1. MustangPunk

    Need Help from old Origin Players and Me

    Hey Fever. MustangPunk here. I need some help. ANY one who used to play Battlefield with me on PC please look at your friends list on Origin. I need to know what name I used. I can't find my little book that I wrote stuff down in. Origin won't help me unless I can get the correct name. I...
  2. News Bot

    Cultures, Origin Locations, and Bonuses - Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

    Much like its predecessor, Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is a massive game. However, before players are let loose to sail around the world, recruit companions, and take on various quests and battles, they'll need to create their own hero. Part of the character creation process involves...
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    Skyforge Overgrowth: The Origin of the Grovewalkers

    Fantasy MMORPG Skyforge has many amazing and memorable character classes on offer. It is, after all, a game that lets you play as gods. Overgrowth, the latest expansion for the game, gives you the chance to experience battle as a new class: the powerful Grovewalker. But what are the...
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    Long-Running RPG Saga Ys Makes Its Xbox One Debut With Ys Origin

    If you've ever been interested in jumping into the Ys role-playing game series (pronounced "Ees"), Dotemu's Xbox One port of Ys Origin was tailor-made for you. It's up for grabs right now for just $19.99, with additional exclusive content you'll only get in this particular version of the game...
  5. News Bot

    Final Fantasy XV Origin Pre-Order Bonus Counters Half-Life with The Sims

    One might have thought to themselves, "There's no stranger pre-order bonus for Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition than Half-Life equipment." What could be more bizarre than getting Gordon Freeman's gear? It doesn't get weirder than that, right? Electronic Arts said, "Hold our beer." See, Final...
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    Crowdfunding Campaign Launches for 'Rocket Jump' Book About Quake, Origin of FPS Games

    Published on Shacknews last December, Rocket Jump: Quake and the Golden Age of First-Person Shooters book-sized mega feature is being crowdfunded on Unbound. If funded, Rocket Jump will be made available in hardcover and digital formats compatible with e-readers, smartphones, and tablets...
  7. News Bot

    Dead Space Is Free On Origin Right Now

    As part of EA Orgin's "On the House" program, which offers up a free video game to Origin members for a limited amount of time. The publisher is taking players to the darkest depths of the cosmos with their latest offering. Dead Space can currently be downloaded for free off the Origin website...
  8. News Bot

    SteamWorld Dig goes free on Origin ahead of imminent sequel release

    Image & Form Games are looking to release sequel SteamWorld Dig 2 later in September. But how about the original game? According to VG247, EA's Origin service now has the first SteamWorld Dig available for free, for a limited time. SteamWorld Dig (not to be confused with spinoff SteamWorld...
  9. News Bot

    Overwatch's Rise and Shine Animated Short is a Mei Origin Story

    If you've played Mei in Overwatch, you know the Chinese climatologist has a thing for cold weather. Her story page on the official site doesn't give too many details on her origin, other than she was the sole survivor of Ecopoint Antarctica, and she was determined to find out what was happening...
  10. News Bot

    Titanfall 2 Drops Onto EA's Origin Access

    EA and Respawn Entertainment have deployed the 2016 FPS hit TItanfall 2 to the Origin Access and EA Access services. Users of the EA services will have full access to both the single-player campaign mode and the game’s wonderful multiplayer modes. Also available to play will be the...
  11. News Bot

    Hearthstone Director Raps the Origin Story of the Lich King

    When The Journey to Un'Goro expansion to Hearthstone came out, fans were upset there was no theme music. Game Director Ben Brode appeased the fans, coming up with an incredibly popular rap about the game's story. Now Brode is back, offering us another tale for the next expansion, Knights of the...
  12. Belos

    Battlefield 4 Free DLC Final Stand (Origin)

    Access Denied Score Battlefield 4 Final Stand for FREE via Origin! Battlefield 4 Final Stand is one of five expansion packs (DLC) included in Battlefield 4 Premium. This offer is available for a limited time only! So grab your DLC now!
  13. Belos

    Titanfall 2 Free Weekend (Origin)

    FRONTIER NEWS NETWORK 07.18.2017 – OPERATION FRONTIER SHIELD Join the Titanfall 2 FREE trial via Origin coming on July 28th through the 30th! You will get access to the great single player mission "The Beacon", the full multiplayer and the fun training gauntlet. Besides PC the Titanfall 2...
  14. Belos

    Medal of honor Pacific Assault free at Origin

    Medal of honor Pacific Assault Access Denied This is a classic game of EA Game Company that all we know grab a weapon and start fight !!! Have Fun.
  15. SunKenRock

    Ys Origin (PS4)

    Psn Us store link
  16. Deltascourge

    WTB Sims 4 Origin key

    Offering 9000 coins for it
  17. Idolator

    Mass Effect 2 Free on Origin

    Mass Effect 2 just went up for free on Origin, go get it ^^ Origin Released: 25 January 2010 Developer: BioWare Publisher: Electronic Arts Languages: English, French, German, Czech, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish Minimum Requirements: OS: Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista SP1 /...
  18. News Bot

    PSA: EA is giving away Mass Effect 2 for free on Origin

    EA is offering up the PC version of Mass Effect 2 "On the House," a promotion where the publisher gives away a free game through its Origin digital platform. You can snag your copy of Mass Effect 2 on the Origin website. Note that EA is giving away the standard edition of the game, which does...
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    Origin EA Has Started Their Holiday Sale

    EA has put out some stellar titles on Origin for PC this year, and if you've been waiting to get your hands on them, then Christmas has come early. The Origin EA Holiday Sale has a ton of great games to choose from, and you might want to check the Origin storefront before you drop your cash on...
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    PSX 2016: Ys: Origin PS4, PS Vita trailer

    Ys Origin’s release date was revealed as February 212017 for the PlayStation 4 and the Vita. Originally released in 2006, the updated version brings new features to the table as well as soundtrack the original was known for. More...
  21. KittyMae

    TV: The Walking Dead: Season 7 - Negans Origin Story Explained

  22. News Bot

    Origin PC Chronos VR Review: Beauty Meets the Beast

    Dynamite comes in small packages, and since the rise virtual reality devices began, we’ve seen an assortment of various VR-Ready desktops (and laptops) hitting the market. Among these desktops we’ve seen items from big companies like Alienware and Razer. While these devices do offer...
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    Electronic Arts' Origin and EA Access servers are experiencing technical difficulties

    After receiving complaints from players. Electronic Arts is working to get servers for Origin and EA Access back up and running. "We are aware of players having issues logging into Origin and EA Access and are currently investigating. Thank you for your patience," per the company's official EA...
  24. News Bot

    Origin PC launches EVO15-S Laptop

    Origin PC launched their new lightweight laptop today, the EVO15-S. This laptop appears to have everything a gamer would want inside it. It would also appear that this machine isn’t just for gamers as artists and professionals alike will be able to benefit from what it has to offer. One...
  25. News Bot

    Pick Up Dungeon Keeper For Free Via EA Origin

    Fan of Peter Molyneux's Dungeon Keeper? The original, now that awful free-to-play version that popped up not too long ago? Now you can pick it up for free, at least the 1997 version, via EA's Origin service. It's the latest game added to the Origin On the House promotion, so if you're interested...