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  1. Asterian

    Updated Damage Charts

    For those of you that play and like numbers, here are a set of values for the PUBG damage per weapons. A couple weapons may be missing due to the lack of information on the source websites. Please post any weapon damage changes that you know of on this thread so it may be updated. PUBG Weapon Stats
  2. Ranis

    Loot Boxes - The Numbers and Gaming the System

    Hi guys, I saw this article shared on the HOTS Reddit and thought it would be really useful for everyone here. These guys have crunched the numbers and this whole thing is a very solid and honest assessment about when to reroll your loot boxes in 2.0. Always important to start this off on the...
  3. Aedric

    Overwatch Damage Numbers

    Hey I thought people might be interested in how much damage different characters do. Overwatch Guide - Hero Damage Numbers and Stats
  4. imacanofcoke

    Need to crunch some numbers for your build? Try some transmogs? Try this!

    Hey everyone, Diablo 3 Planner just got a really nice update today that allows people to experiment with transmogs and dyes to find the look they're going for. Here's a link to the Live version:Diablo III Character Planner And another for the PTR version: Diablo III Character Planner
  5. RealZae

    WoW Sub Numbers

    MMO-Champion - WoW Down to 7.1 Million Subscribers We're down to 7.1 Million Subscribers and it isn't even the last phase of the Expansion yet. Interesting? Normal? Scary? I can't say I'm too surprised, look at how empty WoW's Twitch section is, but I also have faith that Blizzard can pull...
  6. Xeridium

    Evolve: By the Numbers Ever wonder exactly how much damage each attack does? Each cooldown? Just how many hit points are in each bar of health? this post on the Turtle Rock forums has all of the statistical information I was curious about. I...