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  1. Baum

    Looking for HOTS EU Executive Officer

    Just like the title says, I am looking for an EU player to be the EU XO (basically in game and clan lead) for the EU HOTS server. I have not done the best being primary NA player and I know a native EU player will do it more justice, especially since I know we have quite a few EU HOTS players...
  2. KittyMae

    Movie: Officer Downe - Official Trailer
  3. W

    Officer VS Enlisted Game night - Tournament 11-15-16

    Event: Officer VS Enlisted Game night When: 11-15-16 Time Start: 1900 CST Time End: 2300 CST Tournament type: Double elimination Rules: 1. No Premades allowed only individual signups. 2. There will be 1 exception to the above rule the leaders MAY have an all leaders team. But lets face it...
  4. B

    Officer Vs Enlisted Game Day: HotS

    Hello everyone, On Saturday November 19th there will be an Officer vs. Enlisted Game day starting at 1PM EST. If you are interested in participating in this event, please sign up below. HotS if Free to play so anyone can easily download the game and try it out! If there is enough interest we...
  5. zefirus

    Officer meeting

    Havok Worggy Team, Do you guys want to have an officer meeting this weekend on WoW? I would like to baseline everything.. recruiting, attack, guild conolidation, etc. and generally get to know you better. would like 8pm est work for Sunday?
  6. GamerKnoob

    Count to 100 Enlisted vs Officers

    Lets get some Officers involved in some Forum Games shall we! The goal of this game is simple: count to 100, either as an Officer or Enlisted force Players should attempt to count, in order, to 100 before a member of the opposite group interrupts. Each player may only post one number at a time...
  7. Mossyoak

    Officer Rank Ups 6/27/15

    All these guys and girls put in a lot of work making Fever what it is and every once in a while they get some reward :P So let's show them our appreciation.. I thought the last one would be my last thread, but this one will be the last Dept. post so lets go out with a bang!! Blazemost COA ->...
  8. Mossyoak

    Officer Rank Ups

    Please take some time to congratulate all these officers and generals for all their hard work keeping the community running as smoothly as it does! Show them how much we appreciate them. TheBossGuy MG -> LTG Fox MG -> LTG Thundernut BG -> MG Annihilator BG -> MG Mizu COL -> BG Leo...
  9. efgodlike

    Officer Wars!!!

    Hello fellow member activities members!!! As you know the Officer Wars are coming up soon!!!! We as a team have the great honor of sponsoring this event!! Since we are sponsoring this event the Officers of this team are expected to join in when possible for them! As it is all for fun anyways...
  10. Snailey

    Officer Wars

    This will be a project a tournament style event that where officers play games that is not their main game. Example: if an officer main game is League of Legends, they cannot play that portion of the tournament. This is will be our primary focus in research and development. This event is to...
  11. Makeee

    Officer Promotions 4/25/15!

    Hey guys, it's been an exciting day! Many officers got promoted today during this month's officer rankups, so please do assist me in congratulating them! Not only were officers promoted, but we now have an amazing total of 14 new officers! Be especially kind to Mizu in your messages since...
  12. Sirrumz

    South Carolina Officer Kills a Man On Video

    You might have heard about the South Carolina policeman who clearly gunned down an unarmed and retreating man (there's a video, it's all over the place). My question is why are people suddenly interested in this now? The cop was white and the victim was black, does it necessarily have to be an...
  13. O

    Officer Yeknom's Application

    Games you play: DayZ SA, L4D2, Wargame: RD, H1Z1, Miscreated Main Game: DayZ SA Age: 20 Gender: Male Country: United States MW3/Battlefield Username: League of Legends/DOTA 2 Username: Starcraft 2 Username: SWTOR/Diablo 3 Username: Steam Username: Officer Yeknom xFire Username...
  14. Mizu

    Officer Rank ups! 3-28-15

    Please assist me in congratulating all these members on their recent promotions. SycoMage LTG -> GEN Gaudkiller LTG -> GEN Trixie Lulamoon MG -> LTG 0yme0 COL -> BG Kesem COL -> BG Deathopus COL -> BG Mizu MJR -> LTC Jessica Rae MJR -> LTC Lord_Deimos909 CPT -> MAJ...
  15. Mizu

    Officer Promotions! 02/28/15

    Please assist me in congratulating our recent officer promotions! Thanks! LTC -> COL 0yme0 Deathopus MAJ -> LTC Mr_Stompy. MrCruz 1LT -> CPT Lord_Deimos909 Sir_Erie Jedi450 2LT -> CPT Ncola 2LT -> 1LT zabuzahak1 2LT Izzo Blackstone Sasori Esh Croatoan...
  16. TheBossGuy

    Officer Promotions! 01/02/15

    Thundernut COL -> BG Drag COL -> BG Eatmochicken COL -> BG Annihilator COL -> BG KushKitty CPT -> MJR MrCruz CPT -> MJR AngelofNoMercy 1LT -> MJR Corse 1LT -> CPT Kumih0 1LT -> CPT Agbourke 1LT -> CPT silverdaggerfan 1LT -> CPT Pyu SMA -> 2LT Leo SMA -> 2LT Mizu MGYGST -> 2LT...
  17. TheBossGuy

    Officer Rank ups! 11/28/14

    Fox BG->MG SycoMage MG->LTG LTC-> COL Thundernut MJR -> LTC Merconic billy_da_bob CPT -> MJR Mr_Stompy xSagaRx BruC0Ndr Jessica Rae bottomset LuckxR Sly Uzzy RecklessHansi 0yme0 1LT -> CPT KushKitty heybob DrSmitherine MrCruz 2LT -> 1LT Kumih0 Agbourke...
  18. TheBossGuy

    Officer Rank ups! 11/28/14

    Fox BG->MG SycoMage MG->LTG LTC-> COL Thundernut MJR -> LTC Merconic billy_da_bob CPT -> MJR Mr_Stompy xSagaRx BruC0Ndr Jessica Rae bottomset LuckxR Sly Uzzy RecklessHansi 0yme0 1LT -> CPT KushKitty heybob DrSmitherine MrCruz 2LT -> 1LT Kumih0 Agbourke...
  19. TheBossGuy

    Officer Rank ups! 10/25/14

    Kirbz COA -> GOA Raphael GEN -> COA Gaudkiller MG -> LTG FlutterShy BG -> MG Ayden Pride BG -> MG Deljase COL -> BG Trixie Lulamoon COL -> BG TheBossGuy COL -> BG Smargoos MJR -> LTC kratmaster MJR -> LTC Kesem MJR -> LTC Xopo CPT -> MJR Deathopus CPT -> MJR wongshehvun CPT -> MJR...
  20. TheBossGuy

    Officer Rank Up!09/18/14

    MrCruz-2LT Send this member a congratulations for becoming an officer for Fever! We appreciate the hard work and time out of their day they take to make Fever run solid! Please post in this thread once this has been completed! Kumih0 NateUK PerfectEnigma Princess Luna Pyu Rilka Rizzah
  21. Hunter88

    Council & Officer Positions

    Last night I posted the ranking system & position openings for all interior guild positions. Please feel free to look at the descriptions and send me a PM with the desired post as we get closer to launch and begin the headstart. All members are able to apply and will be considered among the...
  22. Annihilator

    Welcome, to our new Officer

    So, i would like to welcome our new officer Lymbow . Congratulation and remember that we will expect more of you now. saryu I have not copy pasted this :P
  23. A

    Guild bank, Officer tab.

    So I see all this gear, That no one has access too and just " Burning a whole in our pocket" .-. I was wondering if we could either Give it out to the guildies for wearing or just to sell at AH, No officers even access it and touch that armor, even more so, are even on. So Could we either, my...
  24. ErikPel

    Gratz to our newest officer Ancestor!

    Gratz for the 2LT promotion Ancestor! I'm also happy that I'm not the only SC2 officer from the EU side anymore :D
  25. Booyah

    POE has an Officer

    Congratulations to Ajido on his recent Promotion, he was promoted for his great work here in the POE Forums, heavy recruiting and Leadership skills. Congratulations again buddy and keep up the great job.