Making PoE run smoother

    Path of Exile's vertical sync in game doesn't have a triple buffering option, so when your FPS drops below 60 with V-Sync on, it spikes between 60 and 30 causing gameplay that isn't always very smooth...especially in larger parties that use certain spells. After some toying around with settings...
  21. Clinic

    POE Race Schedule and Prizes!

    POE announced their new system for Races and how they will handle prizes. The link below navigates to the POE Race page which explains what is going on. Path of Exile - Races Also, Chris explains in a little more detail the reasoning behind how they are doing the races in the below...
  22. Booyah

    POE has an Officer

    Congratulations to Ajido on his recent Promotion, he was promoted for his great work here in the POE Forums, heavy recruiting and Leadership skills. Congratulations again buddy and keep up the great job.
  23. Ajido

    Please post or bump recruitment threads on the PoE forum in your spare time

    I've been posting in this thread if anyone wants to check it every now and then to bump it. PoE General Forum is pretty much littered with Dirtnap Gaming spam, I don't want us to spam like they do but I would like a post to be visible as often as theirs. Forum - General Discussion - Fever...
  24. Clinic

    POE Character Health/Mana/Armor Calculator

    I posted this already in my previous Split Arrow build thread, but I figured it probably needed it's own thread. I have built a spreadsheet for calculating your character's stats in Path of Exile. Path of Exile Character Builder To use this spreadsheet, enter your adjusted stats from...
  25. Ajido

    Warning: Teamspeak 'Pokes' & PoE

    We had an unfortunate HC death in the clan because one member poked another member on Teamspeak, if you're playing in Fullscreen, the message alt tabs you out of the game, putting your character at risk for the short time it takes to get back in. As one person here knows, that second or two can...