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  1. KR4KEN

    Does anyone play Maple Story 1 or 2?

    I was thinking of getting back into MP1 or MP2, I was wondering if anyone plays or would like to play either one, I'd love to start a new character and group up and level up together . If you're interested let me know
  2. Atomic Philosopher

    Looking for Single Player PC Game Suggestions

    The title pretty much sums it up. I want something new to play but I can't find anything that really strikes me. Just looking for something fun whether it be an RPG, shooter, RTS, etc. - it doesn't matter. Games with online elements are alright as long as there are Asian servers. It's kind of...
  3. ho.ot

    Call of Duty : WW2 -- PC

    Hello Everyone: I hope, all is well everyone. New member here. Just seeing if anyone else plays WW2 on PC. Typically, play with a couple of buddies on core game modes and war. If you're interested in playing with me and want to join up on discord let me know. You may respond back to...
  4. Damien

    Test Servers for PC 1.0 release

    So, as most of you, I am very much excited for the 1.0 release of PUBG next month (hopefully). If you haven't seen or read the patch notes thus far, see this thread: Steam Community :: Group Announcements :: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS For those who have played in the test server over the...
  5. R

    Destiny 2 Currently on Sale (PC)

    Just an FYI for those on the fence, it’s on sale on the official Blizzard site and you can get it cheaper from Green Man Gaming currently. If you like Halo I definitely recommend picking it up!
  6. SteamboatWille

    How good of a PC do you need?

    Its all pretty much in the title. Just want to know, plan on building a desktop and want to know the min I need.
  7. TheToxicNation

    Destiny 2 on pc

    So the raid has been out for a bit now and trials of the 9 to join it, haven't been able to do it because iv only got a 3 man squad so i was wondering if anyone would want to help, if so please pm me on this or discord would be allot of help. Thanks allot -Toxic
  8. D

    Looking for morning raids USA server on PC

    I play in the mornings through early afternoon usually on weekdays, sometimes the weekends also. Hit me up if you wanna do some Nightfall or Leviathan during those times. Btag is Dismayven#1187 I just got to light level 268 this morning.
  9. D

    I won the Paul's Hardware Gaming PC Giveaway!!!!!

    YouTube There is the video, I am Zech T. that he announced is the winner. I got the email this morning and I am waiting to hear back from him on what I need to do to claim the prize. I will post a video to my YouTube channel when I get this beast in the mail! This is the only thing I have...
  10. TheToxicNation

    Xbox to Pc transfer

    Now i know what the title said but its the best way to explain, can i use an xbox disk of fallout 4 in my pc to play the game.:surprise:
  11. Achilleus

    Ultimate PC Porn Build

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tj-b7A4_5nU If you don't have epeen envy at this build, I don't even know what to say. xD
  12. TheToxicNation

    Destiny 2 on PC

    Has anyone got or is getting destiny 2 for the pc when it comes out and would like to make a squad to do raids pvp and pve bosses, message me when it comes out and go from there. Happy hunting to those who have it on xbox and ps already.
  13. Achilleus

    My new PC build--but which GPU?

    So over the past few months I've been picking parts for a new PC build. This is what I picked out for the cpu/mobo: AMD RYZEN 7 1700 8-Core 3.0 GHz (3.7 GHz Turbo) Socket AM4 65W YD1700BBAEBOX Desktop Processor MSI X370 GAMING PRO CARBON AM4 AMD X370 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard...
  14. IceBear

    Budget Gaming Pc

    Some of you might be suprised at the prices I paid for these parts. All parts were purchased from a reddit group called hardwareswap. The parts and price paid are as follows I7 4770k - $195 Asus z87 pro - $60 16 gb ram - $40 1tb hdd - $30 Evga 500w - $30 Parts I already have and what I paid Case...
  15. Damien

    PC Gamer wants to hear your craziest/best PUBG story

    Hi folks, As the subject states, PC Gamer is looking to hear from the PUBG community with regards to your craziest/best stories HERE. They will choose their favorite and post something next week. Here are some examples: 1. Crazy bike jump into building 2. Sneaky overturned car victory...
  16. The_Krobar

    Fornite Extra Copy for Sale (PC)

    I have a extra copy of Fortnite I am willing to sell for $30 if anyone is interested me. Send me a message! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Dark_Praetor

    Morrowind Live! NA PC - Who else currently plays?

    Trying to gauge any interest in getting Fever members to play together, I'm currently a PC NA player. I'ld be down to either join an existing in-game guild or we could form a new Fever guild and begin recruiting in zones etc.
  18. xXGuardianXx

    looking to trade coins for GTA V PC

    title just about covers it up, i'm looking to get GTA V for PC while its on sale for some coins, whatever you think is fair, PM me with offer please.
  19. Kunezite

    News: Blog Post: New Summer Survival Event & PC Engine Update.

    New Summer Survival Event & PC Engine Update. NEW Summer Survival Event! It’s blog post time and in this blog we’re asking for feedback from our players on a few different events that we are working on. We will have different forum threads ready for your suggestions and we’re excited to...
  20. A


    Play Overwatch(R) Free May 26–29 on PC, PlayStation(R) 4, and Xbox One - News - Overwatch
  21. Rimeraz

    4.7 PC Hotfix Notes

    General Fixed Gold Vault Skin purchasing issue Fixed Jump Stamp visual issue Fixed Joust not showing up in Ranked history Fixed truncated Season Ticket Rewards titles Fixed truncation on Summer Split Quests page Updated Sol Announcer Pack Icon in profile loadout Ganesha Updated...
  22. Remmy

    WTB overwatch on pc

    offering all my coins for a copy of overwatch and you'll be my Senpai for life<3
  23. G

    EU New to PC gaming : New to SCII : New to Fever !

    Hi all :) Just signed up for an account and looking to see what's happening here / what you guys do when you get together. I started playing SCII around one month ago and am consistantly gaining ground on ladder. I've not got a mic or teamspeak but can try to obtain these if they're...
  24. Idolator

    Patch Notes (28/03/17) - PC

    Bug Fixes General Fixed a bug that prevented the Damage Amplified stat from appearing in the scoreboard at the end of a game Heroes Fixed a bug to prevent Orisa from deploying her Supercharger inside of the payload Fixed a bug that prevented Sombra’s “BOOP” voice line from playing...
  25. Suurebud

    Just got BF1 for PC

    Just grabbed it, no previous experience with BF whatsoever, hoping for the best lol. I imagine it would be better with people to play with, so hit me up. Suurebud is my origin. Hope to see ya in game, could use a hand learnin the ropes.