1. tiltedslim

    Was Neeb playing that good or was Rogue playing that poorly?

    I was really stoked on Neeb's play in this match up until I realized that Rogue made some very questionable choices (2 base Swarm Host?). You tell me.
  2. J

    Anyone playing No Man's Sky after Next update?

    What the topic says. Anyone jump back in or pick it up since this most recent update? I had never played before, but I finally caved after hearing some good things about it, that this patch is sort of a tipping point after all the big updates to where it's worth trying out. It's still got some...
  3. Medic739

    Still playing if anyone's interested

    Still playing Wildlands with all the DLC , if anyone ever wants to group up give me a yell on here or steam

    What are you playing next season?

    I'm starting with a Necro, but might go barb as it's the only class I haven't played before.
  5. BruC0Ndr

    Anyone going to be playing Pillars of Eternity 2?

    Just curious if there's other Feverians that are going to be playin' PoE 2
  6. Kinta

    Beginner at Fortnite - Calm and Collected 3K while playing Solos

    REFORMED CS PLAYER PLAYS FORTNITE (Quick 3K while playing Solos) Pulling csgo aim on em' I'm playing on Fortnite for PC, my building could get better. This was around 2-3AM.
  7. News Bot

    Epic Games Grants Teacher's Request to Warn Players About Playing Fortnite Mobile in Class

    Fornite Battle Royale seems to be growing in popularity every day and the new mobile version for iOS and Android has created an interesting situation for the younger players. A teacher going by the name Mr. Hillman sent a request to Epic Games asking them to warn players about playing Fortnite...
  8. O

    thinking about playing WoW again

    Hey guys . I'm thinking about to play WoW again and I was wondering on what server and what faction is guild on? I have alliance on sylvanas and horde on stormscale . Thanks for any reply Cheers
  9. aNger

    Fortnite | Late Night God Squad | LF NA | 18+ | Playing for the W | Squads Members

    Currently Looking for some more individuals on around 11pm CST - 4am CST several nights a week. I already have several team members available different nights so there will always be a team or two available for everyone. Just need to get us all on a list in one place with our availability...
  10. Strae112

    After a 3 year break I have started playing WOW again

    I had taken a break from WOW for college and never started back up. Lately I was bored of the FPS games and decided to go back to WOW. So many changes have happened that I am having to relearn the game. I have deleted some old toons and started new ones. This should be fun. Strae
  11. Sithis

    Playing through Oblivion again

    I'll be passively playing through TES 4 again. From memory it's my favorite ES game based on story alone. Looking forward to all the things Skyrim fixed though, they'll stand out hard.
  12. K

    New To The Clan And Just Wondering Is There Any Ark Groups Playing ATM?

    Just looking for a tribe to play with on any servers (offical, private...)
  13. C

    First Time Playing CS:GO Zerox Kimenu Bogo Axel Izzo
  14. News Bot

    Deepmind AI AlphaGo Zero Is Mastering Go By Playing With Itself

    While Google's Deepmind is trying to find out if AI can navigate the complex RTS Starcraft 2, machine learning continues to leap over milestones for traditional strategy board games. AlphaGO is an AI that previously defeated masters of the Chinese game but, that version was given a silver...
  15. News Bot

    John Carpenter: Playing Destiny 2 is My Destiny

    Destiny 2 is hot right now. Either you’re currently playing it or know friends who are. This is especially true if you are friends with Hollywood legend John Carpenter. In an interview with The Guardian, Carpenter speaks on his youth, career, and late life hobbies, the latter being almost...

    What class are you playing in season 12?

    So what are you going to play next season? My crystal ball says it will start Nov 3rd :) I'm probably going Necro again, or Monk
  17. Idolator

    EU Who is playing Destiny 2? And in which Platform?

    So there is a topic on this for NA but I was wondering if any of the EU members planned on playing it. I didn't get to play Destiny 1 (since I do not own a console) but I will be playing Destiny 2 on PC, when it launches on Oct 24th.
  18. Sixxed17

    How long has everyone been playing League?

    I just started playing last year and this is my first ranked season. I wound up in B3 from placements and I'm hoping to get that higher. When did you guys start playing? Which season?
  19. News Bot

    Zelda: Breath of the Wild Master Trials Review: Playing to Strengths

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was an all-in game. All-in, and then some, since more people bought the Switch version of Breath of the Wild than bought Nintendo’s console when it launched alongside Zelda earlier this year. Such a high adoption rate points to the likelihood that...
  20. noctemdracone

    Was playing around on the d3planner website

    Trying to come up with a build and tweaking it a little, I stumbled upon an OP combo of items which will probably not work how I envision it, but still fun never the less to look at: BONE STORM!!!!!! The corpse lance damage alone is pretty fun.
  21. Cryptec

    CIV BE - contemplating of playing again

    Hello All, Inquiring if anyone else is playing or getting back into this series or should I abandon due to lack of support/DLC/players. Thanks, Crypt
  22. Sithis

    TES: Legends: Anyone else playing it?

    Anyone played this game yet? Just downloaded and played through the trial, seems fun and something I might get into more. My IGN is ItsSithis if you want to add me :)
  23. Moreus

    Anyone playing NA Dota?

    Does anyone in Fever play NA Dota or am I the only one? :(
  24. Druhillion

    NA Who'll be playing Destiny 2? Which Platform?

    Deciding if i'm gonna pick this up or not. If you're going to be playing it, please reply with what platform you'll be playing it on.
  25. News Bot

    Russian YouTuber Found Guilty of Playing Pokemon Go and 'Inciting Hatred' in a Church

    Twenty-two-year old Ruslan Sokolovsky received a 3.5-year suspended sentence for playing Pokemon Go in one of Russia's holiest sites and uploading a profanity-laden video to YouTube (via Vox). Last August, Sokolovsky, a blogger and self-professed atheist recorded a video of himself playing...