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  1. B

    Global Fever League(GFL) Player Search

    Want to find another way to win a free iPad? This isn't the spot to find one, instead I am looking for players to compete in the Global Fever League! Want to play against players from another clan while being streamed? Who's the player you want to win this weekend? Or are you looking for a...
  2. ShmeKeRa

    i am an eu player who is downloading swtor atm

    so i am excited about this game and i am looking for some europeans to play with me. i would love to play on the us servers but time itself breaks when its 7am here and 12am there : )
  3. R

    new player

    Looking for people who want to play, I have a couple of matches under my belt, still 0 kills @[email protected] coaching probably needed XD
  4. Arbitrium

    Civilization V - Player List

    Players that play Civ 5 can post here their Steam ID's so we can get this group started! This pretty much shows how many active Civ players there are and are looking for someone to play with in the clan. Players of any skill levels are welcome. Just make sure to give the newer players a chance...
  5. T

    DotA 2: Serious Player Looking For a Team

    Skill Level:6 Role:Carry-SemiCarry-Ganker-Initiator[I Can play all the roles but these are my best] Steam Name:|Fever|TrackMyAss I am Available at all the times but after 10/1/2013 :D [Exams] TeamSpeak3/Mic:Yes/Yes Country:EG Language:English [Not very good]
  6. S

    DotA 2: Committed player looking for competitive team.

    Hello there, I haven't seen too many teams posting looking for members so I just thought I'd throw this out there. I'm interested in joining a competitive team that plays on US East servers. I have over 600 games of dota 2 played. I'd prefer to solo off lane or mid but I can play any role...
  7. Adreus

    MW3 single player worth picking up?

    So not to long ago I played the demo of mw3 single player and I really enjoyed it ddin't take me long to understand the controls but I recall the story was not all that great seening how alot of people just play online ( I wont be one of those type). So is it worth getting for the single player...
  8. A

    Pro Player I Will Dominate Permanently Banned.

    IWillDominate Tribunal Permaban & eSports Competition Ruling - League of Legends Community tl;dr Pro is a doucher, is in the worst 1% of players, gets B& permanently except for the part where he's only banned for a year.
  9. L

    The mind of a competieve player educating non competieve players one step of the time

    Ok to get stuff out of the way my name is Rene Castaneda I've been in Fever since the end times of the battlefield 2 life cycle so 3 or 4 years ago (i don't remember anymore) I was a substitute squad leader for x-company when phaze had college stuff to deal with so it made it hard to keep a team...
  10. Lampan

    To all Swedish player wanna play HotS

    Just preorder from Webhallen and you will get your HotS beta key :D. Don't have to pay untill februari!
  11. A

    We have a new master player

    so we have a new Master league player in Feverclan. that is me. i even lost my placement match against a zerg.
  12. Isomet

    New to Dota 2: Player Listing

    For Clan Members Who Are Learning How To Play Dota Introduction: The ambition of this thread is to create a sub division in Clan Fever's Dota section, for the members who are new to the game. Eventually we will be able to organize games, inhouses, and eventually tournaments for those...
  13. B

    Casual player

    But ready to get better. If anyone plays this game, let me know. I main SC2 but play CS:GO in my free time and would love people to play with.
  14. E

    Eraze's application.

    What game(s) do you play: Smite,Modern warfare 3,Combat arms,Minecraft Of these, which is your main game: Smite Age:15 (mature) Gender:Male Country:Belgium MW3/Battlefield User Name:Eraze League of Legends/DOTA 2 User Name : SWTOR/Diablo 3 User Name : Steam:Blazetohit XFire: Other...
  15. D

    Up and Coming Player!

    Hey I thought I had posted this thread already but I guess I was mistaken haha anyway, I am a new player looking to get into Dota 2 as soon as I get a key hopefully very shortly so I've been looking at all the heroes and i really like the agility heroes, but some of the strength characters, I...
  16. Gsworld

    Me Vs. a Platinum player

    i don't see how i got to go against a plat player as silver but it was a good game =O 1v1 FCGsworld vs ZeN PvZ -
  17. Isomet

    Player Information: The Random Team Tournament

    @Vespher @Schmoota It is too late to sign up now! You can watch the match here All players should punctually show up on Team Speak between 12:00pm and 12:30pm est. The first match will begin at 1:00pm. The referee will message you telling you which team speak group to be on, and...
  18. Gsworld

    Favorite Starcraft 2 player to watch Stream?

    I like to watch Spanishiwa and Whitera.
  19. WASP

    Photo: Stream of Memes

    Ill restart this thread k Do not post here without having a image to add to the thread. Inside Jokes are fun and all but not if you're not on the inside of the conversation.
  20. .mpm.7.

    Seven helpful tips on how to become a better player

    As the beta becomes more expansive and allows for more and more people to play, a flood of new players of Dota 2 or even MOBAs in general are coming in. As you start to play your first few matches, you may find the game very fun, but extremely difficult to learn. You may play a few more games...