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  1. Bob_o

    Executive Officers - Who? What? When? Where? Why?

    Fever Clan Executive Officers - XO Who - Anyone in Fever Clan can become an XO or Executive Officer. You only need to be willing! What - What do they do? These are the clan members that are out there starting new gaming sections for Fever or reviving old ones. They host game nights, recruit...
  2. Lustrum

    Officers vs. Enlisted Arimil ban

    We here at The Arimil Self Esteem Project want to know if you think Arimil should participate in the Officer vs Enlisted game night or should he be banned. He is too OP Arimil
  3. ValarMorghul


    The Fever Clan 2 is currently unavailable for some reason. In game it shows 0 members online and when you try to click on the in-game clan page it states that "This clan is unavailable at this time." The clan tag still remains but for some reason the tab is unaccessible? Needs investigating...
  4. GamerKnoob

    Count to 100 Enlisted vs Officers

    Lets get some Officers involved in some Forum Games shall we! The goal of this game is simple: count to 100, either as an Officer or Enlisted force Players should attempt to count, in order, to 100 before a member of the opposite group interrupts. Each player may only post one number at a time...
  5. Jerks

    DAILY: Fever Leadership, Generals, and Officers Office Hours

    Thread for discussion and implementation of office hours: Office hours in collegiate standpoint is a chance for you to get help, bond with the professor, and get to know them as individuals. They usually provide support on the subject being studied, and even provide guidance in career paths...
  6. cukaasha

    This clan is AWESOME !!......Why ?

    I've never seen a clan like this big !! I've never seen a clan active like this clan before !! from the first day I've submittd my application, I went to TS and headed for an interview, one of officers found me and joined the channel and we talked like quite a while, he advised me some things...
  7. Booyah

    3 new dota 2 officers

    Congratulations to Sefardim Mythil fus20 Make sure you read all the stickies in the new forums you can now view, and make us all proud. Mythil and Fus20 will be writing our new Dota 2 weekly. Sefardim will be looking after Saturday's Dota 2 nights for the majority of the time...
  8. Hymz

    Looking for the Fever recuiting officers and chat channel for SC2

    Hello FeverClan I'm new here as of 02/25/2013 and looking for the chat channels and recruiting officers of Fever for SC2... Please find or add me. Thank You Hymz Gold Rank UserName: Hymz Character Code: 606
  9. Booyah

    Holy Poop, we haz Officers

    Hello Everyone, So this is a big officers call. Recently leadership decided We did not have enough officers in Dota 2. So they decided to promote 2 Enlisted members to Officer, being Toneeh and Kryo Then they decided, we still don't have enough officers so another congratulations to...
  10. Shock

    Congrats to our newest officers :)

    Welcome to officership you four: CptKirk, Jetien, Grandpa, and olevam for EU. You all got here through your hard work and dedication. Just remember the famous words of Grandpa, "Good work is rewarded with more work." Congrats to all of you! And a very special and long due congratulations to...
  11. PirateMaal


    Is there already a list of guild officers and duties yet? Ive looked but haven't seen much of who will be doing what. Also, anything I can help out with? I may not have the game yet, but I can be pretty up to date with all the lastest news and developments. Ive already got a few inside...
  12. McChicken22

    for officers

    if anyone has anything that they need help with i am willing to help to my best abilities pm or catch me on teamspeak some time