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  1. Psychotikah

    Guides: Basic fundamental mechanics: a novice player Starcraft II guide

    Salutation to all Fever clan members or Starcraft 2 enthusiasts. I am Psychotikah and I wish to offer everyone this beginner’s guide for the usage of the newer or older Starcraft II players that feel stuck in their development. I am personally a very mediocre diamond league player and I vividly...
  2. Atomic Philosopher

    Looking for Single Player PC Game Suggestions

    The title pretty much sums it up. I want something new to play but I can't find anything that really strikes me. Just looking for something fun whether it be an RPG, shooter, RTS, etc. - it doesn't matter. Games with online elements are alright as long as there are Asian servers. It's kind of...
  3. Hoyy

    ESO Player Roster

    ESO Roster Main Game: #Member nameLast activityDays InactiveRankPost Count7Cookie2018-04-194SMA104 4Dark_Praetor2018-04-230MJR72 5Hoyy2018-04-221VM614 2Kotaro2018-04-176PFC1 3Linessah2018-04-230LTG1701 6Picasio2018-04-1013PVT2 1ScarletTheRed2018-03-0549PFC5 8Shadronium2018-04-194PVT1 Alt...
  4. Z

    is ff14 dead is their a group of player here ?

    sup guys, im thinking about getting back at ff14 but im wondering, it seems nobody post a thread for a long time ?
  5. BruC0Ndr

    News: GWENTup Player profiles are online!

    New feature of the amazing deck tracker called GWENTup With it, it tracks your in-game matches and stats. Now you can have a player profile! First for GWENT! e.g. this is mine GwentUp Download GwentUp for deck tracking, player profiles and more!
  6. G

    4 Player group play

    Last few days there has been some interest on 4 player group play on higher GR level and after talking about it yesterday I felt like small summary with link to excellent guide for High level GR. It is still very valid even if it is over half a year old. Generic Group composition: Puller...
  7. C

    News: CS:GO team shaken up after player sends death threat

    Two months ago, Immortals was one of the most talented and exciting professional teams in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene. Now, the team has fired one player and benched two more amidst two weeks filled with controversy. Whether it was minor squabbles between opponents or quiet...
  8. KingCatNip

    New Player looking for some Team Mates

    Hello Hots Section, I usually play Starcraft 2 but have found myself playing more Hero's as of late. I could certainly use some people to play with and I don't see many people ever in the discord Hots Channel. If anyone needs one more for the team please look me up. KingCatNip#1823 Cheers
  9. Grant

    New LoL Player looking for advice!

    Oh, hey fam! So lately i've been playing LoL alot and i need more champions to play, so i could use some suggestions. I mainly play Midlane and these are champs i play alot in Mid: - Zed - Katarina - Taliyah - Malphite - Kayle - Ryze So if you have any champions you'd think i might...
  10. K

    EU A new player on the board :)

    hello everyone, im from EU and im new to this clan, if anyone want to play some HOTS games feel free to add me: Haro#21665 its my smurf and i have 1 more but lately i play on this one usually at evenings and nights, im lookin for some friendly ppl who are willing to learn more just like me ^^...
  11. D

    New Player and New member

    Hello, I'm Doughby and I just joined and started playing HotS a few days ago. If you want to play just hit me up on battlenet. My tag is Doughby#1689. I also play Rocket League, Overwatch, League of Legends and Rainbow Six siege. If you want to play any of those hit me up.
  12. ArchaicLord

    Silver player looking for help to improve

    Hello everyone, I am new here. Thanks for having me. I have played LOL for a long time but always solo. As a Solo play I haven't been able to get out of Silver. I just can't carry myself. I like ADC the most. I am looking for any one who is patient enought to...
  13. GrizzlyAdams

    Closed: Duet - STEAM Elegant and minimal, Duet asks players simply to navigate two orbiting spheres past an increasingly complex maze of falling obstacles. As the difficulty increases, the tension mounts, and a peculiar narrative unfolds. Features: Single-playerSteam...
  14. Damien

    PUBG Player Roster

    Main Roster Hi everyone, below you will find the interactive player roster for PUBG. If you do not see yourself on the list, please contact me on the forums or on Discord. Main Game #Member nameLast activityDays InactiveRankPost Count1Asterian2018-06-2239LCPL3 2Atomic...
  15. L

    EU Looking for a player

    Rank: Gold 3 - Plat 1 If anyone the same rank as me wants to play add me: Steam Community :: |Fever| L I N D S O M
  16. Salty


    Hello all! As you can tell the community of PUBG within the clan is a little spread out, and has a lot of barriers between players. Being so, I have taken the role as Event Coordinator for the game. The first thing I believe will remedy this would be to see/know how many people play the same...
  17. sparkis

    Hearthstone Player Roster

    Leave a comment with your Battletag ID and server(s) you play on to be added to the list. North America Europe Asia Achilleus Achilleus#1615 arksun Thoriel#1284 Aug Aug#1129 Battlecanuck Battlecanuck#1994 Flux Flux#1590 Inharmonix Inharmonix#1528 Sixxed17 Sixxed#1716...
  18. SunKenRock

    Consoles: Looking for player 2

    Now i know this place mostly is a pc gaming type of community . Yet it is obvious that gaming is found on more than just a desktop/laptop. Ive come across few and i know of the lists for xbox/sony for those who might have such a console and name within it. What im trying to inquire is if...
  19. sparkis

    Fever Hearthstone Player List Update

    Hi all :) As per the Fever Hearthstone update a couple of days ago, the cleanup of the Hearthstone players list has begun. For those of you already on the player's list, you should have received a private forum message regarding the update. If you're not on the Hearthstone players list as of...
  20. GaReBeaR

    diablo 3 player also plays HOTS

    Hi, I main diablo 3 at the moment but i also play heros of the storm, would love to play with fellow fever members. gambara#1377
  21. SunKenRock

    Ark Player Roster and Job list

    ARK Roster Fever Name Steam Name ArtemisofHT ArtemisofHT CanidSerpent CanidSerpent Raphael |Fever| Raphael ☮ [SunKenRock SunKenRock Xiantyl Xiantyl Mailing list Ark Survival Evolved MISC Section ARK Job Opportunity The miscellaneous section is...
  22. dtown

    HotS player becomes new LoL Player

    Hey everyone. I've been hanging out with the HotS folks for a while now but for some strange reason I got this bug to jump into LoL. Which is exciting and scary to think about taking on LoL. So I'm turning to Fever to set me on the right path. Above all, I'm hoping to find a few players who...
  23. F

    SCII player also plays HotS!

    Hello Fever Clan HotS community, I joined fever as a member of the starcraft II part of the clan, but I still play a large amount of games of HotS as well. If anyone would like to play with me, I play most days after 8PM PST and have achieved some pretty good ranks throughout the seasons...
  24. V4lkrie

    LOL player

    does anyone still play cause i dont see anyone on the room
  25. Nanbu

    Casual player

    Hello. I was wondering if there were any other casual players who wanted to party up some time. I have been playing for a while with breaks in between. I usually play Quick Match and don't have a set schedule. Shoot me a message if interested :D (Nanbu#1443)