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  1. Mikvatarius

    D and the D?

    So I've been looking for a DnD group for years now since my last group broke up... and I join Fever and find out they have a whole DND section!!! So here I am, plugging my campaign. I'm looking for 4-5 more players and will start digging through the roster to see who wants to play and private...
  2. K

    Newish Player

    Hey guys, i used to play this game in the alpha and beta, but haven't played much since it released... looking to get back into it and will be playing as much as I can. If you have the patience and maybe some helpful criticism for a new player feel free to add me to play. I prefer to play...
  3. digitalblade

    Battle Cup 20.08 2,5 - 3,5+ K -1 Player EU

    Looking for one player for the next Battle Cup in EU region Requirements: MMR: 2,5 -3,5k+ Buy your own Battle Cup ticket Be online at least 30 minutes before the start(you can check out the start time in your Dota 2 in the Battle Cup section) Must be able to follow captains commands in a...
  4. Axle

    Path of Exile - Player Roster - Apply here for invites!

    this is the information we need to get you added to the game roster once you complete this you will be sent an in game invite within 24 hours if you have any other questions feel free to message Axle or kracker3599 thank you. PoE Account Name: character name: Steam Name (optional)...
  5. S

    has there been a player drop on overwatch

    hi all havnt been on in afew weeks due to work but have been keeping a eye on overwatch ts have pple dropped of the game ?
  6. W

    Infestation World - player base

    Infestation World 1. Please mention @Worggy if you want to be added 2. when posting please write in this Layout (Fever Name - Steam Name) Fever Name Steam name Mailing list
  7. C

    New Player - Cobra

    Hey guys! Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Michael and I've only been playing Overwatch for a few weeks. My comp rank is 52 atm with a high of 53 so far. I'm pretty serious when I play and I love well coordinated teams! If you'd like you can add me @ Cobra#12897 Looking forward...
  8. W

    Dead By Daylight - player base

    Dead by Daylight [CENTER] 1. Please mention @Worggy if you want to be added Fever Name Steam Name Lilbear Lilbear Wdfrtygaming |Fever| Shaldar Ocean AstralTiger Incitefear th3draaksyn Atakapa Atakapa Paparussia PapaRussia Requ1em |Fever| Requ1em Flux Flux...
  9. W

    Hurtworld - player base

    Hurtworld Roster 1. Please mention @Hemera if you want to be added 2. when posting please write in this Layout (Fever Name - Steam Name) Fever Name Steam name lilbear Lilbear Worggy Worggy Requ1em |Fever| Requ1em A Happy Otter A Happy...
  10. W

    7 days to die - player base

    Fever Name Steam Name Killerqueen |Fever|Nic Cage Spookz Spookz Constant Constant Allstarr24 Kinetic Lavitz Lavitz Salemrios SalemRios90370 Lilbear Lilbear mailing list
  11. W

    ARK Player Roster

    ARK Roster Fever Name Steam Name ArtemisofHT ArtemisofHT August August CanidSerpent CanidSerpent Raphael |Fever| Raphael ☮ [SunKenRock SunKenRock Xeridium Xeridium Xiantyl Xiantyl Mailing list Ark Survival Evolved MISC Section ARK Job...
  12. C

    Fever smite player base

    hi, are there a lot of fever players on the EU server?
  13. ColdHeead

    LF lol player on EUW server

    Hello I am the new leader of the Fever EUW club. There are not a lot of members currently in the club and ChainedDeath retaired and gave me the position I would to know if there is anymore player that want to join the Ferver EUW club. My ingame name is sTL Devicer Best wishes TheDevicer sTL...
  14. Artam

    Thanks to a Special Player in the HoTS Community.

    I haven't been really been on here for a bit, because of just irl stuff as being a adult sucks but thats not the point of this post, This post is for someone really special to me as they have been a friend through my time in fever who I have played over 10,000* games with and I continue to enjoy...
  15. Templar7

    NA Need a Coach for a New Player

    I just got LoL yesterday and in need of a coach to teach me basic tactics and help me find my role and champion
  16. Sithis

    Returning ESO Player since Steam Summer-Sale!

    I'm coming back to ESO since I got a new computer within the two years it has been since I first played the game. I was VR12 (when that was cap) running speed trials loaded with gear. Excited to see some changes that have happened since they canceled the subscription model, I do see that Crown...
  17. M

    Looking for extra player for 5e & 3.5e

    Alright, this is a little complicated, but I am currently DMing a 3.5 campaign that is missing a player. I'm not looking for a replacement for him, but I need someone to take up his space while we play 5e we are going to do in his absence. Upon his return, if you play well you will be invited...
  18. M

    ESO PC New Player looking for a group

    I just started my first character hoping to make a Siphon Nightblade, I also normally run 'errands' for teammates (running back to town for supplies so they can keep fighting) I have the imperial edition but am for the most part clueless as to which addons or tasks to prioritize Reply...
  19. J

    News: SMITE: 20 Million Player Celebration

    SMITE: 20 Million Player Celebration SMITE has reached 20 million players and its time to celebrate! From Friday, June 3rd to Sunday, June 5th, play SMITE and earn 50 Gems for completing 3 First Wins of the Day! That means you can earn up to 50 Gems EACH day, totaling 150 Gems! Plus, use...
  20. I

    3k Player looking for a team in the AUS region

    Im 3k player looking to join a team of casual or serious players I have alot of experience in all roles, ranging from a very experienced mid player to a strong knowledgable support and everything in between Some of my strengths in heroes include: Invoker, All 3 spirit heroes (Earth, Ember...
  21. ill_fated

    New player looking for Comp partners.

    Hey everyone. New to the forums here. Looking for some people that might wanna play some comp games at some point. I'm unranked still but have played a few comp games now. I also need to do some of the Gemini missions if anyones interested in that. Just send me an invite or shoot me a PM!
  22. C

    New player looking for poeple to play with

    Hi, my name is ChainedDeath. Im a new player to HOTS and would like to meet some people to play with/chat on Teamspeak. If you are interested, add me on ChainedDeath#2704
  23. Toph

    New SC2 player, help needed

    Hey guys, So, the other day I picked up SC2 LoTV as there was a deal to get HoTS free as well. I've played a bit of the demo version, and have been playing and watching many videos recently in an attempt to get better. However, I've found myself at a stage where the videos aren't teaching me...
  24. OhNoYouFail

    (Relatively new) division player here

    After my pc shit the bed, I got a few parts and upgraded (slightly). Anyone looking to hop into the DZ with a half-decent player? I'm on in a little.. uplay name is OhNoYouFail I got it off of g2a, and for some reason I cannot link my steam account with uplay... so sadly, I cannot join people...
  25. Thangs

    Best FPS for a 'noob' FPS player

    So, ive never really had much interest in FPS, but i want to give them another try. I play on my PC, have a limited budget, am not too good at them and do not have all that much time to play. I want something easy to pick up and semi-easy to actually be decent at, along with awesome game play of...