1. P

    EU LF People To Play With

    Hey guys :D I'm new here and I would love to have a team. I'm gold level at the moment. I used to be diamond then plat then gold :D I quit the game for a while and when i came back everyone was incredibly better. If you wanna play add me.
  2. H

    EU Looking for people to play with

    Looking for people to play with. Playing casual games. Looking for a clan if possible. People with experience and mature to have fun and play some games! add me: HardcoRGS
  3. BruC0Ndr

    Guides: PLAY NOW Marvel End Time Arena, the successor of Infinite Crisis.

    I've played it for a little while, it's deffinetly nostalgia. I can see this becoming IC's successor, it has the feels of a good moba, awesome characters and great design. You can download the game on Steam trough Korean VPN. You can find the VPN...
  4. D

    Wanna Play Some FORKNIFE!!??

    Whats up guys, Im gonna be running a bit of a forknife marathon tonight starting 1700 (GMT) would be nice if some clannies would like to play squids if your intrested joing, join the Fornite chan on discord ill be ther from 1700 (GMT) :surprise: anyone welcome :surprise: p.s although we will...
  5. O

    Anyone play dofus?

    Does anyone here play dofus?, as the title implies lol picked it back up and the new update is amazing still buggy but fun
  6. News Bot

    Vintage Video Game Vault: Teaching An Old Wolf To Play Old Games

    Welcome to the second edition of the Vintage Video Game Vault Twitch Stream (name subject to be improved). Take a ride with your buddies on a 16-bit magic carpet as we attempt to enjoy the games of yesteryear on modern controllers that suck at playing these great classic games. Today's stream...
  7. News Bot

    How to Play Co-op in State of Decay 2

    Surviving the zombie apocalypse can be a lonely experience, but that’s not the case in State of Decay 2 with its four-player co-op! Now you and three friends can team up and work together to create a thriving community and experience everything the game has to offer. Starting a co-op game...
  8. News Bot

    Nintendo's New E3 Policies Include Tickets to Play Super Smash Bros. For Switch

    Nintendo is doing things a little differently this year with E3, as it's introducing a few new policies and other events aimed at keeping things more organized and exciting for fans. One of the most interesting additions is the fact that fans will need to sign up for reserved play slots ahead...
  9. News Bot

    PUBG Mobile Players Can Finally Play On Miramar, The Desert Map

    PUBG PC and Xbox One players have been exploring the desert wasteland of Miramar for a while, but players of Tencent's PUBG Mobile will finally be able to apply their on-the-go tactics to the game's second map. I've not played PUBG on mobile devices, but I'm no stranger to Miramar on PC. If this...
  10. News Bot

    How to Play Escalation Protocol with 9 Friends in Destiny 2

    Escalation Protocol is Destiny 2’s latest, and most challenging, public activity, requiring excellent teamwork, powerful weapons, and a bit of system trickery. Players who want to attempt and hopefully clear Level 7 of the Escalation Protocol will need to get together and form a 9-player...
  11. T

    Anyone play star citizen?

    Hello all am just wondering if there is anyone that plays this game I am looking for people to play with and start a org if interested post here or message me :)
  12. T

    Anyone play star citizen?

    Hey looking to get into star citizen to start a org just looking for some people to start it with :)
  13. W

    Want to play WOW again..

    With Battle for Azeroth on the horizon, I decided to come back to WOW. I have played mostly on private server, a few years prior I have purchased the Battlechest after Warlords of Draneor was released(I did not buy Draneor) now I would like to know if I need to buy all other WOW expansion up...
  14. News Bot

    Minecraft on Nintendo Switch Gets Cross-Platform Play and Physical Release This Summer

    If you play a lot of Minecraft on the go with your Nintendo Switch, but wish you could play with others on the platforms they use a lot, then get ready to be excited. This June, the Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition will welcome the Minecraft Bedrock Engine onto the platform, and you'l be able...
  15. News Bot

    Play Offworld Trading Company For Free On Steam This Weekend

    Stardock's Offworld Trading Company is an intellectual game that explores business across other planets that span the galaxy. Like the fantastic Gazillionaire before it, you work against the (often greedy) competition to help grow your business as you manage resources, buy out other companies...
  16. TurtleStrong

    Anyone play Factorio?

    Was wondering if anyone else still played this. I want to play this some but don't want to go it alone. Basically looking for someone to co-work on a 2 man play through of it.
  17. News Bot

    Arma 3 Is Free to Play This Weekend, With Deep Discounts for Buyers

    If you've been looking to get into the military shooter Arma 3, it's your lucky day. Bohemia Interactive is running a free play weekend for the shooter in celebration of it hitting 4 million players, an impressive milestone if you ask me. The Free weekend is running through April 30 at 1 PM ET...
  18. News Bot

    The Release of YouTube Remix Could Spell the End of Google Play Music

    If you haven't already heard, Google is looking to launch a new music platform service in the form of the rumored YouTube Remix later this year. According to a source via Droid-Life, the new service will end up replacing Google Play Music, forcing users to swap platforms by the end of 2018. If...
  19. News Bot

    PUBG Is Free to Play On Xbox One This Weekend

    Been thinking about checking out PUBG, but don't wanna throw down your hard-earned greenbacks without taking a test drive first? If you happen to own an Xbox One and have a Gold membership, then this weekend is your chance to do just that. Starting on April 19 at 12:01 a.m. PDT and running until...
  20. News Bot

    How to Play Original Xbox Games on Xbox One

    The Xbox One console is fast becoming one of the best consoles to own and it’s all because of Microsoft’s continued support of backwards compatibility. Thanks to the back compat program, the games players were experiencing back in 2001 aren’t left to collect dust on shelves...
  21. News Bot

    South Korea's FTC Investigates Google Play Amid Claims of Marketplace Abuse

    Rough times could be coming for Google Play, as it's currently under investigation by the South Korean Fair Trade Commission. It appears the ubiquitous marketplace could have been abusing its position to pressure game developers to launch their games exclusively on the Google Play platform. With...
  22. News Bot

    EA PLAY Press Conference Will Air on June 9

    EA Play 2018 returns to Hollywood on June 9 and the press conference time has been announced. Shackers can tune in at 11 AM PDT for gameplay reveals, big announcements, and some of the most influential influencers to ever influence content creation in gaming. The EA PLAY press conference...
  23. News Bot

    Asymmetrical Shooter Aftercharge Coming to Switch with Cross-Platform Play

    One of the more exciting games the Shacknews crew saw at this year's Game Developers Conference is Aftercharge, an upcoming 3v3 asymmetrical shooter that pits a team of invisible robots against a team of invincible humans. As far as we can tell, it's a multiplayer game that doesn't mind thinking...
  24. News Bot

    How Many Players Can Play One Server in Sea of Thieves?

    One of the fundamental elements of Sea of Thieves' open-world gameplay is the sense that players are truly sailing around the open sea. With that in mind, having too many players on a single game server would totally muddle the experience — players might be fighting over resources, running...
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    Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 5.0.0 Fixes Play Time Display Error

    The Nintendo Switch reached its first birthday earlier this month, an event which for some provided an opportunity to look at how far the system had come along in twelve months of life. We've seen plenty of new games and come up with a list of our most anticipated Nintendo Switch releases, but...