1. Doiri

    Fortnite Fever Playerbase

    Main Game #Member nameLast activityDays InactiveRankPost Count1aNger2018-01-13200MGYSGT22 2Emza9982018-04-2994PFC1 3Fabiozo2018-07-1517PVT2 4fr4ntic2017-12-08236LCPL3 5HoneyBridgieBoo2018-05-1974PFC1 6ItsStryk2018-05-0687PFC1 7Kerosz2018-03-10144PFC3 8NasteTV2018-06-2042PFC3...
  2. PapaRussia

    Fever Hearthstone Playerbase

    This thread will have the information of players who are actively playing Hearthstone as of 7/27/16 and should be used as the main reference for adding and playing with other members in Fever. To add your name to the list please fill out THIS form. 1QWRWEhLBuC6THxVFSnmyg5VOD5HEiQG-ZLdXK8sobbk
  3. S

    New Recruit looking to gauge Fever TF2 playerbase

    Hey everyone! Recently joined and I was curious, as TF2 is one of the games my wife and I play together, how many Fever-mates there are that still play TF2? Thanks!
  4. Kevin The Cat

    Tom Clancy's The Division Fever Playerbase

    Welcome, this section is an example of The Division playerbase within Fever that I wanted to make. Post to this thread with your Name,which platform your playing on and Gamertag (Tag @saud) if you want to be added to the list. Tom Clancy's The Division Playerbase...
  5. GrizzlyAdams

    Overwatch Fever Playerbase - Post here to be added!

    WELCOME !! This list will contain the Overwatch playerbase within Fever. Post to this thread your in game tag and region to be added to the lists If you do not specify platform, we will assume you mean PC INDEX MAIN ROSTER OVERWATCH COMPANY OFFICERS EUROPEAN SERVER PLAYER BASE MAIN...
  6. Vlaru

    Diablo 3 Fever Playerbase

    Welcome, this section represents the Diablo 3 playerbase within Fever, including those on the NA servers and EU servers. Post to this thread with your ingame name, battletag, battlenet link and which Fever Clan you are in. (Tag Bob_o and...