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  1. UntoldTruth

    Paragon PC or Console?

    I am just trying to get a feel for how split the community is. I am planning on playing it but am not sure if I will go PS4 or PC. Also is it fun? It looks pretty interesting.
  2. Deltascourge

    WTS FFXIV + Heavensward PC

    Got a FFXIV and Heavensward PC CD key (FFXIV is not region locked or system locked. But the expansion is) and kinda want to trade it. I'll take offers if they sounds good
  3. Synfull

    Jeff Kaplan's Inside Scoop with PC Gamer on Overwatch

    You can read the full article here: http://www.pcgamer.com/jeff-kaplan-talks-overwatch-progression-unlocks-and-beta-invites/?utm_content=buffer5fe24&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=buffer_pcgfb What do you think of the new game mode Control? Are you excited for loot...
  4. Mr Twinky

    Tom Clancy The Devision XB1/ PC

    Hey guys, Im already in the beta But I have an extra Code if anyone else would like it? Up for grabs Im on XB1 feel free to join me? i think it can be used for XB1 or PC. Just drop me a message!
  5. Barretrifle

    Tom Clancy The Division Beta PC

    So I got into the beta and was wondering if anyone from Fever did as well. I would like to clan up and play this weekend on PC. Please let me know or add me on steam so we can crush! I dont know about the NDA for this one but I know I couldnt stream Paragon. If there isnt one, I will come back...
  6. DrSmitherine

    Halo for PC

    Are there any other halo games for PC besides 1 and 2?
  7. R

    My PC Desk Build

    I decided to get rid of the traditional computer case and replace the shelving in my desk at the same time :) Swapped out the power supply and CPU cooler today and running even cooler than before.
  8. Thangs

    Custom PC builds, what are you rocking.

    I built my initial system a few years back and have been upgrading since. The fact that it is still running tells me i did something right, lol. My current set up gets me by, although a new graphics card is much needed, so any advice would be awesome. Here is my system: AMD FX-8320 Corsair...
  9. J

    SMITE: Top 5 PC Plays #106

    SMITE: Top 5 PC Plays #106 Hello guys Top 5 Plays #106, as usual tell me your favourite play, what god made the best play to get it into the Top 5 Plays and what you'd like to see in the future that you may not have seen before. Anyway Happy Holidays and I hope you've all enjoyed your...
  10. Gyorn

    Turok: Remastered for PC coming this week!

    Oh yeah, I'm so hot right now to play this finally on PC and revive some good ol memories. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9Op9wNphq4 Release on 12/17/15 on Steam, GOG and HumbleBundle!
  11. J

    SMITE: Top 5 PC Plays #103

    SMITE: Top 5 PC Plays #103 Another Top 5 Plays coming from the PC Version this week, very nice kills as usual and nice teamwork as well. All of the gods did really good which is awesome and its just another awesome Top 5 Plays as usual. Hope you all enjoy this Top 5 Plays and I'll see you in...
  12. DrinkingWhiskey

    WTT coins for SW BF on pc - Paying all my coins

    Title says it all, I want SW BF on PC The new one, not that 10 year old shit ya cocky fuckers lol. Paying all my coins . . . Get at me

    Best hope for a new PC game?

    So, any idea what will be the new PC game to bring all in? every DEV has gone console, but....maybe overwatch?
  14. DrinkingWhiskey

    WTB Star Wars Battlefront for pc

    Will give many coins, let me know please and thanks.
  15. J

    SMITE: Top 5 PC Plays #102

    SMITE: Top 5 PC Plays #102 Hello guys here with SMITE: Top 5 PC Plays Episode 102 getting on a bit now, bring on Episode 200! Anyway nice plays in this not as many group ups as I imagined there would be but doesn't mean the plays aren't good. Nice plays as usual and some very well timed...
  16. FealtyGaming

    BO3 Arena PC LFG

    Would like to add arena as content from my stream. Looking to group up with players who are interested in growing as a competitive team.
  17. J

    SMITE - TOP 5 PC Plays #101

    SMITE - TOP 5 PC Plays #101 Hello guys another episode of the Top 5 PC Plays into number 101 now. As usual some nice team fights and teammates working together at the right time to save eachother from the enemy team killing them. Some nice blocks and good timed abilities to ensure that one side...
  18. gypsypirategod

    CoD for PC

    If you play BO3 on PC let me know so we can start something up!!
  19. J

    SMITE: Top 5 PC Plays #100

    SMITE: Top 5 PC Plays #100 Hello guys episode 100 of the Top 5 Plays PC Edition. Some very nice teamwork and kills today in this episode, we even have two penta kills which are awesome. Hopefully you enjoy the Top 5 Plays today and SMITE will be adding some new stuff to their Top 5 Plays to...
  20. J

    SMITE TOP 5 PC Plays #96

    SMITE TOP 5 PC Plays #96 Hey guys another Top 5 Plays coming from the PC coming in with the 96th Episode. Welcome to some really good plays, awesome combinations and good teamwork coming in at the right time. Will be amazing to watch and as always a very nice clean commentary to spice up the...
  21. Bagheera

    PC Issues

    Hi guys, Just wanted to check in and let you know that I have had some PC issues with my GPU shutting down after playing for small amounts of time. I think I may have it figured out but I also have a big project I am working on. I got a notice to check in to verify I am still alive, so I just...
  22. Rayvenx

    ISO a good PC chair.

    So... I am going to start working from home a week from now. On top of the time I spend gaming, I'm going to be in this chair a LOT. I really need a good high quality chair that I will work for me. I am 6'2" about 490 lbs so I need a wide seat. (about 27in +). I've been looking into DXRacers...
  23. noctemdracone

    Black Ops 3 PC beta codes

    First come first serve! 5H3T6-9HXBL-Q833K A2KJZ-I8X7A-QI2CF Redeem in steam.
  24. Spykers

    New pc, New games

    Hey Guys, Next week I'll be able to play more games because of the new pc I am getting The games I am getting are grid, csgo, final fantasy XIV A real reborn and metal gear solid V : Phantom Pain. I will also be able to stream with it. Specs: MSI B85M-E45 65,00 Nvidia GTX 970. 378,90...
  25. shawnseveras

    Looking to sell my custom built pc any ideas as to where

    So.... I have decided with much hesitation to sell my pc....Yes im selling . Now the difficult part where . As to why i need the money for a truck,Or car so i can get around... ive tried craigslist. I'm trying to sell it as a whole not parting it out because it has a 4 year warrinty with...