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  1. L

    Black Ops 2 REVEAL!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dre21lBu2zU&feature=b-mv Notice: You can see through the wall (corner) but is it killstreak to unlock x-ray corner? Seriously? It could be easy for us to use x-ray as a pre-fire. This video looks amazing I would def buy it or maybe pre-order. (╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻...
  2. K

    (Entropy) Who needs 50 PVE gear before OPs?

    I know I'm not the only 50 who needs to do some HM farming for gear before starting OPs. With the second group being formed, I was curious about who else needs gear. Post if you do and how much you need. Hopefully this thread will allow officers to gain a good understanding of who needs gear...
  3. Aragos

    2nd Ops grp

    To those that weren't in the Ops group on Wednesday post here. If your available we will try and get a second group together on Sunday or Monday. If that works let me know if not let me know when. I'll be gone from Thursday till Saturday night. If you would like to get something going around...
  4. Aragos

    Ops raid times.

    Ok! So I am looking to start Ops Group 1 On Wednesday Aug 1st. Starting time will be 6pm PST. to 9pm. Please be on at least 30 mins before raid time. If you can not be on at that time please post here or PM me. We will be doing Eternity Vault please read the Operations Content guide...
  5. Aragos

    Future Entropy Ops Group

    Entropy Ops Roster The following table shows which spots people have in Ops groups: Role Group 1 Group 2 Main Tank Bearchild Slagrock Off Tank Synic DPS yoda DPS Aragos DPS DPS Healer Martyri GaudKiller Healer Drez * - Ops Group Leader