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  1. MustangPunk

    Anyone not playing PC Ghost but bought it?

    Hey all, I bought Ghost on 360 because I loved BO2 on it so much. I am second prestige now. But I noticed most fever players are playing on PC. My scuf controller works well on PC (tried it on BF3 and BO2). I have read and heard several people talk about how much they HATE Ghost. I am disabled...
  2. DrinkingWhiskey

    Metal Gear coming to pc

    It's the Raiden one but it's a start Save 33% on METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE on Steam
  3. Subsized

    Looking for pilot for some game play later on (pc)

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of doing some chopper footage later on if anyone wants to team up in a few hours. Sent from my Note 10.1
  4. C

    PC BF4 System Question

    Hello crew, Wanted to inquire from those more knowledgeable; I have an Alienware Laptop X17 loaded out and need to know how it will BF4. Specifically, my laptop meets the minimum requirements, but for recommended falling short on two items: 1. Running Windows 7 NOT Windows 8 2. My...
  5. C

    GTA 5...................WHY YOU NO OUT FOR PC :(

    am I the only one here who wonders why Rockstar didnt release a pc port WITH the release of consoles? I know that they didnt do it for ANY other gta game, and each of those games had to wait at least 6 months before a port...But I mean come on If I have to wait 6 to 7 months for a pc port...
  6. K

    PC Racing for Broke Dummies

    The UltraRacer controller is a great solution for part-time, immersive, competitive racing on the PC. It is convenient in size yet very accurate. Features include 256 steps of precise turning, 16 steps of acceleration, 16 steps of braking, 11 digital buttons, and one analog button that is...
  7. Rage487

    TSM PC Giveaway

    Origin PC, Corsair, and TSM world championship giveaway at TSM PC Giveaway - ORIGIN PC ! Check it out guys :D
  8. Hasmed

    Chance at a Free PC

    Ok so Razor is giving away a free PC atm so if you would like a upgrade or new one here is a chance for ya Swifty PC Giveaway Its from some swifty guy(wow player) so check it out but free pc is always nice!
  9. F

    PC game suggestions for Wife and I

    I am looking for some suggestions of games my wife and I can play together. I enjoy competitive style games such as CS, Dota 2, LoL but the only one of those games she has ever tried and enjoyed was CS. She would not be interested in any MMO such as WoW, they just take too much time. So I...
  10. M

    Win a custom Origin PC with Razer hardware

    You now have a chance to win an Origin PC fully equiped with top notch Razer gear. For more information on how to enter you can find out here. Personaly I'm more intrested in the Razer peripherals than the PC itself.
  11. Mr_Stompy

    Castlevania & Metal Gear for PC anyone?

    It's taken Konami quite awhile (I think it's been two years since release) to bring LoS to PC, but at last tis here. Was wondering who is going to get it, I pre ordered it and I'm excited about it. Come on people, directed by Hideo Kojima and narrated by Patrick fucking Stewart :ele: ... buy...
  12. WASP

    Petition to get GTA V released on PC

    As you may be aware, Rockstar have not yet officially released whether or not they are going to be releasing GTA V on PC. Here is a petition to help make their minds up sooner rather than later. Please sign it: http://www.change.org/petitions/rockstar-release-gta-v-on-pc# I do however...
  13. Athius

    Multiple PC Feeds

    Lets say you have 5 or 6 computers on a network, does anyone know of any programs or a way to hook it up so a projector can cycle its video between any one of the computers? I can be more specific if needed lol.
  14. Mr_Stompy

    Resident Evil 6 on PC

    Love this game, especially mercs and onslaught mode. Been playing the L4D2 No Mercy cross over pack and it's fucking awesome murdering a witch as a samurai version of Chris Redfield. Hit me up on steam or post your names on here, I'm Mr_Stompy same as here on the Fever forums.
  15. Nitshft

    PC vs consoles

    Darkstar01 Raiiken GO!
  16. Wizo

    Moving From PC to XBOX Live

    Well what can I say, my wife bought me an Eagle Eye from Penguin United for my Xbox 360. It was my gift for our 5 year anniversary. (she got an 32g HD Kindle Fire). She always hears me rant about the population of FPS PC gaming is gone to crap and how at times its hard to find a good game...
  17. Hasmed

    Dungeon Defenders [PC]

    Amyone play this? I find myself playing it to past the time in class more and more or when I dont have time to play a full Dota game. Its alot of fun actually and I enjoy it. Any other players out there? If so add me's on steam and maybe we can play
  18. MustangPunk

    Mass Effect 3 PC Is it a good game

    Its on sale 1/2 ¡Off. I liked the demo. I have so little money should I get it? Sorry can't say much right now .... there is an enemy soldier in my AO
  19. stemnin

    Star Citizen: Squadren 42 - 'I am a PC game'

    Star Citizen preview: the open-world space sim from the creator of Wing Commander | PC Gamer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqIC2B9UVPM his site is getting hammered robertsspaceindustries.com/star-citizen/
  20. MustangPunk

    PC vs Xbox

    Can I play with people that are playing on PC if I play MW3 on Xbox? just curious. I dont have either yet but I want to get Xbox soon and that would be kewl. I have no more hard drive space on my PC. :cool:
  21. L

    Pc Game DISCOUNT!

    Who love this game? Have you tried it in demo? Try Now! Save 66% on Sniper Elite V2 on Steam End: 8/20/2012 on Monday