1. Hunter88

    Player owned Airships!

    [Funny] Player owned Airships! Check out the new airships that have been in the game this entire time here!
  2. S

    Resolved: Im interested in buying a laptop; never owned one.

    So i know my PC, but for University i am looking to get a Laptop ( I know nothing about Laptops ); Current touchscreen laptops are around. But they don't seem as powerful. Hopefully i would like to be able to play League of Legends on the Laptop but its main use is going to be for essays and...
  3. MustangPunk

    List of Origin ID's

    If you play Battlefield BC2, 1,3 or 4 and would like to play with other clan members, please post your Origin ID and mention The Rev. Thank you Fever Name Origin ID .mpm.7. GromFever Aervenor RARussell1993 Agbourke agbourke Assassin...